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Class 5

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    When the lights went out, that is when we lost contact; when they were lost in the dark forever.


    Level 171 in a state between the golden age state and the decayed state.


    The hallway leading from Level 5 to Level 171.


    Level 171 in a decayed state just before the lights flicker out.

    Level 171 is the 172nd Level of the Backrooms.


    Level 171, commonly known as "A Grand Illusion" at first presents itself as a 1930s atrium. As wanderers continue through the level, they may hear 1930's era slow jazz. Air conditioning circulates a fragrance reminiscent of the roses, which can be found in urns throughout the level, and the smell of furniture polish hangs thick in the air. As the wanderer's distance traveled increases, the atrium starts to deteriorate further until it becomes only a rotten shell of its grand self. The scent of the gilded complex deteriorates from smelling damp with hints of mothballs to a strong, pungent stench of mildew and rot. At this point, the lights, which are now replaced by Signal Lights,(see SIGNAL LIGHTS section below) and the Blight will now appear. Entities that take the form of lights are able to perceive the presence of Wanderers. The Blight, exclusive to this level is comprised of entity swarms that immediately become hostile when it detects a wanderer. The exact composition of The Blight is not well understood, however, all analyzed swarms contain a variety of entities both common and unidentified, including the rumored redacted. It has been hypothesized by the M.E.G. that The Blight is in a symbiotic relationship with Signal Lights. The Signal Lights' vision cycle causes the level's lights to flicker on and off in intervals of approximately 5 minutes. When the lights flicker on, the "golden age" of the atrium may be observed and the jazz music is played at regular speed and undistorted. The atrium appears in good condition during this phase and faint sounds of people may be heard. It is unknown where these sounds originate. Regardless of this illusion, The Blight is still present, but invisible to the wanderer, making it all the more hazardous and unpredictable.

    When the lights invariably flicker out, the illusion crumbles, and the level is plunged into darkness. In the faint light, the atrium appears to be rotten, and the music that plays is played at a slower speed with significant distortion. It is at this point entities become visible; entities that are yet unidentified. Due to the presence of these entities, those in this level are advised to move quickly and without pauses of more than 5 minutes.

    This level can be accessed via Level 5 through a seemingly random wing off of the lobby. This wing of the level often appears when the wanderer gets lost. It takes the semblance of the rest of the lobby, but there are scratches on the light fixtures, dust on tables, and dirt on the carpet. Wanderers can only ascertain the change process leading to Level 171 through the flicker of the lights. Sections of Level 171 appear similar to the wing wanderers use to enter the level. Because of its unique properties, Level 171 is rumored to be a deteriorated, earlier version of Level 5.

    M.E.G. Internal Memo:

    Attention, this is Overseer A. Due to the inherent danger of this level; including, but not limited to, the unpredictable non-euclidean structure, instability and decay, and swarms of extremely hostile entities, action has been taken to remove information pertaining to this level from the public view.

    This file included has been transferred to the M.E.G. archive database. Attempts by M.E.G. personnel to close entrances to this Level have proven to date as unsuccessful because of the shifting entrances. Wanderers in Level 5 have been advised not to explore any parts of the hotel room halls except those controlled by Homely Hotel and Housekeeping. They have not been told as to why this is. All M.E.G. personnel on Level 5 has been directed to monitor wanderers' location.

    M.E.G. Announcement:

    Attention, all M.E.G. personnel! This Level is infested with highly hazardous entities. After an unknown catastrophic event, this level broke away from Level 5, the lighting on this level was damaged, and entities began to appear in this level. A selection of lighting devices has been tested revealing them to be a sort of hive entity. They have been determined to communicate with one another. The flicker cycle lasting approximately 5 minutes is caused due to the detection period of the light entities known as "Signal Lights". It is thought that these lights communicate with hordes of entities known as "The Blight" to announce the presence of wanderers. This information was largely gathered by field operatives who have yet to find an exit to this level. Owing to this fact, operatives are not advised to attempt entry to this level.

    Signal Lights

    Entity Report #506

    Entity Name:Signal Lights
    Class Number:506
    Behavior: Non-Hostile
    Intelligence-Class: Hive
    Description: Signal Lights are unique entities. They are solely found in Level 171 and take the appearance of wall-mounted light fixtures. Their anatomy consists of a photo emitting diode, a circulatory system filled with a black unidentified liquid, an electricity converter, a photo lens, an illusion projector, and a transmitter. Their vision process takes roughly 5 minutes. (See entity page in the database for more vital information.)

    The Blight

    Entity Report #507

    Entity Name: The Blight
    Class Number: 507
    Behavior: Hostile
    Intelligence-Class: Hive
    Description: The Blight is not comprised of a singular entity, rather it is made up of numerous types of entities classes at IETS 4 danger level. The danger of these entities has also been increased to IETS 5 as a provisionary level. This is in fact due to their almost omnipresent level of intelligence afforded to them by the Signal Lights. They had an innate ability to seek the presence of Wanderers.(See entity page in the database for more vital information.)

    Bases, Outposts, and Communities

    Due to the nature of this level, it is impossible to establish settlements.

    Entrances And Exits:


    • Level 171 may be entered through a wing in Level 5.


    Give up, there is no hope of leaving. We're stuck here forever.

    A word of warning: The entry above was posted by one of our operatives, who shall remain unnamed at this time. Due to the extreme conditions of Level 171, the mental state of the aforementioned operative could not be ascertained. As no official exits have been found, this entry will not be uploaded till further research can be conducted to verify the nature of Level 171.


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