Level 210
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Class unknown

  • Safety Undefined
  • Unpredictable Nature
  • Unpredictable Entities



Some paths of Level 210.

Level 210 is a small, enclosed space centered between what appears to be multiple condo units. The condos appear Italian in construction, and the space between the buildings is roughly 750 square meters.1 There is no day/night cycle, as the time is perpetually stuck at around 9 o’clock. The temperature sits at a pleasant 25°C2 throughout the entire level, and the scent of clean laundry occasionally wafts through the level. The origin of this smell is currently unknown.

Explorers have reported that Level 210 seems to have a warm, welcoming presence when entered, and that the feeling grows as one gets closer to any of the condos. There are roughly 36 houses in this level, each having a garden, gate, and terrace. The exact layout of each residence is unique; however, every house is painted white and contains a similar terrace with dining tables and chairs. They all appear equally new, and the furniture found appears to be of the same make. Wanderers can enter the condo units, although they are all completely empty. The condos appear white on the inside, just like the exterior, and they contain no amenities that a standard home would have. There have been some reports of wanderers finding bottles of almond water; however, these reports have been unsubstantiated.

Connecting the condo units is a park that takes up a majority of the level; there are paths that lead to every condo unit.

The Park


The main area of Level 210.

The park consists of a main area and several paths, with the main area containing a pool. The pool is filled with water that has an identical composition with the water in Level 37. The park also includes run-down tennis and basketball courts, both with floors made of concrete and covered with substantial fractures and cracks marring the surface. The tennis court is missing a net and one of the basketball hoops is bent slightly downward; grass has been found growing out of some of the cracks. In certain parts of the park, a wanderer can look out past the condos and out of the level, but only pure darkness is visible. The main area of the park is deemed the safest location to rest.

Branching out from it are multiple diverging paths that gradually get smaller the further along a wanderer explores. Many of the paths lead to one or multiple houses; however, some paths end abruptly, leading to a black void. It is advised not to go near these black voids, as their properties are still unknown. The paths themselves are made out of uneven, white stone fragments, with most of them leading to the gates of the condos. The paths gradually shrink as they approach their respective gates or black voids and disappear about a meter in front of them. Benches, trees and street lamps3 occasionally dot paths when there is enough space for them.


“We, The People”

"We, the People” are a group of friendly entities that inhabit Level 210. While they cannot be seen, they can be heard and speak in an unidentified language, dining on their terrace. They eat food that is commonly found in the Frontrooms, such as different pastas and breads. No beverages have been seen on the tables, but some of the People have been heard eating soup. If an explorer tries to dine with them, one of the entities will leave the table and return with a meal for them. The People fill the terraces with boisterous laughter and express great joy, even through the language barrier. Communication attempts have been unsuccessful, as the language has not yet been translated. When asking them who they are, the People will respond in English, “We, The People.” The People will then continue bantering and laughing with one another.

Angering the entities will result in them forcibly no-clipping a wanderer out of the level. Several wanderers have said that any future attempts to enter the level after having been forced out will result in them immediately falling through the ground and out of the level. Do not, under any circumstances, kill one of the People - every wanderer who has attempted this has disappeared without a trace. It is strongly recommended not to antagonize the People.

The Cats

There are multiple cats that appear and move about the level. They are usually only found in the main area of the park, or in the paths of the level, though occasionally they have been seen sleeping on the terraces or on the roofs of the condos. The cats are normally very friendly and like to examine humans who are exploring the level. The cats have been shown to be hypoallergenic; those with severe allergies to cats can be in close proximity without experiencing anaphylaxis.4 This may be due to the fact that the cats cannot be touched and trying to do so will only result in the wanderer’s hand phasing through the cat. The cats look solid, though, and they can stand on objects. It is assumed that humans are simply clipping through them.

No cats have been seen being hostile to any wanderer, although they do occasionally attempt to bat at people’s feet as they walk down the paths, with no success. Most wanderers have found a sense of ease and comfort next to the cats, much like when being near the condos.

Entrances and Exits


The most common entrance to this level is to no-clip through a wall painted with a white and black checkerboard pattern. Finding a glitched street lamp and touching it will lead a wanderer to this level. Breaking a tile in Level 37 has a low chance of leading a wanderer to this level.


There are only three known exits. The first one is the simplest and the safest - waiting. The properties of this level make a wanderer unable to stay more than 6 hours on the level. After the 6-hour mark has passed, the wanderer will fall asleep and then wake up on any other level in the Backrooms.

The second exit is not recommended. When dining with the People, being hostile towards any will anger them. The first time, they will forgive the wanderer. But if the wanderer is hostile towards them a second time, the People will induce a no-clip through the ground and make the wanderer appear in Level 0. Trying to touch, hurt, or insult them is considered being hostile. Any form of physical contact is also considered hostile save for certain gestures, such shaking hands.

The third exit is the most dangerous and unreliable way. Around the houses of the condo is an invisible barrier that prevents wanderers from going further. Touching or interacting with this barrier is not dangerous, but trying to break or pass through this barrier will make the wanderer no-clip through the ground, and make them appear in Level 11. This is not recommended, as the barrier is very unstable, meaning that this method of leaving the condo is very unreliable and could result in death.

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