Level 2.2
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Class 4

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A beehive storage room on Level 2.2

Level 2.2 is a Sub-Level of Level 2, the 3rd level of the Backrooms.


Level 2.2 is described to be seemingly endless and randomly segmented, covering millions of square miles. The constant buzzing of bees has the ability to mesmerize visitors, and may have already caused a few people to go insane. Inside the rooms, you may find indoor beehives along with wandering bumblebees, carpenter bees, honeybees, and rarely sweat bees. The inhabitors of this level feast upon the honey in these hives, as an owner of the hives has not been found. The colors of the walls may vary as you explore it for miles and miles, but most people said that they were either gray or yellow. The floor has the same dark blueish-gray color to it as far as the floor has been discovered, however. Rarely, you may see doors and narrow pipes that bees may be able to fit through and fly around in.

Almost all of the bees found on this level are neutral. An attempt to approach a hive without using a chemical spray to manipulate the pheromones of the bees will trigger said bees in the nearby area, most often killing the suspect. People have also died attempting to swat at a bee or stomp at it, as they normally fly in groups.


People have reported seeing a larger form of a bee in the shadows, typically with very bright glowing wings and/or eyes, in colors of blue, yellow, or red. These types of bees have been named Phantom Bees because when seen outside of the shadows, they appear translucent. Some have reported others being killed by the Phantom Bees by coming too close to one. It is estimated that the ratio of the appearance of Phantom Bees is around one for every couple square miles. It is completely unknown where these Phantom Bees originated from, but some speculate that they are hallucinations of the mind, or they are an advanced subspecies of the common Deathmoth.


Up-close of beehives on Level 2.2

You can also very rarely find other common entities within this room that got in from other locations, such as Smilers, Howlers, and even less likely, Lighters and Death Rats. A group of people have reported spotting a Phantom Bee hive, nesting several Phantom Bees. Two of the people exploring with the group were lost to said hive. The whereabouts are currently unknown.


There is a decent amount of nutrition here. As stated earlier, people are able to live on the honey in the hives if they acquire said honey carefully and use pheromone gas on the bees. Cups, bottles, and gallons of fresh water and honey tea have been seen on tabletops and can be used when a visitor runs out of Almond Water. Causes of death can be linked to bee attacks (10% of deaths), phantom bee attacks (80% of deaths), starvation/dehydration (7% of deaths), and other causes (3% of deaths). The estimated survival rate of a person who has stayed here for at least two weeks and has ventured here for at least five miles is 80%.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this Level.

Entrances And Exits:


It is very hard to purposely enter this level. There isn't a specific tunnel or door of any kind that always leads you to this room. Rumors say that it's possible to access this room through the ventilation in Level 3, but that has not been confirmed or denied. It's speculated that every 1 in 777 door opens can take you here.


Exiting this level takes a while. 1 in every 7 doors are unlocked, and there's a door in 1 of every 7 segments. These doors most often take you to Levels 2 or 3, but one of the doors somewhere has been reported to take you to Level 98.

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