Level 130
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Level 130 is the 131st level of the Backrooms. It is a sprawling mess of pools and pipes that defy physics in many areas.


One of Level 130's pools. Note the pipes at the far side of the room.


Level 130 is comprised of a vast expanse of dimly lit rooms constructed of brick and concrete, occasionally connecting through hallways rather than directly. These rooms contain pools and have many pipes scattered throughout along their walls and ceilings. Most of these pipes have openings that empty towards nearby pools and output water consistently which drains through grates at the bottom of these pools at the same rate.

Rooms are connected by identical white metal doors. Small catwalks in some rooms span over pools or run along walls above the water. Both rooms and the pools within are always rectangular in shape, though their sizes may vary, with pools occasionally taking up the entirety of a room.

The liquid in these pools is believed to be contaminated water. It is tinted green with hints of sludge even in places where none has been expelled. While this liquid exhibits no harmful effects from skin contact, it is not safe to drink unless distilled, as tested with Red Light White Light.

Oftentimes in this level, pools can be found on the walls or ceiling. The fluid in these pools gravitates towards the bottom of the pool until it is removed from the room, at which point it will act normally. Additionally, pools on the floor may rarely stretch downwards far deeper than expected, with the deepest recorded being 84 feet deep and many unmeasured pools being far deeper.

Rarely, rooms in Level 130 are discovered with bizarre furnishings such as chairs and dressers scattered around. These furnishings are often glitched objects, and as such it is a must that any wanderer seeking to interact with them carefully observes them beforehand. Dressers are known to contain small plastic bottles of sludge as well as various books in a state of heavy wear, including one copy of The Ultimate Backrooms Cookbook. In one case, a bedframe was found at the bottom of a pool.

Black Sludge:

Black Sludge is common within this level. It has the consistency of honey and hardens when dry. It causes mild irritation on skin contact, though there are no recorded long-term effects to this, so long as it is removed shortly after contact is made. If it is applied for long periods of time, burn-like symptoms that can vary in severity may arise, though the full extent of which has yet to be thoroughly observed. The trace amounts found in pools with no visible presence of sludge are typically low enough to not cause this irritation.

Black Sludge is known to be consumed by entities in this level as well as come from pipes during power outages.

The contents of Black Sludge have yet to be fully deduced. While the majority of the mass of this sludge is made of unknown elements, several experiments have determined that it contains calcium, phosphorous, and sulfur. All of these elements are common in human bone tissue, and decayed bone fragments have been rarely found within them.

Power Outage:

Power outages occur on a regular schedule, lasting 40 minutes with 4 hours between each occurrence. Dullers only appear on Level 130 during power outages. During these events, the lights will go out, drains will close, and the majority of pipes will stop pouring liquid.

Rarely, pipes will instead expel sludge during this period which may cause minor flooding. After this period, drains in the pools these pipes empty into will suck down liquid faster than normal to compensate until the volume is back to the original amount, though the mechanism for this is unknown.


Dullers are known to inhabit this level, though they are only reported while the power is out and are known to retreat immediately when it returns. Sightings of Dullers on this level are quite rare and disproportionate to the amount of disappearances on it.

Large, fish-like entities known as Granuros can be rarely found in pools with a depth greater than 10 feet. These entities are toothless and have been estimated to be roughly 11 feet long. Sightings of more than one in a single pool are rare; however, they do occur in particularly deep pools.

Granuros will typically feed off of sludge expelled from the pipes; however, if there is none available, they are known to attempt to cannibalize any other that may be in the same pool or consume humans. Granuros have a unique digestive system composed of two large plates of cartilage that come together to crush food, which has been rarely observed in instances of cannibalism among them.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

M.E.G. Research Station Black Waters

  • Established to study bizarre phenomena within Level 130
  • Has a permanent population of 8
  • Welcomes wanderers who need to rest or replenish supplies

The Poolmen

  • Group of 4 who live in Level 130
  • Open to trade
  • Located in a small camp near an exit to Level 131 and are willing to give directions to it
  • Have karaoke nights on occasion

Important Notice

After extensive investigations surrounding the abnormally large number of disappearances within this level, M.E.G. researchers have been able to trace them back to attempts at noclipping within it.

It is currently believed that when noclipping within Level 130, wanderers become trapped in pipes carrying Black Sludge where they drown and are broken down by it. While in theory, it may be possible to noclip through these pipes as well, M.E.G. urges all wanderers to avoid performing noclips within this level at all costs.

M.E.G. Research Station Black Waters has been established to further investigate this phenomenon.

Entrances And Exits:


  • Black doors on Level 129 lead here.
  • Openings in the floor of Level 33 that appear in its corroded state connect to this level.


  • Large double doors found rarely within the level connect to Level 131.
  • Rare ladders that lead upwards in hallways of the level lead to Level 233.
  • Under no circumstances should you attempt a noclip to escape this level.

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