Level 127
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Exit: 4/5
Very Difficult to Exit

Environment: 4/5
Extreme Environmental Risk

Entities: 5/5
Hostile Infestation


A typical water heater and furnace with a box of random items found within Level 127.


A corridor with different rooms within Level 127.

Level 127 is the 128th level of the Backrooms.

Level 127 is composed of a series of corridors and rooms. The walls of Level 127 are either made of plywood or cinderblocks. These walls are covered in a substance that was later identified to be human bodily liquids and tissues along with other substances, while the floors are constructed of concrete or tiles depending on the room a wanderer is in and coated in that same/a similar substance. Along with this, Level 127 has been described to smell like fish and rotting meat.

Silver pipes run through every room and hallway across the ceilings. Although these pipes vary in size, they are usually empty except for an occasional Human Blob attempting to traverse through them. These pipes, when they are empty, can be used to create weapons and/or tools to help defend against the native entities on this level.

Structures like household water heaters, furnaces, and radiators can all be found within Level 127. These structures are quite common within this level and are fitted within nearly every room and hall. They are anomalously powered and cannot be turned off. If destroyed, an instance of any of these structures will repair itself rapidly once it leaves a wanderer's line of sight, regardless of how damaged they may be. Also, these structures cannot be affected by the produced heat in any way.

This level shares common attributes with Level 2 by producing lethal heat over time. The main culprits of heat production are the aforementioned structures. They produce heat that can climb to approximately 93.3o Celsius (200o Fahrenheit). This is hot enough to melt human skin and bodies down to a blob-like entity. This heat will continue to climb during the time a wanderer is within this level. However, if multiple wanderers enter Level 127, the heat will climb at different rates for each individual.

The entities on this level have been described as a human blob or a fleshy human amalgamation, aptly named Human Blobs. These entities can be found in abundance throughout Level 127. Human Blobs can be heard to sob and whine while endlessly traversing through the level's pipes and hallways. When contact is made with the entities, they will cause severe burns and blisters on the wanderer's skin. Upon further contact, the wanderer will combust into flames, later turning them into a Human Blob. However, Human Blobs have not usually been seen to aggress towards wanderers but rather attempt to seek help and mercy from the level, though in some cases they can become aggressive for unknown causes.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

Entrances and Exits:


Level 127 can be accessed through Level 2 or Level 64 either through a hotter area of the level, through a door on a lower floor of the level, or a plywood door.


To exit Level 127, a wanderer must find a hallway fitted with multiple sets of crematorium furnaces. After finding this hallway, the wanderer must climb through one of the furnaces. This will lead back to Level 2 or to Level 90.

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