Level 182
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A collage of Level 182 from the perspective of the outside Outdoor Section.


Level 182 is a large greenhouse dome constructed predominantly from glass and steel bars approximated to be 315,278 square feet in area, and enveloped by an outdoor space that extends seemingly indefinitely. Level 182 contains exclusively floral and fungal life, and certain sections are considered biohazardous due to a fungal strain that has infected them. Due to the risk this fungus poses, it is heavily advised that caution and personal protection equipment is used while traversing Level 182.

Level 182 is split into five separate sections with each section containing unique ecosystems.

Entrance Section:

The Entrance Section is the most straightforward section and the section that wanderers no-clip into when they enter Level 182. This section consists of floral growth found within the Frontrooms on either side and a glass entrance door with a glass exit door next to it. Approximately 20 feet in front of the entrance door, there is an enormous, rotting, oak ticket booth. On top of the ticket booth, there is an oakwood sign with the head reading "-> Floral Section"


A picture was taken from deep within the woods of the Outdoor Section.

Outdoor Section:

The Outdoor Section comprises a seemingly endless oak forest with an enormous Almond Water river streaming next to the dome. Wanderers enter the Outdoor Section by walking out of the exit door in the Entrance Section. A noteworthy feature of the trees comprising the forest is that despite their woody appearance, have a texture of their bark that is more similar to a herbaceous plant than a tree. The sounds of fish and other wildlife can be heard from the river, despite the fact that there is no native fauna habituating the river.

Notable Flora of this section includes:

  • Flower species found in the Frontrooms
  • Berry Bushes
  • Moss

Floral Section:

The Floral Section is a massive section consisting of a large flower field with a cement path in the middle. While some of the flowers seem to be ones present within the Frontrooms, it will be noted that this section contains multiple floral growths unique to the Floral Section.

Unique flora in this section:

Bloody Al:

The Bloody Al is a blood-red flower that may reach a height of 1 foot. The petals of Bloody Als are coated in tiny thorns that hurt anybody who touches them; nonetheless, the Bloody Al has no blatantly destructive anomalous characteristics that could kill a wanderer. Despite this, wanderers should still be cautious lest they desire to get prodded. During daytime at inconsistent periods, Bloody Als will spread their seeds. While the seeds are spreading, the flower radiates a strong blood-like fragrance.


Azulies are bioluminescent flowers with azure petals that may reach a height of 0.7 feet in height. The petals of Azulies are often found drooping. However, when releasing Azul bioluminescent seeds, they will spring up; when this occurs, Azulies will emit a strong odor reminiscent of blueberries.

The Spew:

The Spew is a tiny, light green flower that constantly appears to be budding and measures up to 0.5 feet in height. Spews are inactive for most of the daytime; however, during random time intervals, it can be seen spewing a green mist of sorts. This mist contains the spew seeds as well as a powerful aroma that has been noted to be very sweet.

One unique characteristic of this section is that the section has a very relaxing aroma caused by Spews and Azulies; wanderers and explorers should note that in some circumstances, the aroma in this section has led wanderers to remain there for hours at a time.

An Audio Log was recovered from a currently unknown wanderer referred to as John Doe-182 by the M.E.G.

The cement pathway leads to a crossroad with an oak, manmade sign in the middle that splits the path; one part reads "<- Fungi Section", and the other part reads "-> Tropical Section."


Tropical Section of Level 182

Tropical Section:

The Tropical Section is the largest section on the level, consisting of a large, tropical forest of approximately 50,000 ft2 in area. A stone walkway loops from the entrance around the area. The plants themselves are nearly identical to species found in tropical rainforests in the Frontrooms.

Similar to the river of the Outdoor Section, sounds of animals such as birds and other wildlife can be heard. Throughout the section, an abnormal sound of slithering has been known to have effects on wanderers; these effects are known to be able to be cured through drinking almond water.

Fungi Section:

The Fungi Section is largely unexplored due to it containing a biohazardous fungal infestation; however, some of the M.E.G. teams have explored a small portion of the section. After the first expedition, one of the M.E.G. operatives got debriefed to see what he found. The operative, by the name of Jack M. Turner, was interviewed by Dr. Victor K on August 9, 2018.

M.E.G. Discovery Interview 182

Interviewer: Dr. Victor K.

Interviewee: Jack M. Turner

Date: August 9th, 2018

<Start Interview>

Victor: Hello Jack, how are you? Would you like some Almond Water?
Jack: Hi… and uhh no, I don't think Almond Water will help right now.
Victor: I see, you seem nervous; did something happen by any chance?
Jack: …Yeah, why do you care anyway? Do you know…
Victor: I see, I understand from the call you sent in that some important people to you have passed. I'm very sorry for your loss, and I know this is a hard thing to ask of you but can you explain exactly what happened?
Jack: Listen- if this is about what happened in that room, I don't want to talk about it.
Victor: I understand if you don't want to, but I do think that understanding what happened could help us… you.
Jack: Listen, do you know why I joined the M.E.G.? It was to help people find a way out. I believed that we could do it… but now I'm starting to think we can't.
Victor: I… I understand that you lost your friends in the expedition, but let's face it; nothing could've been done.
Jack: You don't understand, but I'll tell you your stupid information. I don't want to be here any longer than I have to.
Victor: Thank you, Jack. Now can I ask exactly what happened?
Jack: Well… we went in and everything was going fine. My friends, Dale and Bert, finally were about to go on their first expedition for the M.E.G. The happiness on their faces—it was almost… surreal for them, like the feeling you get on Christmas morning as a child. It's partially the reason I didn't complain or some crap. But… when we got there, it was covered in this… yellow filth. Bert made a joke about how they should hire a maid, but… that joke was the last thing he said. All of a sudden, that fungi, or whatever you call it, started spitting out this green stuff. When my friend got some stuff on him… it only took a few seconds and then, silence. Then some stuff got on Dale and then… As if my life couldn't get any worse being in this hellhole, both of my friends died.
Victor: I see, you know, we will find a way out of this place eventually.
Jack: Does that matter anymore? What if we do find a way out? At this point, the Frontrooms could be destroyed, and we’d have almost no way of knowing.
Victor: I believe we will, but until we do, we need to help others survive or die trying. Your friends wanted to help find a way out just as much as I do now.
Jack: You wouldn't be saying that if it was your friends who died.
Victor: I understand you do need some time to grieve. However, we need to forge on, for those who have passed. From here on out, any expeditions should be carried out with hazmat gear.
Jack: [Jack becomes silent]
Victor: You should take a break until then, though—take care of yourself, and don’t drown yourself in self-hatred. Have a good day Jack.

<Interview End>


There are only two entities found within Level 182: Snatcher Weeds, found rarely in the Entrance Section and Tropical Section; and Mykitan Fungi, described below.


Photo of Mykitan Fungi taken by a now-deceased wanderer in the Fungi Section.

Mykitan Fungi

The Mykitan Fungi is a kaleidoscopic, bioluminescent fungus exclusively found on Level 182. The fungus can be seen throughout the different sections of Level 182. Mykitan Fungi can be differentiated by their color and anomalous effects caused by the spores they secrete.

The first color is a pure pineapple-yellow fungus. The yellow Mykitan Fungus has been considered biohazardous due to the large number of dangerous spores it produces. When a wanderer breathes the spores of a pineapple-yellow Mykitan Fungus, the spores begin feeding on the nutrients in their body, eventually killing the wanderer.

Effects Of Yellow Variant

* Nutrient-sucking spores
* Death due to lack of nutrients
* Malnourishment

Blue Mykitan Fungi photo taken in the Floral Section.

The second variety of Mykitan Fungus is midnight blue and can be discovered in the Floral Section. This blue variety is not inherently dangerous, as its spores are rarely fatal. The blue Mykitin Fungus is known for its hallucinogenic spores. The blue Mykitan Fungus is known for its hallucinogenic spores, which are normally harmless. However, in rare cases, these effects can be far more extreme, affecting the nervous system in such a way as to cause widespread sensory hallucinations, which can be very painful. The longer the duration of the hallucination, the more realistic it feels. If it goes on for long enough, the victim will go into cardiac arrest and die. These extreme cases are very rare and were first documented after an incident where a deceased wanderer was found by Dr. Victor K. of the M.E.G. in close proximity to a blue Mykitan fungi.

Effects Of Blue Variant

* Visual Hallucinations
* Auditory Hallucinations
* Death (Rarely) by cardiac arrest

A picture was taken of a red Mykitan Fungus on an expedition through the Jungle Section.

The last color is a blood-red fungus, found exclusively in the Jungle Section of Level 182. The red Mykitan Fungus's spores have the anomalous property to imitate the cellular structure of anything it touches. Due to this ability, it has many uses to the M.E.G., including, but not contained to:

  • Being used as a medicine to heal wounds.
  • Being used as a way to replicate supplies such as food.
  • Being used to help study the biology of entities by recreating their physical traits.

One considerable use of the red Mykitan Fungus is its capability to regenerate damaged organs/skin of wanderers. The first experience was documented by operative Victor K. of the M.E.G.

Effects Of Red Variant

* Cellular Mimicking

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

There are no outposts or bases in Level 182.

Entrances and Exits:


  • It is possible to enter this level by no-clipping when entering a greenhouse in Level 165.
  • One can enter this level by touching a seedling on Level 23.


  • If one can walk into the forest in any direction for long enough, they will be sent to Level 32.
  • One may go through the exit door in the greenhouse dome and no-clip into Level 4.
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