Level 18
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Level 18 is the 19th Level of the Backrooms. It resembles a childhood memory from your past.


Level 18 appears different to every viewer, however, every viewer has noted it to be similar to a childhood memory. The age range of this childhood memory ranges from 2 to 5 years old. The most common appearance it can undertake is a preschool or a daycare. However, in cases where neither are present, it will resemble things such as a childhood bedroom, classroom, or playground. In very rare cases where the wanderer in question had no such memories, the room will resemble an empty void and will not affect the wanderer.

Level 18 has numerous "voices" whispering to you whilst wandering. These voices can whisper a variety of things, however, the most common things it will whisper are your biggest regrets or biggest mistakes. It is unknown how the room gains knowledge of these events, and as such, it is nearly impossible to suppress these voices. Level 18 is also capable of resurfacing deep-seated memories which have been forgotten. For example, dead childhood animals can be found, and will often cause the wanderer to enter a deep emotional state, even if they have no memory of the animal. Allergies are suppressed, through unknown means.

Level 18 has been known to be addicting to certain wanderers, and some actively choose to stay on this Level. There is no harm posed in this, and the Level provides all materials required for survival. The Level itself has no threats around and is known to "enjoy" company.

On Level 18, a rare Entity can be found, which helps guide wanderers throughout the floor. This Entity is called The Plush Dino, and resembles a dinosaur plushie. The plushie is sentient and capable of movement. Throughout the Level, it can be seen wandering around. Due to the effects on the Level, and the fact that the plushie induces content emotions, it is unknown whether or not harm is possible to the plush. It is incredibly helpful, typically appearing with some materials such as food and water to provide to the wanderer.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The Children

This Outpost is largely inhabited by a group of 20-25 people, all of whom spend all their time on Level 18, most notably referring to it as their lifestyle. They don't do much beyond staying on the Level, and don't like The Plush Dino.

Entrances And Exits:


This Level has no consistent entryway, due to it largely being based upon the wanderer themself. Most commonly, wanderers appear whenever they experience a resurgence of memories. However, there has been noted to be a consistent entrance on Level 17, despite being rare.


Exits have been noted to be in notable places, however, the most simple method is to turn around and leave, which will take you to Level 19. If you happen to encounter The Plush Dino, you can follow him for an extended period, which will take you to the Level you desire to go to. However, this method is known for sometimes taking extended periods of time.

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