Level 178
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An open studio in Level 178 .

Level 178 is the 179th level of the Backrooms, described as a looping traditional machiya house with a hot spring that is devoid of entities.


Level 178 is a looping machiya house whose walls and floors are crafted from wood. One notable feature of this level is that it is devoid of entities and has both food, almond water, and clothes hanging in certain areas, serving as a base for many people to live in or for explorers to restock, shower, and eat. Various methods can be used to enter it, including finding a house in Level 11 or by sleeping in Level 7. The level has multiple sections: a courtyard with a hot spring in the centre, a wraparound porch, kitchens, the main area, showers and bathrooms, and bedrooms.

The main area is usually the spot most travellers end up in. It is flat, a notable warm scent of bamboo and wood radiating through the level. Most doors are slid open, allowing for navigation. The sound of trickling water and flute music can sometimes be heard somewhere in the level. The floors usually have carpet or wood surfaces, and open-air studio rooms can be found in certain areas, samurai swords and weapons hung up in cabinets and shoji lanterns illuminate rooms. Closets can be found housing hung-up kimonos and pairs of geta that can be worn. Travelling through the central area can lead to the other sections.

The kitchens can be reached by going through a sliding door made of glass and wood, comprising a narrow room with kitchen appliances such as taps, a refrigerator, cupboards, and an oven. Almond water and food can be found here, all of which is safe to eat, and prepared meals can be found in the refrigerators with a list of meals, likely prepared by the Sector of Amaterasu. A door to the right leads to a dining area with a lantern hung above a short wooden table, mats to sit on below. Another door leads out to the porch.

178’s wraparound porch is visible from multiple areas in the level, being a square shape surrounding the courtyard and facing the hot spring in the centre. Lanterns are typically hung from the curved roof. The courtyard and porch are stuck in a time loop that appears as early morning, dew coating the plants and the gentle trickling of water heard from all angles. A set of small waterfalls flowing from under the porch lead to the hot spring, which is safe to use and soak in. Shoji-style doors to the rest of the sections of the level can be accessed from the yard area. One door leads to a closet full of warm towels that can be used to dry off or be worn in the hot spring. Sleeping in the hot spring can either lead to Level 66 or Level 132.


An image of the courtyard from the inside.

Bedrooms can be accessed through the main area or by travelling through the showers and bathrooms area. Watercolour artwork and windows line the walls of the bedrooms, some having views of the porch and courtyard. Futons are spread on the floor that are safe to sleep in. Wooden staircases lead to more bedrooms. The showers and bathrooms can be used safely.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Order of the Sun Goddess

  • A base for the group known as the Lost that resides in the central area.
  • A few members can speak both Japanese and English, as well as their own language.
  • Helpful and live permanently in this level, but not open to new members.
  • Allies with the Sector; trades and communicates with the group frequently.
  • Around 12 individuals are part of this base, all from either the Lost Mayans, the New Pantheon, or the Dragon’s Gate.

The Sector of Amaterasu

  • Bases distributed around the level.
  • Largest group in Level 178.
  • Central base is in a studio room near the kitchens, where they make meals for themselves and for travellers.
  • Have a travel station near known entrances to help recently no clipped travellers either live or travel through this level.
  • Leader of the group is named Irawan.

There are also smaller, more temporary groups of people who inhabit this level who are either too small or lack the structure required to be considered a community. Recently, talks between a smaller clan and the Sector are considering building a city-like settlement in 178 due to the lack of entities and the easy-to-navigate structure of such a safe level.

Entrances And Exits:


One traveller entered Level 178 on accident in Level 127 while being chased by a Wall Scraper and collided with a wall, phasing through it and entering a wide room in 178. Methods of entering include sleeping in Level 7, which has a very rare chance of successfully waking up in the hot springs of Level 178, entering a wooden building in Level 138, or travelling far into Level 11 and seeing a machiya house in the distance, which is the safest entrance to use.


There are currently four methods to exit Level 178. These include staying in the hot spring long enough and falling asleep, which causes you to end up in Level 66 or Level 132, or no clipping directly into a darker-looking wall, taking you back to the level you were in before. Another is to travel through the level for a few weeks to see a small room with an exit sign, which leads to Level 138. If you swim down a hot spring, you'll end up in Level 178.1. And finally, through a pantry in one of the kitchens, leads to the Anti Reality Bowling Alley.

Additional Files:

The following was sent to M.E.G. 'Base Beta' by Irawan and an unidentified member of the Order of the Sun Goddess.

Hello, M.E.G. echelons, it's Irawan and…you don't want them to know who you are? You're sure? Alright, buddy bo - gender shouldn't be disclosed? Well, that's fine. Of course you have blue hair and pronouns. That was funny…I like my blue hair, it makes me look like a blackberry. Anyways, the Order and the Sector have been talking and…we've found something big. Don't let other groups know about this, though. I don't want this shit getting away from us, especially due to bureaucratic error in a place like this. Currently, the rest of the Lost doesn't know about this. So, little things we're finding include ingredients we previously didn't know about far in the level, establishing a rope network, whatever. Just look at the video we sent. Siria and Marvin are working on an "Objects" article to update you guys…look there, it's weird.

Come to Kyoto Dreams!
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