Level 198
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The very top of Level 198

Level 198 is the 199th Level of the Backrooms.

Level 198 takes the form of a vast free-fall through open sky. Its true size is unknown.


Level 198 lacks solid ground entirely. The only matter within Level 198 consists of clouds of all known classifications, breathable air, and the occasional downpour of rain or snow.

Upon entering Level 198, the Wanderer who has entered will emerge at the (apparent) very top of the level and immediately begin falling at a steady pace. The temperature of Level 198 has been described as "uncomfortably but not unbearably cold". No signs of frostbite or other cold-related injuries were found on either of the two known Wanderers who had entered Level 198. At the "top" of Level 198, the sky has been observed to be completely dark, but at a certain point during the fall, a day-night cycle begins, switching between night and day approximately every six hours. No stars were observed in the sky during the night.

The duration of a Wanderer's fall seems to vary. According to the account of Level 1 resident Gia Laghari, the fall lasted around twenty-two hours, whereas M.E.G. Agent Meadow1 endured a fall that lasted for eight days. It is unknown what factors influence the duration of a fall. At the end of a fall, the Wanderer will reappear safely in a random Level.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no outposts on this Level, for obvious reasons.

Agent Meadow's Recording

This is a transcript of a recording by one M.E.G. Agent Meadow, who fell into Level 198 on July 9th, 2020.

The recording opens with about a minute of rushing air and panicked breathing.
Agent Meadow: Alright, alright, I need to get my bearings. Where am I? Don't think I've heard of this Level before. God, it's really fucking cold up here.
First recording ends.
Agent Meadow: Alright, I think I should probably log my… long fall, just for research's sake. It's been about two hours since I entered this Level. So far, no signs of solid ground, just… clouds. I guess it's kind of pretty. It reminds me of that time I went hiking in the Rockies with my mom. Just… with less rocks. Hah.
Second recording ends.
Agent Meadow: Hi! It's been around, uh… nine hours since I've entered. View's getting a bit boring. Anything of note… oh, yeah, it rained on me once. Made the cold a lot worse, but it got better pretty quickly. I wish it was a bit brighter in here, I get scared that I'm going to drop something…
Third recording ends.
Agent Meadow: Hello. Been nearly two days since I fell. I fell asleep at some point and woke up. Nothing new to note, besides a few more run-ins with the rain. Also there's a blue sky now, sometimes. Not much else to report. Bye.
Fourth recording ends.
Agent Meadow: Just reporting in to say that still nothing's happened. Fuck, I'm so goddamn cold and wet and tired. Over.
The sound of shuffling clothes can be heard. It is assumed that Agent Meadow forgot to end her recording. The sound of crying can be heard around thirty seconds after. More muffled crying can be heard, and then the fifth recording ends.
Agent Meadow: Been around four days since I fell in. Not much to report, besides the fact that it rained all day yesterday. I'm still shivering.
Two and a half minutes of silence are recorded before Agent Meadow speaks again.
Agent Meadow: Just falling and falling forever, with no end in sight… guess that's a pretty fucking suitable descriptor for my entire time here. How long have I been here? Four months? Feels more like four centuries. Why am I even doing this? How many people have died here? How many deaths have I seen? What's the fucking point? I can't keep going on like this.
Sixth recording ends.
Agent Meadow Give it up for day five! It's been… mostly sunny. Mostly been trying to sleep, but that's really hard when you're falling forever. Y'know, I was supposed to have my high school graduation a month ago. Me and mom had been waiting for it for months, it was going to be the best day of my life. But then we got into a fight over a bad grade, and I ran upstairs and tripped on the steps and… now I'm going to die here. Or fall here forever. I don't… I don't know.
Crying sounds return.
Agent Meadow: I guess it beats being eaten by monsters…
Agent Meadow: I miss my mom.
Seventh recording ends.
Agent Meadow: Day seven. I hate this place.

No other recordings have been made within the Level, and Agent Meadow refuses to talk about the experience following her retrieval from a pool on Level 11.

Entrances And Exits:


There are two known entrances to Level 198. According to her statement, Wanderer Gia Laghari found an entrance to Level 198 within Level 78, where she found a slightly open door with a soft breeze coming out of it. The second entrance is less understood. On July 9th, 2020, Agent Meadow was accosted by three Death Moths on the top of a skyscraper on Level 11. Unaware of her surroundings, she stepped back one step too far and fell off of the skyscraper, no-clipping into Level 198 approximately ten feet before hitting the ground, according to the testimony of a M.E.G. agent patrolling near the bottom of the skyscraper.


It is unknown if there are methods which allow Wanderers to leave Level 198 willingly. The only known means of escape is to complete one's fall through the level.

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