Level 123 - "Haunted House"
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The only known picture of Level 123, taken by Hina Woodhouse of M.E.G. Extraction Team "Genesis" (see log below).


Information regarding Level 123 is scarce, but a single, unsuccessful exploration attempt has yielded the following tentative description:

Level 123 resembles a seemingly-infinite, candle-lit Victorian mansion that's in a severely run-down state. Strange sounds that have been described as "groaning" can sometimes be heard throughout the level, but the sources of these have not been found. The level is believed to have a number of dangerous properties that make it unsafe to traverse. Insufficient information is known about the exact nature of the danger in Level 123, but some properties that the level is believed to have include nonlinear time, non-Euclidean geometry, and dangerous entities. Many of the specifics of these are not known, however, due to the fact that there have been very few expeditions to the level.

Additionally, attempting to get more information about Level 123 is not to be pursued at this time because of the unknown dangers involved in the level. The two logs associated with the discovery of the level have been included below. No known exploration attempts have been carried out since.

Entrances and Exits:


Level 123 can be accessed by entering an apartment in Level 13 which is labeled "Apartment 0123". A key for this apartment can be retrieved from the faceling on the ground floor of Level 13.


No exits to Level 123 have been found as of writing.

M.E.G. Radio Transmission Log, Level 123

Forward: This is a log of a two-way radio transmission received by M.E.G. workers at Base Beta. This radio transmission was answered by M.E.G. member Sarah Bates.

<Begin Log>

Female Voice: H-Hello? Can anybody hear me.

Sarah Bates: Hi, I'm Sarah Bates from the M.E.G. Am I coming in clearly?

Female Voice: Oh God. Thank you! Yes, I'm stuck in this level, and I need help!

Sarah Bates: I see. If you can you give me some information about your surroundings and the level you came from, I can see if I can locate it on the database for you.

Female Voice: O-Okay…

[42 seconds of silence]

Sarah Bates: Are you still there?

Female Voice: Yeah sorry, it's just hard to— [grunting] I think my leg is broken and it hurts a lot. Just— give me a sec to reposition myself.

[15 seconds of silence]

Female Voice: Okay. I'm in some sort of old house— wooden. And, there are candles on the wall, and it's kind of… broken down. Like the boards are all rotten. [pause] Um. There are a lot of sounds; like groaning and stuff that I've been hearing the whole time I've been here.

Sarah Bates: And where did you say you entered this level from?

Female Voice: Oh right. It was… Level 13, I think. [pause] Yeah. The apartment building one. I was told there was some good housing in there, and I just figured living in an apartment would be nice, and I just… [grunting]. I went into my room, and it was labeled… 0123? I thought it was strange that it didn't look like an apartment when I went inside, but then I got lost, and I couldn't find my way out, and now I'm here. [pause] Is that good enough?

Sarah Bates: Thank you. Give me a second to do a database search. While I'm doing that, can you answer a few questions for me?

Female Voice: Okay. Thank you for helping!

Sarah Bates: Of course. Okay, firstly, what's your name?

Female Voice: [pause] Emily. Emily Green.

Sarah Bates: Got it. You said something about a broken leg. Can you move?

Female Voice: Well, I… I don't know if it's fully broken, but it's stuck and I can't get up, and it really hurts.

Sarah Bates: Okay. How did this happen?

Female Voice: Well, I was just walking around, and the wooden boards in the floor broke, and my leg fell through, and— [grunting]

Sarah Bates: Okay, I've gotten the Database search back, and I don't think we have it on record.

Female Voice: Shit.

Sarah Bates: But that's okay. You gave us a good idea of where the entrance to the level would be, so we will send a team out ASAP and get you out of there.

Female Voice: Oh God. Thank you! Thank you so much!

Sarah Bates: Of course! Now, I'm going to hang up now, but a team should get to you within a couple hours. Feel free to reconnect if you run into any other issues.

Female Voice: Okay! Thank you so much!

<End Log>

M.E.G. Exploration Log, Level 123

This is an audio log of an extraction attempt by M.E.G. extraction team "Genesis" on an unknown level. This mission was performed in response to a distress call received by M.E.G. members at Base Beta from a wanderer identifying themself as "Emily Green".

Personnel Involved:
Genesis Crane, Captain of Extraction Team "Genesis"
Kate Torrance, Extraction Team "Genesis"
Fletcher Meda, Extraction Team "Genesis"
Hina Woodhouse, Extraction Team "Genesis"
Sabiha Castevet, M.E.G. Control, connecting remotely from Base Beta

Extraction Plan:
The members of Extraction Team "Genesis" will arrive at Level 13 through the standard entrance in the Sojourner's Apartment Building. Then, they will ask the faceling at the desk for a key to apartment 0123. Once they enter the level, they will locate Emily Green, and then find an exit to the level and a path to the nearest M.E.G. base.

After reviewing the audio log, it appears that there were some time nonlinearities, so the order in which the different members experienced the log may be non-standard.

<Begin Log>

Genesis Crane: Alright. Testing. Testing.

Fletcher Meda: Testing.

Kate Torrance: Testing.

Hina Woodhouse: Testing.

Genesis Crane: Good. Everyone is coming in for me. Sabby, is everything clear for you?

Sabiha Castevet: Yep. Loud and clear.

Genesis Crane: Okay. Ent—

Genesis Crane: [Manic laughter]1

Genesis Crane: —ing the level.

Sabiha Castevet: What was that?

Genesis Crange: I said, we're en—

Sabiha Castevet: No. The laughter.

Genesis Crane: Huh? I don't think I heard anything.

Fletcher Meda: I didn't either.

Kate Torrence: Yeah.

Sabiha Castevet: Odd. Continue.

Genesis Crane: Alright. We're moving around the level. It's about the same as it was described in the initial call. Very old house; kind of victorian style, but the wood is all rotten, like it's been abandoned for a long time. Candles are on the wall and— Where's Hina.

Kate Torrence: Oh shit. I don't see her.

Genesis Crane (yelling): Hina? Are you there?

Genesis Crane: Shit, I can't find Hina. I'm going to try and backtrack; she couldn't have gone far.

Fletcher Meda: Should we wait for you here?

Sabiha Castevet: Actually I would recommend against splitting up.

Genesis Castevet: It'll be fine, I'll stay on mic.

Genesis Castevet: Oh shit. Is that… I think I hea—

Fletcher Meda: Genesis? Genesis? Can you hear me?

Sabiha Castevet: What happened to Genesis?

Kate Torrence: I don't know… Ze just walked off and… I'm going to see if I can—

Sabiha Castevet: Wait no! Don't split up.

Kate Torrence: Shit, sorry.

Emily Green (in the distance): H-Hello? Is someone there?

Fletcher Meda: Oh shit, is that the wanderer?

Emily Green (getting closer): Oh thank god you're here! I—

Fletcher Meda: [screaming]

Kate Torrence: Oh fuck.

Sabiha Castevet: What's going on?

Sabiha Castevet: Hello? Is anyone still there?

Genesis Crane: —ear her. Hello?

Sabiha Castevet: Oh god. Genesis! You're back!

Genesis Crane: Hi Sabby. I seem to have lost the others. Can you hear them?

Sabiha Castevet: I'm so glad you're okay, they—

Emily Green (in the distance): Ah. Are you the last Meggie that's come to save me?

Genesis Crane: Shit.

Genesis Crane (breathing heavily): There's… [breathing] There's a large entity… [breathing] Fuck. It's getting closer… [breathing]

Emily Green (getting closer): Oh come on… I don't bite!

Genesis Crane: [screaming]

Sabiha Castevet (yelling): Genesis? Genesis, are you okay?

Emily Green: Oh pooh. A meggie was listening in… Meggies! I need someone to save me! I'm trapped in this big scary level, and I don't know where I am! Can you send another team? I think this one got lost!

<End Log>

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