Level 105
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A photo depicting level 105's interiors.


Level 105 resembles a spacious church, with its inner design being extremely sterile and minimalistic, almost resembling the environment found in morgues. The level is referred to as the "Prayerhouse" by those who inhabit or frequently visit it.

When a wanderer accesses the level, they will witness various massive columns that compose most of the surroundings. Proceeding forward leads to the various wooden pews that are commonly found in any church. There are about 200 of them and all are perfectly organized on two sides.

The altar does not show any sort of religious symbol. In fact, the entire level seems to lack the display of any religious imagery. The Church people explain this peculiarity by describing the level as "A place to worship any religions founded in the Backrooms, for example, those that are quite obscure to the public eye or new religions that were invented by its members.

A small altar can be found at the end of the church room, which is accompanied by a simple table covered by a white cloth. On the right side lies an organ that is often played during the various masses held by the church. Apart from these particulars, the level lacks any extravagant decorations.

Instead of religious symbols, mathematical symbols and geometric shapes are what decorate the area. Icosahedra1sit at both ends of each of the first forty pews in the room, twenty pews on each side. The next forty have both sides being adorned by dodecahedra2, the next forty by octahedra3, the next forty by cubes, and then the final forty by tetrahedra4—the most simple, yet also the sharpest of all the platonic solids. Draped on the pillars are cloths decorated with an insignia resembling the tetrahedron’s net. The bottom outer triangles contain the Roman numerals "II" and "III", and the top outer triangle contains the numeral "V". In the very center triangle, the symbol of the planet Jupiter sits inside a regular pentagon. In addition, the windows are mosaics of Penrose tilings.5


An image depicting the insignia on the cloths.

The people who run the church are known as the "Church people" or "Children of religion". They are all wanderers who have decided to settle in the level to continue worshiping their faith, while also having a place to live in. They are always open to accommodate and take care of anyone, and they are the primary caretakers of the orphaned children of the Backrooms, who were rescued by M.E.G and put under their care.

The level contains an incredible amount of resources, which attracted a lot of wanderers as soon as it became well-known, it also led to many of these wanderers joining the Church people and embracing new faith over time. The level also managed to reunite a great amount of talented doctors and pharmacists that are part of its community, thus becoming a main site for treatment of sickly and injured wanderers in an effort to help as many as possible.

Most members encourage newcomers to join them in functions and activities, which are held throughout the day as a new experience. These activities vary from prayers, quizzes, games and more.

Other than human beings, Facelings can be seen in the level. They are also members of the Church people, and they are seen frequently praying or attempting to participate in the various activities. The Church people have taught them how to write, and they are extremely affectionate to new wanderers.

Throughout the church, different areas have been transformed and used as bedrooms by the Church people, all of them are fairly small and share the similar minimalistic design of the level itself. There is also a storage room, which contains all of the different supplies. There are 2 hallways that lead to a kitchen and dining room, and an empty room used for extra space.

Many of these supplies are food of some religious significance, such as unleavened bread, wine, baklava, figs, dates, rendang, apples, honey, mooncakes, white cut chicken, etc.

There are members who are specifically sent outside of the level to advertise the church, and to invite people in need to donate them resources of any kind. They are called "Explorers of Faith". They can be recognized by their modest clothing, although they don't wear any kind of insignia or special accessory to be identified.

They claim they wish to reunite in the church with as many people as possible who decide to join them, but only with those who are truly interested and wish to have a safe place to pray in. They are against pressuring others or using harsh methods to convert individuals, and they dislike the usage of violence in general. They also prefer to not be praised or held at a high regard.

All that is needed to join the church is to speak to the "Higher Ones", those in charge of the church activities. The main leader is known as "The Illuminated One", a tall man of unknown descent with short ginger hair, dressed in modest dark clothes. He always wears some kind of veil to hide the rest of his face, and he has expressed reluctance in showing his full appearance.

Below there is an interview featuring him that was recorded quite recently.

<Begin Log>

Time: 12:45
Date: 4th of March
Location: Level 105
Interviewer: Artur Bosch
Interviewee: The Illuminated One

[The camera is facing the Illuminated One, who was sitting across Agent Bosch at one of the tables in the church.]

Illuminated One: “Is the camera recording now, kind sir?”

Artur: “Yes.”

Illuminated One: “Very well, what are your questions? Ask me anything that is in your mind, I will answer each and every doubt."

Artur: “So, when and how did the community in this church come to exist?”

Illuminated One: A very important question, it's a very long story, my kind sir…

There was a time where I was a lonely man, and faith was all I had to keep me going. That is when I stumbled upon this place by complete casualty, a ruined empty church with little to no light.

I had nowhere to stay, so I decided to settle down…

[He pauses, he is seen softly tapping the table with his fingers.]

At first I had nothing, the place was falling apart and I had no resources. But I found people who were believers like me in my travels, people who had my same goal.

We united, started using our bare hands and all of our efforts to repair this place… And so with time, we made it become beautiful.

[He pauses again and stops tapping the table, putting his hands back on his lap. He is slightly tilting his head.]

We gathered resources through the donations of others and started advertising this place for those who were believers like us… Soon enough, a community was formed.

It's all thanks to our beliefs and our resilience as people of faith. That is my long but meaningful explanation.”

Artur: “So this community coalesced together out of comradery and necessity. Makes sense. However, why are this church’s walls so… empty? Most churches, if I recall correctly, have symbology of some kind draped on the walls and in their halls. Is there a reason behind that?”

Illuminated One: “The reason is simple, kind sir. This is a church for everyone, symbols are a way to put everything under one label, but we are not a single entity. We are many, and our beliefs vary. I am not the one who should dictate what kind of religious symbols should be put up on our walls, because that would mean erasing our diversity that makes our strength.

I am a mere man, a vessel of the one who entrusted me to carry on this goal. I cannot decide for those around me.”

Artur: “Would you like to tell us about any kind of remarkable deeds that the Church people did? People say that this Church took a great part in helping those less fortunate, so it'd be great to hear your word about it."

Illuminated One: “Ah, I wouldn't want to sound like I'm bragging to the public that will soon listen to this interview. I hope that all will understand that I desire to remain humble and not wish to be praised or put on a pedestal for said deeds.

But yes, you are right. Our church has helped many, we sheltered children who have lost their parents due to the cruel nature of the Backrooms. Some of our members, who were medics back in the real world, helped treat people who were afflicted by sicknesses that roam around these endless places.

We have given our support to small groups that have similar goals to the M.E.G, and we wish to continue helping as many people as possible for as long as this place stays up.”

Artur: “All right, for the purposes of documentation, what exits and entrances does this level have?”

[The man seems to reflect for a bit, before answering.]

Illuminated One: "Exiting by the main door will bring you to the great city, you came from that way so I suppose you know how to enter our church from there too. All you have to do is find a church building, it's just like going to church back home, isn't it? Actually…"

[The ginger man ruffled through a pocket in his clothing before handing him a piece of paper.]

Illuminated One: "I keep these prepared for M.E.G. officials. This saves time."

Artur: "Thank you for your contribution, there's just one last question I'd like to ask you. Could you tell us more about the religion you practice? Does it have a name? Any details?"

[The man chuckles softly.]

Illuminated One: "There is no way to explain it, because it's such an experience that is difficult to share. It has no name, not even my God has a name. But I know they exist, we share a spiritual bond, and I can hear them.

They are radiant and beautiful, that I can say. A being who knows the path to the truth.

Alas, I apologize if this wasn't a satisfying answer."

Artur: "No worries sir, I respect the mysterious nature of your beliefs.

I will end the recording now, thank you again for your contribution in this interview."

<End Log>


A drawing of the Illuminated One.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

Community of the Church people

The inhabitants of the level. They are wanderers who believe in various unknown religions and have slowly joined the Church over time.

They follow a pyramid-like hierarchy. At the bottom of the pyramid there are the regular "Church people", followed soon after by the "Explorers of Faith" (Those who advertise the church outside of the level) and at the top, the "Illuminated One", (The leader of the group).

  • They are around 350 in numbers, if not more.
  • They are friendly to trades and are always open to assist wanderers.
  • They are open to new members.

Entrances And Exits:

  • Finding a cathedral in Level 11 and entering through the front door will lead to Level 105.
  • No-clipping through any old wooden furniture in any level has a small chance of leading to Level 105.
  • Finding and holding a religious book that lacks a symbol on its cover can lead a wanderer to no-clip in Level 105.
  • No-clipping inside of small water fountains may lead to level 105.
  • Going through the main door leads back to Level 11.
  • Dipping one's hand too deep inside of the small water fountains will lead to no-clipping directly into Level 7.
  • No-clipping in wooden furniture may lead to levels that contain such furniture.
  • No-clipping through the walls may lead to several peaceful levels.

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