Level 165
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The Edges of Level 165.

Level 165 is the 166th Level of the Backrooms, it was discovered by 2 wanderers of Level 9.


Level 165 is a large garden outlined with a white picket fence. Within the Garden, there are multiple garden beds, garden sheds and occasionally greenhouses. Level 165 presumably holds every known species of plant from the Frontrooms.


Unlike Level 9, Level 165 is entirely devoid* of hostile entities. Entities can enter into Level 165, however all entities have a different hostility to their Level 9 roots. There is only one discovered species of entity which is indigenous to Level 165.

The Birds

While not taking on a physical form when observed, the birds can appear anywhere within this level. Not visually but audibly. The birds have been observed chirping, calling, or on occasions singing. When singing, the birds chirp to a song of the classical genre (e.g. 1812 Overture, Danse Macabre, In the Hall of the Mountain King etc.). Even if the audience do not recognise the song, they will still “hum along” fluently as if inducing a feeling of Deja Vu.

It is strongly advised to not turn your back or blink in the direction of the source of these chirps, while in the presence of this entity as many wanderers have disappeared without a trace when in the presence of the entity with visual contact is broken. Reasoning for these disappearances are yet to be confirmed

Unique Features


Within the presumed center of Level 165, a single specimen of Sequoia Sempervirens (Coastal Redwood) is rooted into a 80m2 area of dirt and podzol nicknamed “Hyperion”. Hyperion is genetically identical to it’s real life counterpart, however has some noticeable differences:

  • Lacks roots and xylem
  • Does not require sustenance
  • Maintains a constant pulse of 90bpm
  • Violates the Square-Cube Law
  • Never shows signs of ageing
  • Fertility of plants around it increases

The Fountains

Fountains on Level 165 are far and few in-between. Fountains are typically composed of Marble and Quartz, and filled with approximately 20 litres of Cashew Water. These fountains seem to be connected to the nearest plants within a 500-metre radius as when fountains are inactive, Level 165 enters a state of drought.

Constant Elements

Garden Beds

Within Level 165’s garden beds, 8 separate specimens of members within the Kingdom of Plantae stand. In Level 165, plants incapable of growing within pure soil (e.g. Cacti, Succulents, Epiphytes etc.) can survive within the soil of the Garden disregarding the purity of the Level’s soil.

Garden Sheds

Typically, Level 165’s garden sheds are composed of wood (A Species of Birch), metal (Copper), or on occasions stone (Basalt). depending on the shed’s exterior materials, items within and effects on sanity are bound to change.

When the shed in question is composed of wood, the shed is filled with shovels, gloves and a watering can. When a subject enters within a wooden shed within this Level, they enter a state of pure joy and euphoria and the effect continues for an approximate 60 minutes, regardless of the situation or location.

When the shed in question is composed of metal, the shed is filled with jugs of Cashew Water, buckets, hoes, and a tap hooked up to a garden hose which emits distilled water. When a subject enters within a metallic shed within Level 165, they will experience a mild feeling of dread, however the effect will not continue outside of the shed.

When the shed in question is composed of stone, the shed is filled with trowels, buckets of mulch and bags of fertiliser & seeds. When a subject enters within a stone shed within the Level, they will not experience any effect on their sanity.


Greenhouses are visually identical to greenhouses found in the Frontrooms. Greenhouses contain an average of 15 household plants. Greenhouses have an effect on sanity no similar to the effect observed within the wooden sheds of this Level.


Level 165 was discovered on ██/██/████ by Jeremy ██████ and Thomas ███████ while in Level 9. Jeremy and Thomas ran into a house to escape from an instance of the Mangled. To pass the time, Jeremy explored the house and stumbled upon the back-door and accessed Level 165.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

Level 165 cannot be colonised for unknown reasons as any settlement formed in Level 165 disintegrates within mere minutes of creation. Thus, permanent habitation in the form of colonies/outposts is impossible.

Entrances & Exits:


  • Level 9
    • Enter the back-door of a house in Level 9.
  • Level 45
    • Enter into a section named “Outdoor Plants”


  • Level 27
    • Enter a wooden shed in Level 165 (1/250 Chance).
  • Level 37
    • Jump over 165’s fence

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