Level 122
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Only known photo of Level 122.

Level 122 is the 123rd level of The Backrooms, and was discovered on 9/12/2020.


Level 122 has the appearance of a 1980s never-ending strip mall with neon lighting lining the roof and floor of the level. In this level supplies appear in large quantities and are found in the store outlets around the level, devices brought into this level can be used constantly without charge as it has been reported that the light rays from the neon strips have a charging effect on devices. Music speakers line the roof and oftentimes play music from the 1980s to around the end of 2006 which can keep you from going insane and has been proven to slightly heal victims of phycological attacks in the Backrooms. The level is oddly very clean compared to other backrooms levels, the reason behind this is unknown but it is thought that there is a group of explorers on Level 122 that maintain the level's cleanliness. The information is not yet confirmed. The lights lining the building determine the level's difficulty by changing colour at random intervals, the music played on the speakers during these stages also changes, below is a list of the colours that the lights have been documented to change to.

Color of Lighting Decode:

  • Red=Critical State: In this state, entities appear in large numbers and have been documented to be overly aggressive toward wanderers, any methods of deterring or defeating entities have been proven useless during this state.
  • Yellow=Hazardous: Entities are in their normal state but are wandering the level in larger numbers. Taking shelter in vendors or The Food Court as well as teaming up with other wanderers is recommended as a single wanderer is unlikely to take down a group of entities.
  • Purple=Neutral state: This colour is around the majority of the time being documented as the longest-lasting emitted colour of the lights, the mall is in no worse or better state. Entities will still wander the level but they are less of a threat as the number of entities is decreased to a "tolerable" state.
  • Pink=Entity Obedience: Pink-colored lights is a blessing to underequipped wanderers in Level 122, in this state entities of any aggressiveness are non-hostile towards wanderers. It is recommended to not approach entities even while these colours are around due to the short period these lights last.

These lights have also been documented to shut down at random times leading to blackout phases (See below)

Blackout Phases:

Every once in a while on Level 122, the neon strips will shut down leaving travellers of Level 122 in complete darkness at first, after some seconds, the only sources of lights will be the warm soft glow of the neon store signs, the skylights of the mall is dark as well but have small white dots depicting stars in the night sky. Smilers wander the level during blackout phases so it is recommended to stay at The Food Court or carry lots of almond water with you. Blackout phases average around 2 hours before the hum of generators can be heard and everything comes back online, with lights flickering back on and the music crackling back to sound.

Shopping Centers:

Vendors line the walls of Level 122 but most of them have a pull-down iron garage door hiding the interior of the store. Only a few stores have been found open and operating, the stores found open consisted of differently themed stores across the eras of the human race such as a 1990s music record vendor, a 1970s candy parlour, a 2008 tech store and so on. One report has found a store filled with objects from the Backrooms ranging from Memory Jars, the Ultimate Backrooms Cookbook, bottles of Almond Water, and various makeshift weapons such as a broken bottle attached to a leather wristband and boxing gloves which seem to be made of various materials from different Backrooms levels. Other vendors that have been found open are usually rotten and deceased where Wormlings are found feasting on whatever junk is left on the floor and Smilers usually lurk in the back of run-down stores.


Level 122 houses varying types of entities most of which are aggressive towards wanders, the documented entities of this level include the following.

  • Wormlings are found in rotten and run-down store outlets feasting on remains of what seem to be animals from reality.
  • Smilers lurk in the far reaches of run-down stores and appear during blackout phases.
  • Although being mostly docile, Skin Stealers are only found during the critical stage of Level 122.
  • Inside of the Backrooms Vendor among the other objects inside the store, Gossip Beacons of all documented colours can be found on shelves but don’t seem to have any psychological effects on wanders while inside the store. Some Gossip Beacons have been found with the LED light inside of them turned off.
  • Claimed by one wanderer of Level 122, the Memory Worm was seen wandering the level during the Hazardous state of Level 122 at a speed undocumented in its original discovery. This claim is disregarded as since then no sightings of the Memory Worm have been discussed.
  • What once was a fully documented entity, The Server is an exclusive entity to Level 122. Only found in The Food Court, his entire body is nonexistent yet you can tell he is still present due to his clothes floating in place of his body, he wears an old-fashioned ice cream parlour outfit and has a very outgoing voice reminding you of those advertisements that used to run late into the night in reality. Although being a very docile and usually friendly entity, angering him can lead to getting kicked out of The Food Court and sometimes physical fights with the invisible man himself.


The Food Court

  • The Food Court has no exact place in Level 122, it is relatively easy to find as clues are laying around the level such as discarded food plates and soda stains on the floor. These clues will eventually lead you to find The Food Court.
  • The Food Court is one of the safest places in this level, it has been reported that The Server deters entities with a large pitchfork and special spices from his kitchen. It is unknown what these spices may contain to fend off large groups of entities.
  • The Food Court houses the exclusive entity of Level 122, The Server. The Server is willing to provide you with food, Almond Water, Royal Rations, and sometimes other supplies like clothing that can temporarily protect against acidic burns and tools from his kitchen, such as a cleaver or steak knives.
  • The Server often declines trades with wanderers of Level 122, he prefers cash or coins for items rather than trading an object for another one. The Server is NOT a fair man and oftentimes will market items or food at ridiculous prices or not pay you back after noticing defects or oddities in the item being bought, attempting to haggle with The Server to lower the prices has been reported to get you kicked out of the food court until further notice. One report of haggling with The Server led to a wanderer being struck by the ungloved hand of the entity, the victim was later reported dead and covered in a type of bacteria across his face and seeping onto his torso.

Entrances And Exits:


  • Tripping and falling in a four-way intersection on Level 109 will cause you to blackout and later wake up in Level 122
  • Rarely some doors in Level 480 will lead to Level 122 but it is hard to differentiate an entrance to another store and an entrance to Level 122 as the doors look identical


  • Jumping into a trash can by the food court can lead to a random restaurant in Level 11.
  • Walking around the level for approximately 13 hours will put you in front of 2 bathroom entrances labelled with familiar symbols instead of the usual Male and Female signs, taking the one on the right with the sign of a paint splatter will lead to level Unnamed.
  • Deciding to take the bathroom entrance on the left with the sign of a distorted train can lead to walking out of a bathroom in The Metro
  • Finding a poster of an arcade and touching it will lead to Level 40
  • Finding a store labelled “Artopoieío Desire” and entering it will lead to Level 67
  • Some doors next to store outlets will be dirtier than the rest of the surrounding level, entering these will lead to Level 480 oftentimes putting you in the centre of an aisle in a random store with the door disappearing behind you.
  • Reported by a few wanderers, during blackout phases, unlocking and opening the door next to the Backrooms Vendor has a chance of leading to the [[[Blackout, this is not recommended as there is no escape out of the Blackout.
  • Asking The Server for “The Usual” will lead him to the backside of his kitchen, once in there you will hear him whipping up some type of dish and smell the last thing you have consumed, after about 4 minutes you’ll blackout and the last level you were thinking of is where you will wake up at.

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