Level 11.3

The Red Light District

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Class 5

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A heart of darkness. The approaching Cataclysm. The Red Light District.

— Description —

Level 11.3 is an irredeemably corrupted hellscape of steel and glass. A wicked descendant of the Endless City, it is overtly malevolent, and spills its foul essence across the moonless night sky from crimson lights in the metropolis below. Stinging with hate and despair, the air here possesses psychoactive properties that trigger vivid, frightening visual and auditory hallucinations and furthermore increase vulnerability to outside suggestion and manipulation. The atmospheric contaminant responsible for these effects has so far evaded detection, but it can be mitigated by wearing facial coverings or masks. Temperatures range from a sweltering damp to an icy drizzle. Precipitation is known to occur, which is sometimes accompanied by peculiar bolts of red lightning.

The overall layout of the Red Light District seems to be an amalgamation of multiple styles of urban development. The outskirts of the city feature low and medium density structures, such as small apartments, warehouses, and commercial properties. As one ventures deeper into the sub-level, the concrete jungle increases in density, with small multi-floor buildings giving way to great office towers and residential high-rises. Although electricity is functional in many areas, resources are believed to be scarce. Water systems are non-functional throughout Level 11.3. Buildings explored by wanderers have almost always been completely bare and gutted, as if picked clean and abandoned.

Due to the hazards associated with traversing the sub-level, only a few expeditions have been sanctioned by the M.E.G. As a result, its overall size is unclear, although there are signs it may be expanding. While it is sometimes claimed by residents of Level 11 that the Red Light District conceals powerful artifacts, this remains unproven. Independent exploration is pointless, highly dangerous, and entirely inadvisable.

— Entities —


Entity 187 stalks a wanderer.

Level 11.3 is occupied by a legion of
Entity 187, commonly referred to as Servants, are wanderers who have succumbed to the mental control of an Ambassador. Individuals in this state will do everything within their power to please and serve their Ambassador, hence their designation.
. The sub-level serves as a rallying point for those bound to whims of the
Ambassadors take the form of floating cubes, and present a human-like level of intelligence. They roam the Backrooms, luring unwary wanderers to a location that remains unknown.
. While they retain their trademark ashen skin and red-tinted eyes, Servants within the Red Light District display a rudimentary hierarchy. Entity 187 found on the outskirts are generally dirty, clothes disheveled, damaged, or in tatters. Alternatively, wanderers lucky enough to survive deep excursions into the city describe Servants there as clean, well-dressed, and much harder to evade. It is hypothesized that, not unlike a pet, these Servants may be favored by their respective Ambassadors due to their physical abilities, individual skill, or bond longevity.

Most Servants within Level 11.3 are not immediately hostile to wanderers. Instead, Entity 187 will usually stalk, in groups, any wanderer they encounter. Typically, Servants will follow from afar, not directly impeding progress. They will attempt to pin the intruder into dead-end alleys, trap them inside buildings, or allow paranoia and fatigue to set in. When an opportunity to strike arises, Servants will quickly capture and restrain their prey. There are no humans in the Red Light District. If you encounter one, it is a deception. Don't panic if you are spotted, as fear will rapidly overwhelm and consume you. Avoid enclosed spaces and do not rest. Fight only as a last resort. Do not be taken alive.

— Discovery —

A camera phone was found abandoned during a M.E.G. survey sweep on the outskirts of Level 11. The following recording was salvaged.

Recording - 09/18/2017

Following the discovery of Yusuf’s tape, the idea of a nest in which both Ambassadors and Servants resided began to be considered. M.E.G. Archivists devoted themselves to collecting and examining forgotten reports, popular tales, and even legends that made reference to floating cubes. A variety of texts alluded to the Red Capital; a crimson, shadowy rot that cursed all great, emerging civilizations. Special emphasis was placed on deciphering a series of tablets recovered from Level 46 that had previously been dismissed as meaningless. These tablets showed groups of people worshipping cubical figures, a city built in an architectural style never before seen in the Ancient Ones' constructions, and what appeared to be a pair of hands blotting out the sun. Investigation was then prioritized within Level 11, as buildings depicted within the tablets appeared to resemble those found within the Endless City. This eventually led to the triangulation of the Red Light District, and exploration efforts were soon launched.

— Areas of Interest —


The only known photo of The Embassy. An Ambassador is visible in the left foreground.

The Embassy

Located deep within the sub-level, The Embassy is a location that displays frequent activity by Ambassadors. The facility is centered around a domed structure similar to a city hall or capital building, and is notably elegant in appearance. Servants patrol streets near the complex, and will attack any wanderers in its proximity. Rarely seen by human eyes, a sadistic hum is said to emanate from its twisted halls, the significance of which is unknown.

The Vortex

The Vortex is a portal-like manifestation situated at an unknown location on Level 11.3. It has never been seen directly and is known to exist only through third party references. Resembling a large, perpetual swirl of clouds in the sky, it is said to be an everlasting storm, from which red lightning bolts are commonly emitted. The Vortex is much closer to ground level than a storm would normally be. Yet, it is still at a considerable height from which to fall, so most theorize that it slows the descent of those who exit it. It is commonly accepted that this gate serves as an exit to those who are deceived by the entity on Level 6.2, although it is not known if there are other ways to access it.

— Entrances & Exits —


It is possible to enter Level 11.3 from Level 11 by venturing to the outskirts of the city and searching for dark alleyways, buildings with glowing red windows, or bridges that appear guarded by Servants or Ambassadors. Those seduced by Level 6.2 are ultimately imprisoned within the Red Light District. It is likely that additional points of access exist than are currently known.


Level 11.3 can be exited by navigating to its outskirts. Bridges can be found that stretch out into infinity over a large body of water. These bridges lead out of the Red Light District and into Level 11. Take caution, as they are usually guarded to prevent all escape. Further exits are hypothesized, but remain undetermined.


Can you hear us?
Is it time?
The prophecy is finalized.
Our forces are prepared.
Victory is certain.
It is unanimous.
We are ready.
We seek guidance.
What is your will?

We shall begin, Mother.

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