Level 193
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So, I'm sitting here, with a description that's barely got anything and a note telling me to "Fix it." Assholes upstairs really can't make it any harder for us can they? Oh well, let's see what we got.




Well, that's the article editing effect for sure. I'm gonna see if I can take a look at the earlier revisions.

Holy shit, that effect is a kick and a half. I've been trained to resist psychological hazards and I can still barely tell that there's something wrong. Hell, even the guys who wrote it originally forgot it could edit the article. That thing has gotten really good at covering up its tracks. Good thing they figured out that fix. There's just one thing that's been sticking out to me though. These revisions get worse and worse as they go, but the thing just cuts out random pointless information. Hell, it can barely self-censor its editing effects, much less its harmful ones. We're supposed to believe that this ancient being that has been manipulating humans since the first ones ended up here can't even fuck with the database that well? Something's up here, and hell, going on a wild goose chase is better than being stuck in a chair writing. I'm gonna see if I can get my hands on that journal.

That was a mistake. I think I'm gonna be sick. That poor person. And, I think I see now. There's no fixing it. It's so goddamn good at manipulating people. So why can't it manipulate the database? God, it really is that simple, isn't it? The entity is old. People ending up here has been around since, well, people. It's had time. It's perfected its technique on us. It knows exactly what fucking makes us tick, and it does it flawlessly. But, it needs time. People are old, it is old, but, the database? All this technology? That's new. But, it adapted to people. It'll adapt here too, and it'll crush us underneath its boot like ants. I'm only hoping it'll figure it out after I'm long dead. It's better if nobody knows about this. Ignorance is bliss, as they say. I've got an article to write.

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