Level 211
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Stalactites of Level 211. Picture taken by Juno Perez.

Level 211 is the 212th Level of the Backrooms. Efforts are being conducted by the M.E.G. to map out the multiple cave system patterns of the level.


Level 211 is a shifting cave system on an island. Recovered logs from volunteer M.E.G. explorers reveal that the cave system has, at the moment, five passage system patterns that shift when any form of human life comes in contact with the caves.

In an effort to guide wanderers who find themselves in Level 211, explorers have etched on marks on the cave's walls.
It has been observed that the cave itself does not create new passage ways when shifting patterns. Multiple transcribed exploration audio logs recovered from M.E.G. explorers report an abundance of Almond Water within the cave system.

The level was further explored after reports of M.E.G. explorers not returning from missions.

ADDENDUM-1: May 1, 2021

Juno Perez survived the exploration mission but suffered severe burns on his arms, legs and chest area. In regards to this incident, both the Compass Point and Track Mappers regiments of the M.E.G. will be discussing the status on exploration missions to Level 211.

— Captain Venessa Smith, Regiment Life Line: "Mossy Medics"

ADDENDUM-2: May 3, 2021

Future exploration expeditions into Level 211 have been suspended indefinitely due to unknown casualties and severe injuries to M.E.G. operatives. There are too many bodies to be counted, it's just not worth exploring for some promise of a resource.

— Overseer A

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no bases or outposts in the level due to its ever-shifting cave systems.

Entrances And Exits:


  • Sunken pits in Level 8 are the most well known way to no-clip into Level 211.
  • Random passageways in Level 75 have a chance of leading into Level 211.
  • Falling into the waters of Level 173 have a chance of leading into Level 211.
  • Some caves in Level 797 can lead into Level 211.


  • Circling the island of Level 211 has a chance of leading into Level 62.
  • Exploring the forest just outside the cave system has a chance of leading into Level 10.

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