Level 180
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Picture of the First Fleet's Flagship. Based in Zone 3, Port Langley

Level 180 is the 181st level of the backrooms. It is a vast ocean filled with islands that house architecture and vessels resembling those from the 16th century.


Level 180, also known as the "Voyager’s Sea," is a level filled with a seemingly infinite span of clear, blue ocean with various gravitational distortions giving the sea an appearance of sloped and otherwise mountainous terrain. Various "currents" — for lack of a better word — of seemingly nothingness surround islands and seas, however various of the first voyages have concluded that these currents are still sailable and interactable like real water, giving the appearance of sailing through thin air with no visible seabed below. These currents separating the clear blue seas are used in the VSCRM to designate zones using the currents as borders between them.

These currents stretching up to about a kilometre in length at times can be very unpredictable and dangerous as it still contains the various gravitational distortions. Similar in occurrence, waters with thick, dense, grey water can be found with a sludgy appearance that is impossible to see through in contrast to the usual clear blue water. Boarders and navy ships alike often avoid the sludge as it is known to contain a mysterious entity known as the Sea Anomaly or the Backroom's kraken. Although, there have been no reports of attacks or survivors from the Sea Anomaly.

Entities known as the Dutchmen travel among open seas and often hide in areas with high levels of gravitational distortions as a way to ambush their victims. They are openly hostile to most ships however, can be easily escaped due to their ill-repair. Attempts to dock a Dutchmen has resulted in a mass of fatal accidents resulting from the fragile infrastructure of the entity.

On the various islands found within the seas and zones, makeshift housing and deserted ships ranging from sloops to galleons in various states of disrepair can be found. The origins of these ships are unknown. On these islands, both towns, ports and strongholds reside with little wear and tear, still full with equipment, although worn down from ill-maintenance. It is speculated that an entity populace used to inhabit these islands, creating these towns using the equipment found from various shipwrecks.

Exits to other levels have been found on various islands. Due to this, many wanderers have migrated to this level, restoring the lightly damaged ships and acting as commercialised ferries to each island and their respected level exits in return for valuables, in either information, gold, food and water, and rarely, objects. These people have been known as “boarders.”

With the start of commercialised travel, pirates began popping up, threatening boarders to rob the travellers of food, water and valuables. Along with the prevalent threat of Dutchmen overpowering small boarder ships, an individual known as Grand Admiral Langley was prompted to form the Backrooms Guardian Navy, more specifically the 1st Guardian Fleet. Quickly a military was established and loaned to high priority or high paying boarder vessels which actively lessened the pirate threat within the seas.

Be warned that being assigned a ship of the Backrooms Guardian Navy is not a get-out-of-trouble free card, many many ships have been sunk to daring pirate vessels and Dutchmen. However, more fleets have been established and are used as emergency response and mercenary fleets. It is recommended that travellers and wanderers study the Voyager Sea Charts and References Map for information regarding traversing the level.

Do not be afraid to contact any of them in the event of emergency as the M.E.G. will help fund any costs that come up to a reasonable level. Below is a list of known fleets and their registered ships.

The 2nd Guardian Fleet is a regular fleet consisting of:

The 3rd Guardian Fleet is a regular fleet consisting of:

The 4th Guardian Specialist Fleet is a custom built elite group of heavy battleships consisting of:

The 5th Guardian Response Fleet is a rapid response team consisting of;


Fish do inhabit the Voyager's Sea, however, it is unclear whether they appear with the level or have clipped in through the ocean. It is put here in case of the former.

One of the more common entities found are The Dutchmen. A ship operated with no crew and very little maintenance. In rare instances, Dutchmen can be found throughout the level with large gaping holes in the hull, yet are impervious to flooding. However, it is responsive to cannon-fire and is sinkable. A common belief among sailors states that the Dutchmen are old ghost ships who sail alone to die an in an honourable fight rather than die to a rocky shore or dead/missing crew. However these legends are unsupported by any evidence.

A rarer entity, seldom encountered, sometimes referred to as the Sea Anomaly or the Backroom's Kraken reportedly travels through the sludge, or very rarely through currents to another sludge. Reported sightings speculate a sphere like entity with polygonal tentacle-like protrusions stretching about a dozen meters in length. Whilst no ships have been reportedly attacked, there are often missing voyages with paranoid sailors claiming that the Sea Anomaly attacked them.

Established Ports and Communities

Port Morty

Port Morty is one of the longest established communities and ports in Level-180, with a small town, only slightly rummaged with overgrowth when it was first found, as well as it's vicinity to high-traffic exits and it being the primary entrance to Level 180, it's known as the merchant's hub. It includes a drydock on the far side of the island for repairs and custom works, however it is very costly.

Port Langley

Named after the Grand Admiral of the Backrooms Guardian Navy. This is an armed fortress of the navy, rife with factories restoring guns and cannons as well as caches full of gunpowder for expeditions. A small town exists within the port although it is restricted to naval personnel only with threats of gunfire to those who approach without permission.

Port Dalley

A town known for partying and its beer, with a local distillery manned by one of the founding corporations of Level 180, Port Dalley is one of the more popular hotspots amongst pirates, navy and civilians. It is respected that all boats docked agree to a mutual ceasefire and any hostilities will be returned by the island's albeit small but large fortress stocked with firepower and even more manpower.

Port Bauer

Port Bauer's location is unknown amongst M.E.G. and Guardian Navy personnel. The location only given to pirate captains and at this point, is believed to be a mere legend — however; due to it's infamy and supposed "hub of the pirates,” it is put on this list for informational purposes.

Entrances and Exits

Entrances into Level 180 can be found within soaked wooden walls, specifically oak or pine, and will send you to Port Morty’s town square.

Due to Level 180 being a commercialised travel port, please refer to the Voyager Sea Charts and Reference Map (VSCRM) for information about known ports, entrances, exits, as well as docking procedures, taxes and registration information.

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