Level 189
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Class 2

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Level 189 is the 190th Level of the Backrooms. It is not known when exactly it was discovered, as many have claimed to have entered it at least once by accident on different dates.



A picture of the most common bathroom which explorers find upon entering this level.

This level consists of an apparently endless cluster of rooms resembling a clean public restroom. In most starting rooms, there are five stalls and five sinks, all of which are entirely functional. There are always two doors, both of them having a chance of either creating an exit to this level or providing the entrance to another bathroom.

The room also starts out with windows and mirrors, which provide a good amount of "natural" light and space to the rooms. On the other side of said windows, explorers have reported seeing either a blue sky with static clouds or simply a white void. None of the appliances can be broken through any known methods as of now.

The air is fresh, especially compared to most starting levels, and it has been described as possessing a faint smell of artificial air-freshener. The subtle sound of water running can be heard in the rooms.

Luxury Bathroom:


A rare photo of a luxury restroom.

This room is relatively rare to come across, but it can be easily recognised by the golden handle on its door. Inside, the same appliances as the normal rooms, in addition to two urinals and a shower, can be found. The design of the objects in this room is much more detailed and lavish, with plentiful decorations of gold and marble.

Nevertheless, the most valuable property of this type of room is the fact that all of its appliances use almond water instead of normal water. This source of almond water is still limited, however, as only 60 medium bottles can be filled before it runs out. This room is also said to provide a powerful feeling of hope and relaxation for the people who find it.

Increasing Danger Theory:

According to the current information, this level is entirely safe throughout the first 50 to 60 rooms traversed. An accepted theory is that the more rooms you go through before encountering an exit, the less likely you are to reach an exit at all. After passing the 50-60 room mark, explorers have reported feeling progressively less secure, as well as noticing that the rooms, including the luxury rooms, start to deteriorate in various ways.


A photo of the 55th bathroom traversed by an explorer, with noticeable changes from the starting point.

A particular explorer has claimed that he went through almost 200 rooms before encountering an exit. As he advanced, he noticed that:

  • The air became increasingly foul.
  • The toilets began to be filled with unrecognizable waste.
  • The lights became progressively dimmer to the point of almost complete darkness.
  • The walls were less maintained, showing more exposed brick and mold.
  • The floor started to be covered with dirtied toilet paper and sewage.
  • More and more alarming noises behind the doors started to appear, most likely caused by the entities described below.


During the first 50 to 60 rooms, there are no entities at all. However, as this number is surpassed, the rooms will start to become more indicative of possible entity presence. The explorer who went through 200 rooms reported an increasing amount of smilers and hounds, as well as non-hostile facelings, who simply stood in front of the stalls or the mirrors, almost as if they were imitating human behaviour in a restroom, but failing to understand its purpose.


There are no known outposts on this level. However, the possibility of it being a relatively safe source of large amounts of almond water and regular water has encouraged M.E.G. to send regular expeditions despite the occasional disappearances.

Mark's Bathroom

According to the explorer who, at that point, had explored around 199 rooms of this level, just when he was losing hope, he found a door, unlike the rest, with its handle taken out. As he entered it, he found the entity known as "Mark", who greeted him.

Apparently, he told the explorer that he was thinking of moving to this level, and he seemed to be gathering trash in order to make the room look like his classic location. The explorer then desperately asked him where the exit to the level was, and Mark simply opened the next door, revealing a hallway in Level 4. He seemed almost baffled by the question, and according to the explorer, it was as if he didn't understand why the explorer didn't just leave when he wanted to.

Entrances And Exits:


It is said that if someone wishes to go to the restroom in Level 2 but feels disgusted by the state of said bathroom, that person will be able to enter this level upon opening the next closed door they encounter. A more efficient version of this ritual includes sitting down at a toilet in this same level, spraying as much air-freshener as possible, letting the smell invade the stall, and thinking of encountering a "nice bathroom" while having your eyes closed. Upon opening them, you will surely appear in this level.

There is a theory that if someone were to continue walking long enough through Level 34, they could be able to enter this level. However, this method is unadvised, as all explorers who tried to enter through this method are yet to return. This indicates that even if they managed to reach this level, they were unable to find an exit.


As expressed in the previous description, the only known method to leave this level is to exit the bathroom you are currently in. It has been calculated, according to the record of the explorers, that 80% of people leave after going through between 1 to 12 bathrooms. Most of the time, this method will return you to the bathrooms found in Level 2. If this does not happen, then you'll have a much lower chance to escape after each room. Many members of M.E.G. are still to return from their journeys here.

Some speculate that if one were to go through enough rooms, this level could lead them to Level 34, but this has yet to be proven.

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