Level 175
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The only known picture of Level 175, taken by Dan1221 and sent to RubberDuckie333 as evidence of the level's existence.

Level 175 is the 176th level on the Backrooms. It was first discovered on 3/6/2011 by a user who goes by "Dan1221" on the Office Terminal Chatrooms on Level 4. Some other people have also claimed to enter this level. It is also called “The Bluerooms” by travelers. It is extremely safe compared to most levels.


Level 175, much like Level 0, is a vast expanse of randomly segmented rooms. The generation of the rooms is also a lot similar to Level 0, but the appearance of this level is extremely different. The walls on Level 175 are a normal light-ish blue, and the corners are white. The ceiling is also similar to that on Level 0 but more plain. The flooring on this level is what appears to be a semi-transparent reflection, some have theorized it to be a reflection of the outside world from the perspective of the Backrooms. There has also been no reported way of exiting besides no-clipping, making this level potentially infinite. It is reported that you can also hear sounds coming from lower levels, which makes people in this level feel uncomfortable.

Technology, Rooms and Objects

In some rooms on Level 175, you may find a computer, or many other objects such as phones. Computers on this level are connected to a chatroom, which may have 3–10 people on it depending on the activity. Unlike the chatrooms on Level 4, they are unmoderated, but you can choose to mute or ignore spammers. The computers here also contain games like Solitaire and Minesweeper; they also run on an unknown operating system, although it is oddly similar to Windows 95. Wi-Fi or Cellular Data have no signal here.

There are also some other objects that can be found lying around on this level. Level Keys are somewhat scattered throughout the floor and it is suggested that you get one if you want to return to this level. There are also some other objects such as Smiler Exterminator and Almond Water on this level. Powdered donuts can also be found, which are used as a food source throughout this level.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known communities or outposts on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 175 can be accessed by going through a blue door on Level 2, although the chance of you finding one is extremely rare. You can also enter here from The Hub if you have the key to this level or through Level 126.


To leave, you can no-clip, which can take you to one of the negative levels. Although there are other ways to leave, the people who have entered this level have not disclosed any other ways to leave. According to a chat RubberDuckie3 had with one of the people who claimed to have visited this level, they took around a few years to exit, and ended up in Level 3 and was barely able to escape out, contradicting what previous people have said about only being able to no-clip into negative levels.

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