Level 140
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Picture illustrating Level 140, hillside of the level, at about 25 kilometers from the border.

Level 140 is the 141st level of the Backrooms. It was discovered by a wanderer who got lost in the depths of Level 19, and took all known pictures of this level.


Lower parts of Level 140, at about 3 kilometers from the border, it is much colder and foggier there.


Level 140 is a relatively dry hill with a ≈20° incline, with a wooden house on the top of it. The level is finite, spanning about 40 kilometers, or 24.5 miles in a somewhat circular shape (about 5000 square kilometers, or 2000 square miles), where it ends with a sudden dry forest, which spans for about 50 meters. Those who walked down to the border state that they could clearly hear the sound of loud ocean waves nearby. It is presumed that there is an infinite body of water located behind the forest.


Picture illustrating Level 140, the summit of the hill isn't far from that point, the blob on the top is a glitchy house mentioned in the article.

The sky is nearly shadeless, and the Sun can't be seen anywhere. It's undetermined where the daylight comes from. Level 140 doesn't have a day-night cycle, rather a day-evening cycle. You can't precisely measure the length of a day, but approximately 2-3 hours pass between day and evening. The surface of the level is covered in dry branches and grass, trees and bushes are commonly found in small groups. The temperature varies from 26°C to 45°C, which changes depending on the altitude of the wanderer, being much hotter near the summit. As the approximate angle of the hill and the distance to the borders of this level are known, calculations show that the highest point, which is also the center point, is at the altitude of 14500 meters, or 47500 feet. The closer you are to the summit, the less fog is visible.


All of the visitors proclaim that their vision gives an impression to be blurred, dreamlike, and a little shaky, the scenery changes drastically when the point of view is changed a little. A constant sound of construction sites can be heard, with the source of it still unknown.


The summit of Level 140. The glitchy house mentioned in the article can be seen too, this area of the level is quite dangerous and has some confusing properties.

Glitchy house of the summit

What makes this level interesting is the presence of a wooden house on the top of the hill, it can be seen about 500 meters away from the top. It can be clearly spotted as a typical American house in construction. When approaching it, though, the house gets glitchier and blurrier for an unknown reason. Going closer (about 30 meters away from the top) makes your head hurt unbearably, the house would look like a shimmering group of brown, white, and beige stains lacking any physical form. It was confirmed that staying closer than 15 meters causes lack of blood, fainting, and growing pale. One person stated that they were thrown back by an unknown force. Some even say that they heard voices obliging them to retreat.


The forest of Level 140, a 50 meter strip acting as a barrier of this level, is generally regarded as the hardest part of the level to stay in, as Volpes inhabit it. Effects of the forest are similar to the ones of the summit house.

The Forest

The Forest is a 50 meters wide section of Level 140 which acts as a barrier between the supposed ocean and the dry hill. It has some outstanding properties, much like in the house, people standing inside the forest experience unbearable headache and nausea. A presumed ocean can be heard, sounds of loud waves can be clearly heard at about 100 meters away. The ocean is always hidden behind the dense woods of this area — no photos of it have been taken, and no one has tried exploring this part of Level 140 yet.


  • Wormlings are commonly spotted on the ground, and are the main threat on this level. Most of them live in the lower parts of the hill.
  • Volpes of Level 140 populate the forest and the surrounding areas, they are likely the only entity inhabiting this narrow strip of land. Volpes are generally hostile to the wanderers, so it's better to keep a safe distance of 20 meters, making eye contact with Volpe typically causes them to attack. They can only be seen in the evening, because they come out of the forest to hunt.
  • Instances of Entity 147 have recently started populating Level 140 and made their own settlement near the lower parts of the hill. They are rather strong, and should not be treated as anything less than human.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known human bases, outposts, or communities on this level. Little to no food and presence of aggressive entities make this level hard to sustain long-term human life, yet it is relatively safe to stay in this level if you have the right equipment. There is a small outpost created by Entity 147 instances near the lower parts of Level 140, though. The settlement has at least a dozen of wooden cabins and a long trench nearby.

Discovery Log:

Entrances And Exits:


There are currently only five known ways to enter this level.

  • Going too deep into Level 19 usually leads to the roof of the house of Level 140. You can be sure you got there if your vision turns blurry, it gets warmer suddenly and you see a bright blue sky. You should quickly leave this area to survive, as the house has strange and unpredictable conditions, such as headache, hearing voices, growing pale and fainting.
  • Wandering into the deep jungle of Level 37 can sometimes result in finding a dry patch of grass, falling through it leads to Level 140.
  • Going too deep into the Barrier of Level 149 has an extremely small chance of taking you into Level 140.
  • Entering waterfalls of Level 173 may lead to Level 140, as well as a bunch of other levels.
  • Entering a certain hole in the walls of Level 797 leads to Level 140.


There are currently only three known ways to exit this level.

  • Accidentally tripping on a withered branch when running down the hill of Level 140 will transport you to Level 79. It is worth noting that intentionally tripping will not trigger this transportation.
  • After falling asleep in Level 140, you may sometimes wake up in dry areas of Level 135.
  • No-clipping through the trees in Level 140 might drop you onto a boardwalk of Level 300.

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