Level 168
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A Faceling playing hide-and-seek.

Level 168 is the 169th Level of the Backrooms. Currently, there are 3 known variations of Level 168.


Level 168 typically appears as the interior of an impossibly expansive yet normal-looking house or as an endless suburban neighbourhood yard. In rarer cases, Level 168 may also appear as a ridiculously vast town park with an assortment of playground equipment, benches, trash cans, trees, and fountains. Water sources in this Level are safe to drink from and it is recommended to take advantage of them during breaks to remain hydrated.

All external variants of Level 168 appear to take place under fair weather conditions in which temperatures are always comfortable and daylight is constant. Similarly, the interior variant of Level 168 is mostly well-lit and spaces are properly heated. Furniture is present, arranged in an expected manner, and can be interacted with or moved without issue. You can easily find a variety of supplies throughout this Level, especially in the interior variant. Windows on this Level are considered safe but entering one may result in you exiting Level 168.


The most common entities found on Level 168 are Child and Adult Facelings, though Child Facelings outnumber their Adult counterparts to a considerable amount. Dark spaces such as closets, attics, and crawl spaces are to be avoided as you may run into Smilers. All Child Facelings on Level 168 are considered non-hostile unless provoked and have a unique desire to play the game hide-and-seek with any wanderer they find. It is impossible to refuse the first game as wanderers who enter Level 168 discover that they are already participating when a Child Faceling finds them in their hiding spot. Adult Facelings act as passive supervisors and are more common in exterior variants of Level 168, especially the park variant.

The Child Faceling that found you will then lead you to a specific spot or "home-base" with other Child Facelings and will gesture for you to cover your eyes and count to thirty by signing "3" and "0" with their hands. Failing to follow these directions will agitate the entity but not result in an immediate attack, but refusing the invite entirely will result in an attack from all present Facelings. Additionally, peeking while counting to 30, speeding up the count at any point, or ending the count before 30 will also provoke any Facelings in the area. It is recommended to count to 30 out loud while covering your closed eyes to reduce the risk of agitating any Facelings.

After counting to 30, you will find that all Child Facelings have hidden somewhere within Level 168. Hiding spots of Child Facelings usually stay within a 150m radius from home-base but some rare cases of these entities going further have been reported. The hiding ability of these entities is highly variable, with some picking objectively terrible spots (i.e., behind an object that is much too small or transparent), to highly challenging spots. It is not recommended to immediately point out Child Facelings who have chosen terrible spots as they may attack out of frustration. Instead, you should walk past them and utter phrases of praise and confusion such as:

  • "Where could they have gone?"
  • "What a great group of hiders!"
  • "Could one of you give me a clue?"

Uttering the last phrase sometimes results in an excited Faceling waving to you from their hiding spot in an attempt to help you find them. After a few minutes have passed, it is safe to find Facelings that have selected poor hiding spots without the risk of provoking them. You should take advantage of that time to stock up on supplies that you find laying around. If you're lucky, you may come across a party! =) Once found Facelings will head back to home-base and wait for you to return with the last Faceling.

The last Child Faceling you need to find is the most well-hidden and will always be the first one that found you when you entered Level 168. Upon finding the last Faceling, they will take your hand and lead you back to home-base where the rest of the players will applaud you. Unless interrupted by Adult Facelings providing refreshments and snacks to the group, a new round of hide-and-seek will begin immediately. This time the last found Child Faceling will start to "count" to 30 by covering their face and nodding their head to each number. You must run and find a spot to hide as refusing or making no attempt to do so will result in an attack.

This cycle of hide-and-seek will continue until you either perish or exit Level 168. Additionally, upon finishing each game there is a small chance that the group of Child Facelings will lead you to a different Level variant. The likeliness of this event increases with the number of games you complete since your fellow players are bound to want a change of scenery.

Bases, Communities, and Outposts

The Seekers

Consisting of a group of 9 people, the Seekers are wanderers who have been stuck in Level 168 for an indefinite amount of time due to their inability to find the last Faceling of their second game. Despite their near-constant frustrated demeanour, they will cooperate with other wanderers and are open to trading. It is unknown if the last Faceling of each Seeker still exists on Level 168 or if these Seekers are just incredibly bad at hide-and-seek. Attempts to help members of this group are always appreciated but never result in the last Child Faceling being found.


Heidi is an energetic 28-year-old wanderer who enthusiastically describes herself as a "professional hide-and-seeker". She claims to have played thousands of games of hide-and-seek since she had entered Level 168 and has no apparent desire to leave any time soon. Heidi is only open to trading in-between games and will gladly tell you the best hiding spots she knows about. Occasionally, she will inquire wanderers about any newfound exits in Level 168 so that she may avoid them at all costs.

Entrances And Exits:


There is a small chance that you'll no-clip to Level 168 after hiding from any entity on most other Levels for a prolonged period of time. Generally, the longer you remain hidden in one spot from an entity that is actively searching for you, the more likely you are to end up in Level 168. It should be noted that this method of entry does not apply to Levels or Rooms that are dead ends or are devoid of entities. Tests involving M.E.G. members playing hide-and-seek in an attempt to enter Level 168 are currently underway.


Exiting through windows in Level 168 sometimes leads to another Level that also contains windows, but windows of Level 168 usually lead to the opposite variant of this Level. In other words, exiting a window from the interior variant of Level 168 tends to lead you to the exterior variant of Level 168 (and vice versa).

It is also possible to exit Level 168 by putting as much distance between you and home-base as you possibly can. You have an extremely small chance of ending up in one of the following Levels depending on the variant of Level 168 you are trying to exit from:

Exiting Level 168 by any means is only possible once you complete your second game of hide-and-seek.

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