Level 158
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One of the many posters scattered across the level.

Level 158, more commonly referred to as "Onslaught Station", is the 159th level of the Backrooms. It takes the form of a twelve-station subway dedicated to combat with other entities.


Level 158 contains twelve subway stations, each named after one of the twelve astrological zodiac signs. Only two of these stations, Aries Station and Pisces Station, are boardable, as the other ten stations have some sort of invisible barrier preventing passengers from exiting the train. Both stations contain four vending machines each, two selling food and two selling drinks. These resources appear to be infinite, as none of the shelves have been observed empty. Both stations also contain a restroom accessible from behind the staircase. Both are notably humid, and have constantly foggy mirrors. The two boardable stations resemble the subways of Level 11, with the notable distinction of many posters advertising "Onslaught Station" lining the floors, walls, and ceilings. These posters can be taken outside the level, and are the only naturally-occurring flammable items within Level 158. Additionally, some of these posters advertise Level 714, thanking the Funky Dealer for providing the "soundtrank" and telling people to visit the level.

There are two methods of travel between both stations - either board the train and travel through the ten stations, or enter the restroom of either station and draw a capital T on the foggy mirror. Every 24 hours, the station's lights will shut off for ten minutes before reactivating. Residents of Level 158 have called this event "night time". During this ten-minute period of pitch-blackness, any posters that were removed from the level will replace themselves, and all vending machines will shuffle their selection of foods/drinks. Light separate from the level can still be created, such as flashlights or fires. Level 158 only initiates night time once there are no wanderers present on the train. No hostile entities have been recorded spawning in this interval of time.

The main residents of Level 158 are a group known as "Onslaught Junkies United", or "OJU" for short. These residents are not native to Level 158. Rather, they are wanderers who stumbled into the level via one of its entrances. The group claims they were not responsible for the posters, instead deciding to stay after enjoying the general aesthetic of the subway and eventually cultivating a unique culture. They have no leader, leaving major decisions up to majority vote. A few of their members have reprogrammed the touchscreen kiosks in both stations and given them a variety of features. Both kiosks can display OJU leaderboards and examine security footage of the train cars. Both also have comprehensive profiles for each entity that may appear within the train, complete with a ranking system and strategies on how to defeat each. Each kiosk also has a "sound test" allowing one to listen to the previously mentioned "soundtrack".

Upon arrival, a loud voice with a Californian accent referring to himself as "The Conductor" will welcome the individual to the level, theatrically proclaiming it as "Onslaught Station" regardless of which station is entered first. A random weapon will spawn underneath the seats facing the station platform upon arrival at each of the ten non-boardable stations. This weapon can range from conventional weapons such as knives, handguns, baseball bats, etc. to more unique items such as telekinesis-granting gloves, water rifles filled with an unknown acidic substance, microphones capable of producing visible soundwaves, etc. How some of these items work is yet to be determined, as only one person can enter a car at a time, and each weapon will hit an invisible wall if one attempts to bring it out of the car. Likewise, attempting to bring an outside weapon into one of the train cars has the same effect.

In addition, three random entities will step aboard the train car at each station. The range of entities strangely doesn't seem to deviate from the M.E.G's database, as no new entities have been discovered on the train cars. One notable oddity is that unique entities such as Jerry, Blanche, and The Game Master can board the train. This leads M.E.G. researchers to believe that these are not the actual entities, but rather copies of the entities created by Level 158. How this is achieved is currently unknown.

The entities will remain still until the doors close, which prompts The Conductor to shout "YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!" over the intercom. Immediately proceeding The Conductor's message, music from Level 714 will begin playing through the intercoms and the entities will resume their normal behaviors, though some are notably weaker than normal. The exact reason is unknown, though some believe the train attempts to present a fair fight for each station. If these entities are defeated, or when the train reaches either of the boardable stations, they will no-clip through the floor of the train and presumably cease their existence. In the case of passive/helpful entities, the wanderer can choose to either leave them be at the cost of waiting ten minutes for each station or defeat them.

Oddly, despite the presence of several extremely hostile entities, there doesn't appear to be a way to die while in the train cars. Survivors of the train reported that when they normally would have been killed, they instead no-clipped through the floor of the train and ended up at the station they originally boarded at, completely healed of all train-related injuries. The same phenomenon occurs if the wanderer were to fall onto the subway tracks and get hit by the train before climbing back onto the platform, or if the wanderer sustains injury serious enough to render them immobile, such as amputation. Furthermore, all items that enter Level 158 are chemically altered to remove any chance of allergic reaction through unknown means. Otherwise, any wounds or painful sensations will disappear upon re-entering Aries or Pisces station.

The train itself has been observed to move at very high speeds, but will only arrive at the next station once all three entities are defeated, or after ten minutes have passed. Strangely, there is an observable front to the train, but no one has been able to board it. Each train car is spotless, and does not appear to be damageable in any capacity. The cars only have seats, lights, and windows, with no railings or handrails present in all that have been observed. The doors at each end of the cars cannot be opened.

Event Cars

Occasionally, special train cars colloquially referred to as "Event Cars" will appear. The cars will replace normal train cars for the entirety of the ride.

These cars have unique properties that indicate the guaranteed appearance of one specific entity at one specified station. The indicated entity will then be the only one to board, and must be defeated in order to reach the next station, with no time limit. Exceptions to these rules are marked with a diamond after its classification number. Below is a list of each known Event Car as of 07/15/2021.

It should be noted that Event Cars only seem to appear when boarding at Aries Station. According to the OJU, this is because Aries Station is for "more competitive players" while Pisces Station is for "a more casual experience".

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Aries Outpost

  • This is a M.E.G. base situated in Aries Station.
  • The base utilizes the train for training against certain hostile entities, while also documenting differences between entities from Level 158 and instances from other levels.

Pisces Outpost

  • This is a M.E.G. base situated in Pisces Station.
  • This base is primarily focused on communication between other M.E.G. bases and research on the mechanics of the level.

Onslaught Junkies United (OJU)

  • A group of roughly 20 individuals that permanently reside in the level.
  • Each member is in their late teens/early 20s, uses 90s slang, and refers to each other by nicknames.
  • Each member treats the train like a competitive sport, complete with leaderboards ranking each of them based on a unique scoring system.
  • Generally friendly, and will commonly assist wanderers who end up in the level with advice and food.


Level 158 was first discovered when OJU member "xXx_GrandCentralSmackdown79_xXx", commonly abbreviated to "GrandCentralSmackdown", emerged from the subways of Level 11 holding a poster for Onslaught Station. He began to advertise the level as if it were a sporting event, and invited several M.E.G officers to come "check out the onslaught, home-skillets!" He then led the officers onto a subway, which then pulled into Pisces Station.

Entrances And Exits


  • Riding the subways of Level 11 can sometimes lead to either Aries or Pisces Station. This is guaranteed to happen if one consciously thinks about Level 158 while riding the subway.
  • Reportedly, there is a tunnel on Level 59 that can lead to Aries Station. It is currently unknown whether a similar tunnel exists that leads to Pisces Station.
  • There have been five accounts of Level 61 pulling into Pisces Station.
  • Rarely, one of the hallways in Level 2 will lead to Aries Station.
  • Drawing an upside-down pentagon on the mirrors of Level 317's lobby bathrooms will lead to Level 158.


  • The stairs in Pisces Station may lead to Level 11.
  • The stairs in Aries Station may lead to The Railway of Level 72.
  • Entering the Subway tunnel in Aries Station after the train has departed will lead to The Tunnels of Level 59, while entering prior to the train's arrival may lead to Level 2.
  • Entering the Subway tunnel in Pisces Station after the train has departed will lead to The Subways of Level 59, while entering prior to the train's arrival may lead to The Underpass of Level 72.
  • Drawing a diamond on the bathroom mirrors will lead to Level 317.
  • Using the "sound test" feature on the kiosks allows for easy access to Level 714.

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