Level 133
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Author: Sky3Sky3 (Author Page)

The lack of a Survival Difficulty class is intentional. This is meant to be blunt, brief, and blood-curdling.

The line, “They scramble like mice while the walls surround their victims like hawks” is partially inspired by the line, “We are mice, and the sky swirls with hawks” from Anthony Doerr’s novel All the Light We Cannot See.


It's just a dream, they say.

Repetition plagues this vague manifestation of a familiar subway tunnel. It is meaningless to travel further than a couple miles in Aeternum, as wanderers will always find themselves back where they started. At best, entering is like an unusual dream. At worst, it emulates one's worst nightmare. Wanderers can travel endlessly through the level without witnessing anything more than dim ceiling lights, cracked pillars, and abandoned tracks.

There are no other humans and no entities around, and after some time, wanderers will be unable to even see their own shadow. However, that feeling of being followed always seems to permeate the landscape. The walls, despite lacking eyes, can see wanderers' every move. With every passing second, our confines inch closer, filling in the empty space. To call for help is to merely scream into a void of nothingness only one person occupies. Wanderers, completely isolated, are left to their own devices.

The paths are overwhelming—all those different directions for wanderers to traverse. Don't anticipate having a sense of navigation, though; it's likely that wanderers will lose all of it in due time. Where do the hallways lead, if anywhere? The further one travels, the more vulnerable one's grip on reality becomes. Is it real? Be wary of pitfalls, as they are the entrances to a realm filled with nothing but a chaotic, unknown void of forgetfulness.

Refusing to accept their inevitable fate, the prisoners have tried and failed to retaliate against this damp enclosure. They scramble like mice while the walls surround their victims like hawks. Blinking rapidly and profusely, the victims attempt to wake up from what they believe is part of a temporary slumber, but unfortunately, this is a permanent thriller. The harrowing cold exhausts the wills of those stubborn enough to fight and drains the energies of those who hopelessly pray for an exit.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel—only darkness prevails. With enough time, wanderers will join the darkness, merge with their own shadow, and become enveloped by the abyss. Only this abandoned structure will withstand the test of time; the wanderers trapped inside will eventually succumb to its merciless grasp.

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