Level 183
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Class 2

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A sub gallery in the second floor of Level 183 .

Level 183 is the 184th Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered on 12/10/2019 by a former M.E.G. Researcher, Maria “Beehive” Julia.

Level 183 is the home base of the I.R.H.B1, founded by former M.E.G. Researcher Maria “Beehive” Julia on 14/01/20202.


Level 183, also known as “Clean Sewers“ by the I.R.H.B., is a very large and abnormally clean sewer gallery entirely covered by pool tiles. It is partially submerged by the entity Not Water, and is its most common habitat. Not Water is very similar to clean, fresh water, and is the only liquid found in Level 183. This level has natural light coming from no visible source, resembling sunlight from large windows.

Most of the entities in Level 183 seem to be infected by Not Water. Commonly found creatures in this level are extremely clean instances of albino Death Rats3 and both male and female Deathmoths, although the females spit harmless instances of Entity 166 instead of acid.

Any piece of trash left in this level will disappear if left unwatched. This doesn't apply to containers, like bottles or bowls.


Level 183 is divided into floors, and each floor is divided into smaller rooms connected by tunnels. Three floors have been entirely mapped so far, and the fourth is in progress. All floors are about 4 km² in extension and can have up to 10 rooms each, which are connected by circular and horizontal tunnels. Travel between floors is made possible by concrete spiral stairs positioned randomly in each floor; the location of each set of stairs will change while wanderers are not looking. All floors are illuminated, but the light seems to not reach tunnels.

The first floor is where wanderers end up when first entering the level. It’s also where the base of the I.R.H.B. is located. This floor has no instances of Not Water, making it totally dry. Other entities can be found in it.

The second floor is where huge amounts of Not Water can be found, as it’s partially submerged by it. The air in this floor is constantly moist, making the walls wet. Water constantly drips from the ceiling. On this floor, entities can be found more frequently.

All the known floors past the second are entirely submerged in Not Water, and are being explored and mapped slowly by the I.R.H.B. The third and fourth floors seem to be similar to the first ones in architectural patterns and size.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

I.R.H.B. (Independent Researchers of Hive Behavior):

  • Founded on 14/01/2020 by Maria “Beehive” Julia, on the first floor of Level 183. The base currently has ten researchers and twenty explorers.
  • The I.R.H.B. act friendly towards all wanderers, with the exception of M.E.G. members, which they’re highly suspicious of and will only act friendly if they're unarmed. The base members will instantly act hostile towards anyone carrying unauthorized samples of Entity 166 or entities infected by it.
  • Attacks from the I.R.H.B. are mostly non-lethal. They only use lethal force against armed wanderers that pose a threat to I.R.H.B.
  • Reports show that the perimeter of I.R.H.B. is guarded by Deathmoths infected with Entity 166.
  • The base is highly open to trade but will act hostile if asked for samples of Entity 166, and is mostly looking for electronic scrap and laboratory material.

Entrances And Exits:


  • You can enter by no-clipping through a suspiciously clean toilet bowl in any level that has a bathroom. These bowls are rare, but can be found easiest in sequential toilet booths.


  • Eating any kind of trash inside Level 183 will make you no-clip through the floor and fall in Level 183.1, if you're not being watched by other wanderers.
  • No-clipping through the ceiling of the first floor will take you back to where you came from.

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