Level 21
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Class 4

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The middle of Level 21.

Level 21 is the 22nd Level of the Backrooms. This Level contains four long hallways with randomly placed doors.


Level 21 is a large Level consisting of four hallways. These hallways are all estimated to be about 26 miles long. The hallways meet in the middle of the Level. The centre of the Level is a small open square with chairs and a desk. Entities never appear in this area but, instead, appear in the hallways.

The hallways are assumed to be ever-changing. Shifting and shaping into something new every once in a while. The hallways can become impossible to navigate or be blocked off. Though these hallways are odd, there is one constant. The doors that repeat on either side of the halls are always there. These doors can lead to random places in The Backrooms, including Negative and Sub-Levels. More often than not, they will cause you to appear somewhere else in Level 21 or put you on a wall.

The hallways of this Level are extremely dangerous and can sometimes be filled with Entities. The amount of Entities and types is inconsistent, although Clickers are relatively common here. Unknown Entities have been spotted at this Level as well. Random objects can also be found in the halls. These include Almond Water, Level Keys, and Firesalt. Others have been spotted rarely.

If anybody is found at this Level they are not to be trusted. Avoid contact with them at all costs.

It is rumoured that there is a door at the "end" of one hallway that causes the hallway to extend for much longer than usual. This door has not been found but has been said to have valuable resources and many aggressive entities. If this door is found, do not enter it. It is to be reported to the M.E.G.

Discovery of "Exit" Door

The rumoured door has been found. It is within the hallway to the right of the front desk in the middle. This door has a large neon red "Exit" sign over it. The door, when opened, leads to three dark hallways. These hallways do not shift and have many valuable resources spawn in them. Entities can appear here in droves, noted for being strangely organized. While these halls are infinite, subtle changes in each side doors designs can be observed, as repetition in the pattern of doors can increase with the instability of the halls themselves. These repeating doors do not contain resources and only lead to Sub-Levels and Unnumbered Levels. It is advised not to explore this part of Level 21.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts, or communities on this Level.

Entrances And Exits:


Various tears in the walls of Level 13 can be entered to reach this level. These Warp Tears, while encountered occasionally on Level 11, Level 9, and Level 6, are most stable and between Level 13 and this level, notable for emitting a high-pitched whine. The link between Levels is unknown. This Level can also be entered from Level 1.5 by random chance from noclipping.


Many exits have been mentioned above.

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