Level 137
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Level 137 is the 138th Level of the Backrooms, accessible through a doorway present in Level 2 (see Entrances and Exits). Level 137 was discovered sometime in 2016, though attempts at exploring it did not occur until late 2021.


A poster taken from the desk. Notably, it appears to be an anatomical examination of a cicada, rather than a moth.


Level 137 is a cluster of study rooms, built with noticeably aging wood. Level 137 is rather bright, as every room has at least one kerosene lantern or candle.

The entire area is covered in what was initially believed to be dust, but was later revealed to be a powder composed of discarded moth scales. Chittering, wind chimes, and fluttering have been heard by various explorers, but no source has been identified.

The first room in Level 137 contains a mahogany desk, four doors, and a display case against each wall. These display cases contain deceased specimens of various moth species, held to the back of the case with two bolts beneath their wings.

These display cases are completely filled, and are locked with a latchkey.

The desk in the center was generally clean, and held various posters, papers and journals, written in illegible handwriting. However, after these materials were taken for study, it has also become covered in powder.

From here onwards, every other room is identical: Four doors on each side, with display cases lining each wall. Most of these display cases are unlocked and either partially or completely empty, though some of them contain deceased moth specimens. It has been reported that there is a smashed display case in one room, though the significance of this is unknown.

Inspection of the moth specimens has revealed that they possess a slit on the underside of their abdomens, and completely lack any internal organs or structure. Touching the inside of these specimens causes them to temporarily move their wings and appendages, but no means of reviving them for longer periods of time have been discovered. A single specimen has been taken by M.E.G. operatives and brought back to Base Alpha.

Entrances And Exits:

  • Only one entrance to Level 137 has been discovered, an aged wooden door located in Level 2. The door possesses no handle, and various scratch marks surround the hole where this handle would be. Locating this door is generally difficult, due to the size of Level 2, but various wanderers have reported being drawn to it by the sounds of fluttering and windchimes.
  • Various exits exist within Level 137, though no official guide towards them exists at this time. Reportedly, exiting Level 137 leads directly into Level 19, but at least two explorers have entered Level 24 by leaving Level 137.

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