Level 163
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Photograph taken on the edge of the central building by a drone.


A rough sketch of the floorplan of the central building, provided by a Wanderer.

Level 163 is the 164th Level of the Backrooms.


This Level can be best described as a series of generic highrise buildings surrounded by a thick fog. This fog makes it impossible to see where the base of the buildings is; it is unknown whether there is some sort of ground below the fog or the Level simply exists within an endless void. This second option is the more popular theory of the two. Due to this, when talking about the bottom of this Level we will use the term "void".

When entering the Level, visitors will always appear inside of an elevator. After ascending for a few minutes, the elevator arrives at a room on the roof of the tallest skyscraper, which is simply known as the "central building". This building is currently the only one that can be accessed safely since the other existing structures in this Level are generally too far away to be reached.1

The weather in this Level is always cloudy and windy, and there are no reports of rain or snow. Temperatures usually fluctuate between -5ºC and 5ºC, although there have been records of temperatures as low as -12ºC.2

The roof of the central building is mostly empty, only featuring some vents, AC units, and electrical equipment, as well as the entrance to the aforementioned elevator. The floorplan of this roof features two halves: the first half has the shape of a right-angled trapezoid, and the second half is slightly elevated and has a rectangular shape. In the center, a cubical structure can be found, which is where the elevator resides.

Many of the travelers who have visited this Level have reported constant feelings of vertigo and disorientation, as well as occasional nausea and headaches. There have also been many instances of the phenomenon known as "the call of the void", which can be defined as a strange urge to jump one may have when looking down from a tall height, such as a skyscraper. Nearly all of these cases have resulted in the subject acting on this urge and falling. This is a well-documented phenomenon in The Frontrooms. However, it usually doesn't result in the subject jumping, but in Level 163, its effects seem to be amplified.

What happens to the vast majority of the subjects who do jump into the void is unknown, although there was one Wanderer who stated in a now-deleted forum post that, after falling, they found themselves in Level 198, where they kept falling for several days until appearing in Level 11.3

While many think that falling all the way into the void simply leads to one's death, some theorize that the existence of the void is a sign that this Level is, in fact, a part of The Blue Channel, and thus, anyone who falls here will keep falling until they die of a natural cause such as starvation. Another theory suggests that anyone who falls into the void is sent to Level 254, which they say might explain why no one has ever returned after the fall. So far, neither of these theories has been proven.

Besides the "call of the void" phenomenon and the void itself, there are no other known environmental hazards in this Level, and the only known entity is the elevator.4

Bases, Outposts And Communities

Due to the nature of the symptoms that visitors suffer inside this Level, settling it has proven to be rather difficult, and most visitors tend to try to find an exit as soon as possible due to these unpleasant symptoms. No serious attempts have been made to create an outpost in this Level, as of writing this article.

Wanderer's Story

This is the post that the Wanderer who survived the fall into the void made on November 15th, 2021, and then deleted soon after.

Entrances And Exits


In Levels above Level 9, all elevators have a small chance of sending you to this Level instead of the planned destination. There's also a chance that the button for this Level will appear in an elevator. There's also a theory that this level may be directly connected to the Elevator Shaft, although it's impossible to access this level from there unless inside an elevator.


  • On arrival, if a visitor leaves and re-enters the elevator before the doors close, the elevator will violently descend, and the visitor will be sent to Level 3, Level 4 or Level 5.
  • If the visitor, instead, waits for the elevator to leave and calls it again, the elevator will arrive and function like a regular elevator entity.
  • Relating to this previous exit, there's a chance that, instead of the elevator, you will find the white door that leads to Level 998.

The previously mentioned case of falling and no-clipping into Level 198 is still under investigation; in the case that this method can be replicated, this will be considered as a legitimate exit to the Level. In the meantime, the void is considered a hazard since the usual outcome of falling into it is still unknown.

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