Level 202
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Class 3

  • Unsecured
  • Significant Environmental Hazards
  • Minor Hostile Presence

A hall of the level, with writings visible on the walls.


Level 202, also known as the Halls of Chalk, consists of a massive, potentially infinite maze of towering black chalkboard walls. The overall structure is mainly made up of halls, about three meters (~10 feet) wide, lacking any larger rooms. The entirety of the level is covered in a thick fog, which obscures visibility to only around 10 to 15 meters (~30 to 50 feet). Airborne chalk dust particles may also pose a choking hazard, so a face mask is recommended. When looking up, one can see only the blackness the walls fade into. It is unknown if this is a sky or merely a ceiling, but no end to the walls has been found as of now.

The ground of Level 202 consists of fine white chalk dust with no known bottom. Throughout the majority of the level, it is packed down enough for wanders to safely walk on, but there are places where the dust is extremely fine and loose where entering would mean sinking in immediately. Should one fall into unpacked chalk, they will most likely meet a slow death due to suffocation, nearly inescapable from a lack of anything to climb out of. To date, no bodies- of wanderers or entities- have been found. As such, wanderers are advised to always check that the dust in front of them is safe to traverse on. The best method to do so is with a long walking stick or something similar in nature.

Strange writings can occasionally be found on the chalkboard walls. The source of these writings is unknown, and is not believed to originate from wanderers due to the separation effects that are described later on in the article. The common consensus is that the writings originate from the distant figures that have been seen lurking in the fog (see Entities, below), but no evidence has been brought forth to fully support this claim. It is equally possible that these writings are simply parts of the level's form.

Additionally, much like Level 0, wanderers don't seem to be able to encounter other humans in the level. It is unknown if wanderers are merely separated by extreme distance, or from something more anomalous, such as different copies of the level existing for each wanderer that enters it. This effect persists even when a group of people attempt to enter, as they are separated as soon as they enter it. This can easily lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness from being alone for long periods of time, which can be extremely detrimental to a wanderer's mental health in an already dangerous level. Remind yourself that you can get back with other people again as soon as you find an exit.


Shriveled, vaguely humanoid entities have been documented by some wanderers, though no records of approaching them or direct interaction of any kind have been heard of, and information regarding them is scarce. Consequently, there have been no reports of hostility towards wanderers of any kind. They appear to merely observe from a distance, and wanderers who have attempted to approach have said that they often turn around corners and disappear.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Due to the separation of wanderers; setting up bases, outposts, or communities seems impossible. Even if it weren't for that effect, the dangers and cramped sizes of the halls would make it rather pointless.


The following journal was found half-buried in the chalk, which has stirred discussion on the validity of the separation effect. It was found to have belonged to Sky Rhodes, who is sadly presumed to have ended sourly considering the contents of their journal.

Entrances And Exits


Typically, noclipping through chalkboards on other levels such as Level 117 or Level 321 has a chance to result in tumbling out of the walls within Level 202. Interestingly, the chalkboard usually requires partially erased writing or drawing to constitute an entrance. Though it doesn't seem to be required, it is believed to help one's chances of successfully entering.


Small wooden frames can rarely be found on the walls, almost completely buried by chalk dust. Noclipping through the section of chalkboard inside these will bring you out of another chalkboard in a different level, seemingly at random. However, this is quite dangerous due to the unstable dust they're usually buried in.

Exiting should be a high priority, as this level can be highly dangerous. Bring a tool such as a small hand shovel to help dig for exits, and always have ways to keep yourself secured should you fall in, such as stakes and rope. Be on the lookout for the wooden frames at all times.

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