Level 143
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Class Hallowed

  • Spiritual Presence
  • Highly Unsafe
  • High Entity Count

A photo captured of the Hallowed Castle. Taken within The Hallowed Grounds.

Level 143 is the 144th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 143 is the 144th level of the Backrooms. It takes the appearance of a castle, this castle takes up an estimated 90% of the level and has been nicknamed, "The Hallowed Castle". The remaining 10% is the outside, named "The Hallowed Grounds".

The Hallowed Castle's interior resembles that of a medieval castle, with a key feature - a strange orange fog fills the level. This orange fog seems to be harmless though direct inhalation is not advised.

The Hallowed Castle has been divided into four key parts;

The Main Halls

The Main Halls consist of a series of large halls that occupy most of the castle. Throughout this area Hallowed Knights Can be seen patrolling, these are hostile entities wearing a suit of armor and wielding a sword, they will attempt to chase down any wanderers they come across and kill them using their sword. Hallowed Knights will stop a chase upon losing sight of their target, so rounding a corner is a viable escape option. Upon losing a target, a Hallowed Knight will return to its patrol route.

The Main Halls are the safest area of The Hallowed Castle. They also connect to different areas of the castle.

The Banquet Hall

The Banquet Hall is a large room containing several long dining tables. Plates with dishes such as pumpkin pie, toffee apples and candy corn are found on the tables, so this area is a great stop for food. Goblets of red wine are also found here.

The Banquet Hall is home to Hallowed Knights and Spectres. Spectres are ghost-like figures that sit at the dining tables. They will talk to other Spectres who are also seated at the table. Spectres do not acknowledge wanderers unless they attempt to take from the Spectre's plate. If a wanderer steals from the plate, the Spectre will stand and chase the wanderer until they drop the stolen food. However, Spectres will never leave The Banquet Hall under any circumstances. Spectres will never stop chasing a wanderer unless they drop the food, or leave The Banquet Hall.

All exits from The Banquet Hall lead back to The Main Halls.

The Brewery

The Brewery is a medium-sized room, filled with cauldrons and potions, stacked on shelves. This room is one of the most dangerous, but arguably the most helpful of them all.

The Brewery is inhabited by Witches. Witches are cruel entities that will attack wanderers using an array of potions brewed to cause harm. Some will poison the wanderer, some Witches will cast "spells" to attack the wanderer. The Witch itself is very weak to direct attack.

The wanderer may utilise the potions on the shelves against Witches, each potion is labelled as to what it does. Killing a Witch does not erase them permanently, as they seem to almost resurrect themselves after approximately 10 minutes of being dead. It is unknown how a Witch accomplishes this.

The exit furthest from the entrance of The Brewery leads to the final section of The Hallowed Castle.

The Barracks

The Barracks are a series of connected rooms containing a wide array of medieval weaponry, ranging from bows to Hallowed Blades, carried by Hallowed Knights. This weaponry is closely guarded by Hallowed Knights.

The Hallowed Trade Committee (HTC) will pay top prices for this weaponry, for those either brave or foolish enough to attempt to steal some of it. Most wanderers use this as a great way to stock up on weaponry, useful in other levels.

It should be noted that Hallowed Blades are one of the strongest swords known to the Backrooms. It is unknown what metal the blade is composed of, but it gives a bright shine and seems to be tinted a faint orange. It is theorised that Hallowed Knights' armor is made from the same metal, as the faint orange tint is present.

The Hallowed Grounds

The Hallowed Grounds are a small area outside of The Hallowed Castle. The Hallowed Grounds are devoid of entities. There are trees that have no leaves, bushes which are orange, and an orange fog lingers, this fog seems to be mostly harmless, but direct inhalation is not advised.

The Hallowed Grounds are situated outside of the front of The Hallowed Castle. They do not offer much in terms of resources, but the base for the Hallowed Trade Committee is here.

The exit from Level 143 is also present in The Hallowed Grounds. Simply walking out of the gate will return you to Level 10.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The Hallowed Trade Committee

  • Completely friendly organisation of traders.
  • Situated in The Hallowed Grounds.
  • Trades for goods found within the Hallowed Castle, namely weapons and rare potions.

Entrances And Exits:


Rarely a broken down castle can be found in Level 10. Entering the castle will change the environment to Level 143.


Walking out of the gate in the Hallowed Grounds will lead back to Level 10. However, the castle ruins will have moved.

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