Level 196
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Class 3

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Photograph taken after entering Level 196

Level 196 is the 197th level of The Backrooms, the level was discovered by an anonymous user, the user was found dead on the 34th floor of this level by an unknown entity.


Level 196 is an area similar to a hotel from the 1980s, this level is approximately 7 square miles in size, being a fairly small level, and a hitherto undefined height. Within the level you can see common rooms of a hotel, however in most of these rooms they are completely empty and the furniture is usually scarce, in some cases it is possible to find sandwiches and Almond Water scattered in large quantities. Despite that, sometimes it is possible that the products are rotten or in bad condition. Also, the level lighting is scarce and this is found by lights hanging in random ways which must be turned on manually. However, the level light source does not come specifically from the lights, but from some windows which only leave Seeing a bright void, staring at a window for too long will cause temporary blindness.
In the level it is possible to find several flights of stairs that will take you to different floors of the level, however, you can climb floors by staying on the level for a long time, while you interact with an object of the level a No-clip will be made through the floors and the flights of stairs leading to the floors below will suddenly disappear. The interaction with entities at this level depends on how high you go between the floors (The types of entities are only about Smilers, Skin Stealers, Hounds and there was a strange case where a Potri was registered, although it is not confirmed even if the entity is capable of appearing at this level), but more specifically it is possible to see a type of entity called Red Kins, these entities were mentioned by a M.E.G. researcher who decided to be anonymous, the information on these beings is very vague, but they are known to be vaguely humanoid rusty red figures.


The floors of the level, as already mentioned, become more dangerous as you move forward. More specifically, from the 30th floor, everything begins to become more strange, the structure of the level begins to show its beams and somehow begins to destroy. The windows turn dark causing the level lighting to go zero, the floor becomes weak and begins to show brittle cracks, moss and fungus that start to grow from the largest cracks along with the humidity and heat becoming unbearable, Every time you go upstairs you will see that the rooms begin to show meat replacing some screams in disgusting and repulsive ways, all this because of the Red Kins.
More than 58 floors have been discovered to date, and it is believed so far that the floors go infinitely higher.

Meat Rooms and The Red Kins Nests

These areas begin to be visible from the 40th floor and are very dangerous due to the amount of Red Kins that appear in these areas. In these rooms the furniture becomes dark, due to the substance that the Red Kins emanate on them. The Rooms replace the concrete of the previous floors with a meat with a texture similar to that of the Red kins, the meat is classified as disgusting and full of holes with exactly the same eyes of the entities. Here any entity other than a Red Kin is sucked into the pits and will serve as food for the hatchlings located within the walls of flesh. In these rooms, the mating period of the entities takes place, the males begin to implant parts of their bodies in the females until the female dies and produces a flash of light on the body and sticks to one of the walls. If there is a baby positioned over the space where the flash is, the wall will vomit the baby and kill it. The whole process was visualized by some researchers who confirmed that what they saw traumatized them for life, so it was not recommended to continue advancing.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

The Followers Of The Red Gods

(Interacting with this group is not recommended due to the presence of the Red kins)

  • The outpost is made up of 10 people and they are based in a special area within Level 196, where the No-clip pattern does not affect them.
  • They say that those they mention as the red gods gave them a place for themselves in exchange for worshiping them.
  • They have been in research to find out more about the Red Kins, they become aggressive in case you speak negatively towards the red gods
  • It has been deduced in recent research that the Red Kins contaminated their minds and that is why they act that way, also because of this it has been deduced that almond water does not cure the effects of the entity.

Entrances And Exits:


You can enter this level by entering a building at Level 11, although you can also enter from Level 188 on rare occasions and also when trying to enter Level 1 and failing.


It is possible that when you go up a floor you noclip to Level 0 suddenly but this happens very rarely, there is also a rumor that going to the 50th floor you can exit to Level 11. If you came from a window of Level 188, don't worry! You can still be part of the party if you find a balloon on the first floor! =)

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