Level 212
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Due to an entity outbreak, Level 212 will no longer act as the main hub of our company. It is not advised to enter this level at this time unless ordered by superiors and supervisors. To further research endeavours and track the infestation, we have formed a research subdepartment to continue monitoring the situation.

- Backrooms Airways Level Department Head
June 30, 2021

Backrooms Airways - The Flights Never End


Class 5

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  • Entity Domination

Level 212 is the 213th level of the Backrooms. It was formerly the hub level for the Backrooms Airways Company. It is, as of now, defunct.


The terminals of Level 212 prior to destruction.


Resembling a ruined airport, Level 212 stretches infinitely. Because of its state, it shows no resemblance to its former self, bearing more similarities to Level 1. Level 212 contains rooms commonly found in an airport, including the following:

The Terminals

The terminals resemble long open hallways that branch out into other areas of Level 212. These areas appear to be ruined, unfinished atriums displaying a moderate amount of wear. The yellow painted pillars are scratched, peeling, and rusting from water damage1.

The floor of the terminals are often covered in debris and dust, consisting of metal pipes, nails, paint buckets, and fallen light fixtures, which seems to be a result of the infestation. Additionally, floors in this section are plain cement, lacking tiles that should be there.

The ceilings of the terminals have varying levels of wear and tear, from pristine condition to completely decayed. Occasionally, the ceiling may open up to reveal what is presumed to be Level 63, with the only light sources being the fixtures and the occasional openings. Due to this, the terminals can be very dark at some points. Light fixtures within the terminals are damaged and broken, either due to entity attacks or blackouts, and can potentially pose a threat to a wanderer should they fall.

The terminals are the areas of Level 212 with the lowest number of entities. It is heavily advised to beware of highly devastating creatures which roam and hunt in packs.

Due to this, the Backrooms Airways still exist within this area to guide people who have entered the level. They manage the area by searching for wanderers and taking them in their base and keeping them safe there. Prior to the infestation, they would wait for the wanderers to find them and they would inform them about the level's transportive properties and would navigate them to the Air Traffic Control for flight.

Baggage Claim


An image of the Baggage Claim taken on a greyscale camera, prior to destruction.

Baggage Claim is an area of Level 212 that is finite and contains anomalous baggage carousels. The carousels of the Baggage Claim are damaged and deteriorated, but they continue to function and aid wanderers in gathering resources.2

The high ceilings of this section have light fixtures to let in light and openings from cave-ins resulting from the lack of maintenance. Windows in this portion of Level 212 have been blocked by debris, limiting light. This debris has either fallen there naturally or been moved on purpose.3

Being the most populated area due to an abundance of resources, this location in Level 212 has a higher rate of survivability due to the presence of people. Regardless, entities will raid and attack the Baggage Claim in swarms, attempting to overcome it. Wanderers have implemented many defense mechanisms, including an alarm system and security armed with various weapons.

Considering its useful properties, the Backrooms Airways often visited this area to re-supply their main base in the terminals. Prior to the infestation, weapons would be kept in a secure location; in an emergency, they would use them. Now, weapons are always kept on-hand by the members of Backrooms Airways in the event of an entity attack. Consumable supplies, such as almond water and medicine, were always left in basins in the terminals for wanderers to consume freely.

Air Traffic Control


An image of a tower from the outside in Air Traffic Control.

Air Traffic Control is an area of Level 212 that is an infinite array of towers. The highest floor of said towers were formerly used to control aspects of the level so that flights in and out of Level 212 could each take off and land successfully.

The top floor contains anomalous controls that manually altered the physics of both the level itself and the aircraft. It also possessed a screen that tracked the aircraft to monitor everything that happened after takeoff, all before translocation to the designated level. All other floors within the towers contain living accomodations and office workplaces, presumably for those who worked with the Backrooms Airways.

Air Traffic Control is untouched by the infestation present in other parts, but no longer controls the level. Because of this, the controls are almost entirely redundant. Air Traffic Control can be accessed through a staff-only door in the terminals, acting as a resting point for wanderers.

Between each tower of Air Traffic Control, there are runways, hangars, and outside spaces that span long distances. Hangars found around this level are completely empty, except for the occasionally broken aircraft found within them.

These runways were used to takeoff and land each aircraft. This was before the discovery of Takeoff & Landing, and even after its discovery, this area was still used for flights. Transportation would work by having the plane go at extremely high speeds to the point where it seemingly ripped a hole into the fabric of The Backrooms and entered a new level. Fortunately, the level does have regenerative properties and each hole quickly gets patched.

The planes were not manually operated; in fact, they automatically flew themselves after an indeterminate amount of time passed while a passenger is on board. The destination of said flight was unique to each plane, usually being written on the plane's hull. The Backrooms Airways allowed any wanderer to board a plane if they desired.

If a wanderer asks about transportation, they would be shown the planes and would be allowed to board whichever they desired.

Takeoff & Landing


An image of Takeoff & Landing, taken through the illusion of a window.

Takeoff & Landing is an area of Level 212 that is the original source of the sudden infestation of the level, and as of now, it is completely overtaken by them. Formerly, Takeoff & Landing was just a resting point for wanderers.

Takeoff & Landing is a finite building that has windows that show an outside area. This outside area was described as a runway always in sunlight. Once someone destroyed the wall to make an entrance, something changed about these windows.

At the center of the outside of Takeoff & Landing, there is a building that the entities presumably built and lived in. This building, and by extension, the outside area, was never accessible until the infestation. Regardless, it seems to be the source of the entities of Level 212. It is generally not advised to enter or approach the outside, given the number of entities in the way.

Storms and heavy rain are very common in the outside of Takeoff & Landing, often having mildly corrosive rainfall and extremely conductive and powerful lightning. Usually, it starts off as a mildly corrosive drizzle, then climaxes once lightning starts hitting the area. It then all ends instantly. Once lightning starts occurring, escape from the area is imperative, as this lightning is almost always lethal on contact. Lightning can hit the buildings of Takeoff & Landing and conduct its electricity into it. Examination of this rainfall has been indeterminate, with the only known information being its acidic properties. These events can last from 1 hour up to 1 week.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Backrooms Airways Level 212 Research Department

  • This is the first level-focused base of the Backrooms Airways.
  • This base is used to research the state of Level 212 and whether it's safe to inhabit again.
  • Open to trading and welcome to new members, mainly trades information.
  • Its biggest camp is located in the terminals to help new wanderers.

M.E.G. Outpost Ruins

  • This is another outpost used to maintain the ruins that are Level 212.
  • This base is rarely used, as the Level 212 Research Department take care of most endeavours.
  • Open to trading.
  • Its biggest camp is located in the Baggage Claim due to the amount of supplies that rotate in that area.

B.N.T.G. Baggage Bandits

  • This base is a part of the B.N.T.G. that is used to take supplies and resources from the Baggage Claim to take back to Traders' Keep in Level 1.
  • This base maintains itself with the resources of the Baggage Claim; half of it goes to their main base, and the other half goes to maintaining itself.
  • Open to trading supplies with other wanderers.
  • It is located in the Baggage Claim and it is divided into camps.

Entrances And Exits


Find a leaflet promoting Backrooms Airways to enter Level 212.

The terminals are the only entry points.

  • If you fall into the almond water rivers of Level 182, it will lead you here.
  • Entering an hole with a dilapidated sign with a symbol of a plane above it in Level 212 will lead you here.
  • You may find an airport in Level 11 that will lead you here.
  • Entering a door in the Hub that is marked with an airplane will lead you here.


Take a flight through an aircraft to exit to a designated level.

Exiting a door in the terminals will lead you to Level 11.3.
Leaping off a cliff present in the outer region of Takeoff & Landing will lead you to the Blue Channel.
Entry into the Blue Channel can also be achieved after entering a noclipped, broken, or conspicuously blue door, or breaking through a wall or the floor via destructive means.

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