Level 128
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Class 1

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Level Stability: Dawn

Assigned M.E.G. Team(s): Trailblazers, Lazarus


Thick fog of Level 128. Photo taken during Trailblazer expedition.

Level 128 is an exterior Level of the Backrooms with many connections to other Levels.


Level 128 is a flat field of grass, ~60cm tall, extending seemingly forever in all directions, with a constant layer of fog making it impossible to see anything beyond 1 kilometer. The sky is a perpetual dull blue, with no apparent sun; as there is no apparent day/night cycle, time is based on BST1. Periodic winds sweep across the Level, though wind speeds have never been reported as higher than a strong breeze. Explorers have noted a faint scent of ozone pervasive throughout the Level, growing stronger as the wind picks up.

The Level exhibits a gravitational anomaly wherein objects in freefall will rapidly slow before touching the ground, greatly minimizing injuries caused by uncontrolled entry into the Level; this anomaly seems to have an upper weight limit somewhere beyond 500 kilograms, at which point it fails to trigger.

The Level's most significant properties are the structures that appear within it; the rooms, and the Pillars.


A room is a singular room or hallway taken from a seemingly random Level, suspended midair in a fixed position, with elevation ranging from 25 to 70 meters above the ground. There is no apparent pattern to their placement, height or size, with the only constant characteristic of each being that they originate from interior-only Levels. The walls of each room are transparent from the outside, making it possible to see the room's contents.

These rooms are not simply imitating those from other Levels; they are actually connected to their corresponding Levels, forming Level 128's sole entrances and exits. From within, it is nearly impossible to distinguish whether or not the room connects to Level 128, with the only known methods being to damage the walls or floor of different rooms until the Level can be seen through one of them (though the probability of this method succeeding is extraordinarily low) or by finding a previously-made opening left by another explorer; these holes are a two-way connection to Level 128, and can also be made by explorers who manage to climb up to and breach the rooms from Level 128.

Any room with a hole or opening allowing access to Level 128 is referred to as "breached"; explorers should take caution around breached rooms that may connect to dangerous Levels, as these are the only known ways for Entities to enter Level 128. Notably, no Entities have ever demonstrated the ability to breach a room, and several explorers have reported seeing Entities travelling through non-breached rooms, completely oblivious to their observers.

Unlike the Levels most of these rooms originate from, they have never been observed to move or change on their own, even after sustaining some amounts of structural damage; as a result, once a room has been breached, it is theoretically possible for any explorer to find this passage again. However, if a Room is damaged to the point of its near-total destruction, it may "detach" from its Level, cutting off that access point and causing the room to fall to the ground. An explorer who witnessed this event from within its Level of origin claimed that the door to the room itself disappears, leaving no trace of the room's existence2.


The Pillars are enormous, rectangular structures, exactly 20 x 20 meters wide and long, that extend seemingly infinitely into the air and potentially just as deep into the ground. Though they are apparently cut at perfect 90 degree angles, their porous surfaces gives them a very rough texture. All Pillars are arranged in a perfect grid formation, with each Pillar exactly 1 kilometer away from those directly adjacent to it; due to the fog throughout the level, this means that often only one or two Pillars are visible at any given time.

The material that the Pillars are made from is an unidentified porous stone, which has since been named "Pillar Rock". Pillar Rock has proven difficult to study due to its apparent resistance to any attempts to scratch, chip, melt, corrode or otherwise damage it; more information can be found in its Object entry.

Bases, Communities, and Outposts:

M.E.G. Outpost Bravo

  • Constructed next to a Pillar under study by Research Team Lazarus; a chain-link perimeter and temporary laboratory was constructed around its base.
  • Consists of a housing structure, a primary headquarters and a garage for storing B.N.T.G.-commissioned vehicles for use by Recon Team Trailblazers during Trailblazer Project missions.
  • Two nearby rooms connect to Level 4 and Level 20, with most furnishings removed and a section of the floor cut out to make way for a set of elevators.

B.N.T.G. Trade Station 11

  • Constructed between two Pillars.
  • Average population between 20 to 25 people, primarily focused on trade imports and exports between the connected Levels.
  • Close to four separate rooms; as its relative location to Outpost Bravo is unknown, these are currently the only known ways to reach the Trade Station.

Survivor Outposts

During excursions, Team Trailblazers would periodically discover small groups or settlements of explorers; although their locations have been catalogued, their locations will not be disclosed in this document for their own protection. Several groups that were escorted to Outpost Bravo by the Trailblazers have been listed below.

  • Two explorers from Level 19 who claimed that the floor collapsed beneath them; an interview can be found in the first attached file below.
  • A group of three explorers with a makeshift tent; a fourth was nursing their injured arm in the tent. Trailblazers was able to provide medical assistance. Based on their testimonies, the group likely entered from Level 34, having discovered a breached room left by a previous explorer; this room has yet to be located.

Other notable events and settlements reported by the Trailblazers.

  • A small infestation of Clumps were found approximately 6 kilometers from Outpost Bravo; they had fallen from a hole from an unidentified level, and were wandering about aimlessly before attempting to attack the Trailblazers; after reinforcements were called in, the infestation was neutralized and the room was destroyed.
  • A permanent settlement containing over 75 members, constructed between four Pillars; based on interviews with various members, it was initially a group of 7 explorers who were trapped on Level 128 after they passed through a breached room on Level 4.
  • A small nomadic group that had begun to worship the Pillars, believing them to be structures created by some greater being; they periodically returned to the larger settlement to restock on supplies before returning to their travels.

Entrances And Exits


Level 128 can be accessed by noclipping out of any rooms that appear within the Level or through a breach made in one of these rooms; based on the rooms already documented, it seems possible that Level 128 possesses connections to every Level consisting of artificial interior spaces. The most easy way to access the Level is through a passage created by a previous explorer, as these will not disappear or change over time.


The same process for entering Level 128 can also be used in reverse; however, as all of the rooms are suspended in midair, it is significantly more difficult to exit Level 128 than it is to enter it, and practically impossible without any form of supplies or preparation.

[2] Attached Files Found

File "Kelly Patters Interview"

File "Trailblazer Project"

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