Level 129
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Class 4

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A picture of the more stable section of Level 129


Level 129 is the 130th Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered on March 1st, 2021.


Level 129 is an infinite forest covered in snow, with dark black trees. The level is extremely cold with a constant temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit (~-18 Celsius). The ground is covered with a seemingly bottomless blanket of icy snow. Efforts have been made to dig down to find the bottom, but nothing except snow has been found as of yet. The trees are extremely tall, towering at almost 2000 feet. The white snow and black trees give the level a sort of “black and white” look to it. The level seems to be stuck in infinite daytime, and no day-night cycle has been documented. Despite it being very bright in the level, no sun seems to be visible.

When first entering the level, you will wake up in a small round patch of snow surrounded by trees. As you venture deeper into the level, you will find only snowy forest. The level starts out highly stable, but as you travel further in, it gets much more distorted. You will eventually start to see trees clipped into each other, portions where the snow is black and the trees are white, and large hills. The level starts pretty flat, but as you go deeper into the level, it gets significantly harder to traverse the terrain of the forest. The hills begin to get extremely large and steep as you go deeper into the level. While the level gets more glitchy as you go deeper into the forest, it does get much easier to noclip since the level isn’t nearly as stable. The amount of entities also increases as you go deeper into the level, which can make doing this a lot more difficult.

Occasionally, you can find abandoned outposts which suggests that small groups may have attempted to set up camp, but were likely wiped out or driven out by the Blizzard Events that occur in the level. These outposts typically have abandoned supplies, and you can sometimes find things like weapons, Almond Water, warm clothes, and other loose items. The level itself can be considered a navigational hazard, as the snowy ground appears to be infinitely deep. Because of this, anybody in the level should be careful that the ground is solid and not soft. Soft ground could cause a traveller to fall deep into the snow and suffocate.

Blizzard Events

Occasionally, events known as Blizzard Events occur where the level becomes nearly unsurvivable for a temporary amount of time. Blizzard Events start with a “warning” if you will. A large, grey cloud will loom over the skies. Sounds of thunder can be heard in the distance. Seeing this cloud means you have approximately 20 minutes to seek shelter or escape the level. After the 20 minutes have passed, the cloud will have fully covered the entire level, making it nearly pitch black. Snow flurries will begin to fall for 5 minutes, and the temperature of the level will drop to around -5 degrees Fahrenheit (~-20 Celsius) by the end of the 5 minutes. After that, the snow will turn into ice chunks the size of baseballs that could easily crack a skull open. Wind will also begin to blow through the whole level at extreme speeds. The snow is so thick, that it makes it impossible to see 3 feet in front of you. The temperature, combined with snow could cause your blood to freeze if you are in the level for much longer without specially designed, heated clothing. The blizzard will continue for any time between 30 minutes to an hour before abruptly stopping.

Absolute Zero Events

This has never been officially documented by a group like The M.E.G., but this event was documented in an audio log found in one of the abandoned outposts. The event, as follows in the log below, seems to be some form of natural directed energy where the internal body temperature of the victim immediately drops to absolute zero, or -273 degrees Celsius. Life immediately seizes, all internal body fluids and molecules freeze, and the person dies instantly. This is only known from the audio log, as the person who recorded it stated that experiments were done on the body of the victim, and all internal body temperatures stood at a constant absolute zero, even after being exposed to a room with a temperature of 98 degrees Fahrenheit (~32 Celsius). It is unknown why or how this happened, as it occurred seemingly at random.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts, or communities on this level, but The M.E.G. is sending agents in regularly to find ways to combat the lethal blizzard events.


Many entities have been documented in the level that have adapted to the cold temperatures, and don’t seem to be affected by the blizzard events. Smilers, Hounds, Skin-Stealers, Anethikas, Deathmoths, Death Rats, Transporters, and the Crawler Fungus grows in some areas. All of these entities have adapted to survive the cold weather and have somehow been made immune to the blizzard events.

Entrances And Exits:


  • Finding a rare, large, metal door that feels extremely cold on Level 6 will lead here.
  • Noclip through a black tree on Level 11.1.
  • Blue doors on Level 21 lead into this level.
  • If it begins snowing in the Borders of Level 39, it will become possible to simply no-clip here.
  • Noclipping into a tree that has its leaves covered in snow on Level 47 has a chance to bring you here.
  • Jumping into a pile of snow that randomly appears on Level 115 or Level 116 will bring you here.
  • Entering a window that appears to be covered in snow on Level 188 will lead here.


  • This is risky, but finding a strange black door can lead to Level 130.
  • Rarely, small huts can be found in this level. While entering a hut will usually lead to Level 280, the hut may also be a normal one housing a hostile entity.
  • The only known safe way to exit is by finding a patch of soft, black snow and jumping into it. This will lead back to Level 11.1.

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