Level 11.1
Asset 11.1 - "Private Enterprise"
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Asset 11.1.

Value: High

Priority: High


Asset 11.1 is a large level controlled by the B.N.T.G. The level is a medium-sized city composed primarily of brick-built mills and cathedrals. It is located within Level 11, making it finite in size, although exact measurements have yet to be taken. Certain variations make it distinct from Level 11, such as its general layout and resources.


Other groups universally recognize 11.1 as being apart of the B.N.T.G.'s territory, and as such, none can be found operating within the city. Exploration-based organizations such as the M.E.G. and U.E.C. are allowed to enter the area under B.N.T.G. supervision, however this requires the payment of several fees depending on the length of their stay.

Settlements and outposts in Asset 11.1 are considered B.N.T.G. property, and are taxed accordingly at the end of each fiscal year. Prominent settlements have been listed below:

The Remnant

Population: ~250

History: After the widespread collapse of The Followers of Jerry, many refugees fled Level 11 and entered Asset 11.1 in hopes of escaping prosecution from groups like The Visionaries of Berry. They eventually founded The Remnant, a small shanty-town near the edge of 11.1.

Though they were independent for quite some time, the B.N.T.G. eventually annexed the region and encouraged The Remnant populace to submit to their law. Since then, the community has flourished under the watchful gaze of the Nonaligned Trade Group. Continued religious worship of Jerry has been outlawed.


Population: ~600

History: The oldest known settlement within Asset 11.1, Endburg avoided the B.N.T.G.'s control for several years until a lucrative deal was struck with the towns council. Afterward, the region became apart of the overall B.N.T.G. territory, and their currency was gradually switched over to traditional B.N.T.G. credits. Prominent town leaders who opposed this transition were relocated to Level 11 to avoid further controversy.

Calculated Value:

The potential for Asset 11.1 as a future "super-settlement" of trade and commerce is extremely high. A majority of the B.N.T.G.'s yearly budget is devoted to the growth and success of 11.1, with a large return to be expected within the next few decades. According to a census done last year, a staggering amount of Level 11 denizens are considering moving to 11.1 in the near future— a total of 0.53% of the entire Level 11 populace.

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