Level 194
Asset 194 - "Unreal Estate"
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An external view of the structure containing Access Point "Calatrava."

Value: Medium

Priority: Low

Description: Asset 194 consists primarily of a subtropical rainforest spanning approximately 50 acres, located at the foot of a mountain range. The true size of the level has yet to be determined, but it is assumed that it cuts off at the mountains. The level has a moderate climate, and the lack of hostile entities makes it a safe area to settle. Within the rainforest are several waterfalls, pools, and surrealist structures, making it a common attraction for wanderers looking to relax.

While most of these structures offer little in terms of living space, many of them are suitable for short-term sustainability. Combined with the abundance of nature, many people will look to reside within this level for a short time, especially those who live mostly within heavily modernized levels such as Level 11 and are looking for a more natural environment.


Access Point “Calatrava” as seen from inside the main structure.

Asset 194 is owned by the B.N.T.G., so individuals looking to spend time living in the level will have to transfer a non-negotiable and non-refundable amount of credits in order to claim temporary ownership of one or more buildings. The price is determined by the size, complexity, and habitability of the structures.

Those looking to live in the level can also request a pre-planned building that the B.N.T.G. will work to implement. Due to Asset 194’s odd properties, creating new structures does not require building them from real materials. At the center of the level is a large, fort-like building that contains a mechanism known as Access Point “Calatrava." This machine contains the structural data of the level in digital form, allowing the “blueprints” of the level to be downloaded and edited.


An example of calatrava.lvl in use. Buildings appear as abstract shapes within the software; this example shows the digital format of a preset named "1473 Rustic Church."

The access point contains an unbranded USB drive which, when plugged into a computer, allows the user to access the level's structural data. Along with the data is a file named "readme.txt", which contains instructions on how to use the software as well as a message left by the supposed creator.

The writer of the message, named "Miriam" (stylized "MIRIXM"), has yet to be tracked down. Their location is listed within the message as "Lazarus Peak," which does not appear in any group's archives. Locating Miriam is not a high priority for the B.N.T.G., although their level of influence on the level is still unknown.

Hiiii it's me! If you don't already know who I am then that's your problem not mine <3. So I'm guessing that if ur reading this that means you've stumbled across Calatrava! Serious congratulations would be in order if it weren't for the fact that I couldn't get the damn kill agent to work (if it suddenly boots up out of nowhere and somebody dies then that's not my fault lmfao).

SO, cuz of that blunder I guess it's just first come, first serve. As for how to use this thing, I'll lay it out niiice and simple. First things first, you're gonna need to familiarise yourself with the layout. Boot up calatrava.lvl, press "Start", and you're one step closer to customizing your very own level! I kinda got it stuck on the forest setting soooo whoops lol.

As for how to add structures and stuff, it's literally as simple as just taking some of the pre-made models and putting them wherever you like! The whole thing is displayed as a grid matrix so it'll take some intuition to get the placement right, but once it's down you're good to go! Then, just go ahead and upload the data back at Calatrava! Pick a nice empty spot, will ya?

Now obviously we've gotta set some ground rules. I can't really stop you from doing any of these things but hey, your funeral.

1. The entrances and exits to this place are pretty much set in stone, so be aware that literally anybody could stumble into this place. With that in mind, make sure what you create is something you wouldn't mind tons of people seeing.
2. Depending on when you're reading this it probably won't seem super worthwhile to mention, but for the love of all that is unholy, you better NOT create anything that could destroy this place. Deforestation is only funny during the immediate aftermath, after that it's just sad.
3. Tel, if you're reading this, you shouldn't be lmao. I've told you to stop touching my shit SO many times man.

But yeah uhhh other than that, go wild! Make what u want I literally don't care. As always I'll be at Lazarus Peak if you need to chat <3

- MIRIXM xoxoxo


A view of Asset 194's horizon taken from the top of the tallest currently-standing structure, the gradual disintegration clearly visible.

When viewed from a distance, the mountain range appears to be slowly dissolving into the sky. It's widely accepted among the B.N.T.G. that the entirety of Asset 194, not just the structures within it, was generated by Calatrava, and the level is slowly beginning to lose "memory." The rate of erosion is unknown, but it isn't expected to impact the main forest area for a long time.

Entrances and Exits: Asset 194 can be accessed from Level 10 (A reliable entrance has been found through the fields surrounding B.N.T.G. Level 10 Resource Station), and Level 128 (Walking into a pillar can occasionally lead to the interior of a random structure). Clients are advised to be cautious within their estate, as it's possible to be randomly sent to Level 128 within them. Other exits include Level 9 and Level 37, although the techniques for these exits don't seem to be set in stone. Wander around the forest area for long enough, and you'll likely find yourself in one of these levels.

Notable Generations:

So far the B.N.T.G. have constructed 41 different structures across the level, 29 of which are owned by clients. While the clients are free to furnish their estate as they see fit, the structural data of all buildings in Asset 194 are under the sole management of the B.N.T.G. and cannot be fundamentally altered or customized by the clients.


The interior of the building, complete with a functioning tap.

Description: A 2-story-high brick and concrete building complete with a plumbing system that connects to a nearby river. The interior is sparsely decorated and decked out with only the bare essentials: a tap for bathing, a mattress provided by the client, and a small storage area for water and non-perishable foods.

Price: 730 B.N.T.G. credits.

Notes: None.


A view of the house's front porch, decorated with stone pillars and various plants.

Description: A single-storied house resembling a surrealist bungalow, decorated with multiple stone pillars and arcs both around the house and on the roof. There are paned glass windows and a wooden door at both the front and back, with a fully sustained interior and primitive source of power.

Price: 1215 B.N.T.G. credits.

Notes: Used by the client as a permanent residence rather than a secondary estate.


A photo of Callisto, as it's colloquially named.

Description: A tall, winding staircase that leads to both a middle and a top platform. The structure is supported by multiple pillars and surrounded by smaller, decorative structures. The area is rich with overgrowth which occasionally hinders climbing, though nobody has attempted to clear it out.

Price: 436 B.N.T.G. credits.

Notes: This structure has been used for a large number of events, including a supposed wedding ceremony. It has become so popular that the B.N.T.G. has discussed charging people who are looking to host a group event on Callisto.


A photo of the bowl.

Description: A large, ovular, concrete bowl that was placed on the edge of a structure generated prior to the level's discovery.

Price: 14 B.N.T.G. credits.

Notes: It has only been seen used by the buyer, who will occasionally visit the bowl and sit in it for up to an hour at a time. When asked about this, he responded "I like to sit motionless in the bowl and pretend I'm a warm, soft dumpling. It does wonders for the mind, you know."

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