Level 151
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  • Monkey chased the weasel
  • Monkey stopped to pull up his sock
  • Pop! Goes the weasel!

One of the rooms in Level 151, where we put our toys.

Level 151 is the 152nd Level of the Backrooms. Come and play with us.


Level 151 is a large, human-sized dollhouse resembling a mansion from the late Tudor period of British history. The mansion appears well-maintained, although how the estate is kept clean is unknown.

Estimates place the size of Level 151 at around 7500 square feet, though it is believed that more areas exist, although they are currently inaccessible1.

Upon entering Level 151, wanderers will often find themselves in the centre of an open hall or, in some cases, the cellar. Most light sources resemble that of the time period (e.g. candles, fireplaces and torches), but these are in fact fake. Candles and torches are oversized, containing a plastic LED mimicking a flame instead of a true flame. A handful of anachronistic stage lights have also been spotted on Level 151. Upon further inspection of the aforementioned fireplaces, travellers will find that they are actually large image cards of burning coal, while the mantlepieces are constructed of plastic coated in metallic paint.

Many rooms contain windows, which can be smashed open. However, the windows are fake, leading to an empty white/black fog. Listen out for the screams. The slow, faint sounds of screams echo through the fog. Attempts to escape through this fog will deposit the would-be escapist back into the room they first arrived in.2

Level 151 exhibits a day/night cycle.

During the day, most of the lights in the mansion will be shut off. The aforementioned fog outside the windows will maintain a constant aura of bright white light, which functions as the main light source during the day. The bedrooms are inaccessible during the day3, walled off by bricks until night arrives.

During the night, the outside fog will turn completely black. Its darkness is comparable to that of Level 6, completely pitch-black. The candles and torches on walls will all synchronously activate, emitting dim ice-blue light. Let the cold stare shrivel your heart into darkness. Bedrooms will become accessible, as well as the cellar and attic. Multiple secret passages, trapdoors and tripwires will become operational during this time. Periodically, rooms and corridors will shift around, accompanied by a loud noise reminiscent of scraping wood.

However, multiple instances of entities designated "Dolls" will become active during this time.


Only one entity has formally been identified on Level 151: the Dolls.

The Dolls:

Dolls are life-sized Dutch dolls, possessing a style reminiscent of Germanic culture. As they only appear on Level 151, it is possible they are trapped in the dollhouse mansion much like any wanderer.

During the artificial day period, which begins at 6:00 and ends at 18:00 precisely, Dolls are passive entities, and will not approach humans, or even acknowledge their existence. They are often found sitting at the dining table in the main hall, or standing idly in different rooms.

However, during the night, they will become highly aggressive. Initially, it would seem that the Dolls are immobile, however, this is false. The entities will only move when a human (who has been in their line of sight) moves, at identical speed regardless of the target's build. Once a Doll witnesses a traveller, they will "lock on" to them. Once this occurs, the Doll is able to detect when the individual moves, without needing to maintain visual contact with the target.

One touch from a Doll completely immobilises the target. If a Doll catches a wanderer, there are several courses of action they may take. Most commonly, the Doll will proclaim the wanderer to be their "toy" that must be stored away, as "playtime is over". They will then attempt to stuff the victim into a toy chest put the toys away, which will crush them to death make them very happy. In other cases, when the nearest toy chests are full, the Dolls opt to attack wanderers with toy melee weapons instead donate the toys to charity. Despite looking like nothing more than comically oversized toys, these weapons function exactly like their proper counterparts the normal toy versions.

On rare occasions, if enraged, the Dolls will instead simply snap the necks of their victims break the toys, because we don't want to play with them anymore.

The Dolls are capable of limited speech. They have been heard eliciting childlike laughter, as well as humming or chanting various nursery rhymes. Oranges and Lemons, Pop! Goes the Weasel and Ring Around the Rosie appear to be their preferred choices.

Addendum: The Dolls are highly intelligent entities, fully sentient and capable of free thought. The Dolls have gained access to the M.E.G. database through unconfirmed means (see Discovery Log) and have began editing this article. Attempts to correct these mistakes have only been met with further tampering by the Dolls.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

No known bases, communities or outposts are found on Level 151.

Except for the Dolls, who are happy for you to stay! Follow our instructions, be a good toy, and no harm will come to you.

Discovery Log

Entrances And Exits:


Entrances can be found everywhere! Come and join the toys, the Dolls will be kind!

  • No-clipping through the trees in Level 150.
  • Level 151 can be found through a one-way door in the Hub.
  • Running through a fake wall in Level 178.
  • One of the windows in Level 188 can lead into Level 151 through a corresponding window.
  • Ordering a "Dollhouse Supreme" in the diner on Level 98.


The only known exits to Level 151 are hidden trapdoors found at the end of secret passages found in the study, and the second and third bedrooms. These hidden exits lead to random levels.
You can't leave! Toys must be put away, not left to roam free. Back to the toy chest where you belong, come on now. It's nice and cozy in there!

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