Level 190
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Class 2

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One of the halls of Level 190.

Level 190 is the 191st Level of The Backrooms. This level has some similarities with Level 52. It's still uncertain the total length of this Level.


Level 190 is similar to a high school hallway, with classes on both sides (some of the classroom doors can't be opened), most likely one in America. Level 190 has a daytime and nighttime cycle of both 12 hours, at the end of the 12 hours the light outside the level will go out suddenly and will be replaced with the lunar light. Some rumors say that the sun here is not the same as in the other Levels but a completely different version.

Classrooms and Hallways

Level 190 is composed of a series of adjacent corridors, classrooms, and stairs placed randomly. The Classrooms inside are stocked with computers, sheets of paper, and pens (That can be used for creating Drawn Signals, for more information, see below), and in some of the Classes, there is a Wi-Fi Network. The computer texts are in an unknown language.

During the nighttime, the classroom's lights will turn on automatically. The windows outside will show nothing, except an empty road, and some Skin-Stealers roaming around. The landscape outside is similar to the one in Level 10 and Level 205 (there are unconfirmed rumors that there are instances of Volpes moving in the landscape outside of Level 190, during the night.).

On the hallway walls, there are some windows but they can't be opened in any way, not even with a crowbar.

In Level 190, you will commonly encounter:

  • Skin-Stealers;
  • Death Rats, they occupy only the bathrooms closets of this level;
  • Is pretty rare the encounter of Smilers, only in some dark zones of certain classrooms (Low chance of encountering, but never let your guard down);
  • Some unconfirmed rumors say that there were some manifestations of some instances of Dollfaces, but it's not confirmed yet.


The bathrooms of Level 190 are completely accessible during the 12 hours daytime. The toilets can be used and are fully functional, which suggests that there is also a piping system in Level 190. The sinks dispense non-drinking water. The closets can be forced with a crowbar, usually, there will be some instances of Death Rats inside, which can be easily neutralized. Inside the closets there will be the following objects:

  • A Radio;
  • Duct tape;
  • Plastic bottles filled with Almond Water;
  • Flashlights;
  • Batteries;
  • Backpack (Pretty rare to find one);
  • Typical cleaning items (like a mop, bucket, and cleaning products);
  • Twin Fingers (Usually a random flavor).

During the nighttime, the bathrooms will automatically close and, the next day, the closet door will be locked again. When it's forced again, it will be restocked.

It is unknown at the moment if there are more entities at this level. Further investigations by the M.E.G. ongoing.


The exits of Level 190, as seen from inside.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The School Project

There is an Outpost in Level 190, a group of students that says they ended up in the Backrooms during a school trip in Milan. They found their way to Level 190 and decided to stay there to help anyone in difficulty. This group will help the other survivors to search for supplies in the bathroom closets. Their base is located in one of the classrooms at the beginning of the Level.

  • The group is composed of 19 survivors, 18 students, and one teacher, they were previously 30 students, the other ones disappeared and died in the other levels;
  • The students are 6 males and 6 females;
  • The group is open to little trades every 3 days;
  • The leader of the group is the professor.

Entrances And Exits:


To access Level 190, you need to no-clip through a wall of Level 156, or a secret door placed in Level 210.


There's only one exit, and it's an emergency door that appears randomly on Level 190. The exit is a staircase that leads to a door, which takes you outside the building, once you cross the gate of the school, you will be transported to the Level 807.


A Danger Signal found in one of the hallways of a structure of Level 11 (photo used as an example).

Drawn Signals:

The Drawn Signals are usually sheets of paper with written text in pen, attached with duct tape to the walls. The sheets of paper and pens can be usually found in the Level 4, Level 190, and the offices of Level 11.


The Drawn Signals are used by the M.E.G. Operatives to help the other survivors to get out from the hardest levels. Sometimes there were reports that the Signals disappeared mysteriously or, have been destroyed by unknown means1.


u/John_Thompson, one of the survivors, after exiting, has reported that Level 190 is very similar to the high school placed in the Frontrooms where he went when he was young, in Oregon.

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