Level 138
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Class 3

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An alleyway in Level 138 .

Level 138 is the 139th Level of the Backrooms, appearing to be a complex of narrow, lantern-filled alleyways with neon lighting and signs written in Japanese, English, and Korean.


Level 138 is an infinite complex of narrow alleyways with a permanent night sky above. Lanterns and neon signs in Japanese, English, and Korean fill the streets, and entrances to izakaya bars, kissaten, shops, and restaurants are common, although many of these are often inhabited by entities. However, some of these places house useful supplies commonly found in their Frontrooms counterparts, making it a gamble to enter. Various methods can be used to enter this level, the most common being through exiting Level 178, or finding a ladder in Level 34. It is an easy level to exit due to the set entrances back to Level 178 found throughout.

The level does not experience a day-night cycle, permanently having a starless night sky lingering above the level. There can be occasional puddles found on the ground, indicating a past storm. Getting near market stalls or restaurants leads for a warm scent of tea or meat to fill a traveller's senses, even if there is no food or drinks present. Lanterns with hiragana and kanji are common, the most prevalent colour of these lanterns being orange or red. Some alleys have a more traditional appearance, with wooden architecture and less electric lighting being found, while others appear to resemble neon city streets, with bicycle parking stations and signs advertising gibberish being found. Bicycles seen in parking stations should not be used, due to an anomalous property that spawns an entity nearby when a traveller sits on a bicycle.

Entities can be found nesting in empty bars and shops or prowling the streets, although most are found inside. The most common entities seen on this level are Facelings in yukatas and kimonos, Hounds, Reviooks, and Wormlings.

Bases, Communities, and Outposts:

Kami League

  • Resides in a connected shopping and restaurant complex near one of the entrances to Level 178 to help travellers enter and exit 178, as well as assist those in need travelling in 138.
  • Have their supplies restocked by the Sector of Amaterasu.
  • Operate a restaurant, known as Golden Street Eats with recipes and ingredients from 178's kitchens.
  • Split off from the Sector in order to form a base in the dangerous 138 to aid travellers, as well as help those who wish to permanently settle in 178.
  • Population of around 15 permanent residents.
  • Their head is named Aadhira, who is the sister of the Sector of Amaterasu's leader, Irawan.

Entrances And Exits:


The most common method used to enter Level 138 is by travelling through Level 178 for a few weeks, and eventually seeing a small room with an exit sign, where it will then lead out into 138. Once entering 138, the wooden building the traveller exited from will remain in the same spot, with wooden machiya houses scattered throughout the level that all lead to 178, proving that the level has some stability of entering and exiting that many levels lack due to the Backrooms' chaotic nature. Other means to enter Level 138 include travelling far enough in Level 11 and seeing an alleyway with neon lighting and lanterns strung above. Walking deep into this alleyway leads to 138. Another rare method of entering includes finding a ladder in Level 34 that leads up to a hatch, opening into Level 138.


The most commonly used method to exit Level 138 is to locate one of many wooden machiya houses distributed throughout. It is easy to find these houses due to their locations being in fixed positions. Other methods to exit Level 138 include finding a street sign in Japanese, Korean, or English with its arrows pointing left, reading, "Fuji". Travelling in the direction of the street sign will lead to Level 183. Another rare method of exiting includes entering a convenience store and going into the staff room, shutting the door behind you. Waiting for a few hours in the staff room and opening the door again will lead to Level 176.

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