Level 103

Level 103

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Level Classification


The aircraft carrier during daytime.

Instance: Level 103 - "Aircraft Carrier"

Type: Aquatic
Survivability Chance: High. No dangers in certain areas of the carrier, and a high amount of supplies can be gathered.
Properties: Both the dense fogs and water from the ocean repair any damage inflicted on the carrier.
Biological Presence: Low. A small number of entities are present at any given time.
Non-Euclidean Nature: High. Corridors loop and overlap with no physical connection.
Realm Stability: Presumably stable.

End Classification: Class 1
CSE Classification: AQU_N-EUC1

Additional Notes: A Non-Euclidean aircraft carrier that presents a finite form from outside, but is presumably infinite from inside.


Wandering across an endless sea, an aircraft carrier stands and strong it remains: built to last and to withstand all dangers; it travels with no destination and no goal, guided only by its mere freedom and its own will.

Level 103 assumes the form of a presumably infinitely-sized body of water that is colloquially referred to as Ocean 103; the status of infinity is only an approximation, as there is no doable way to know the ocean's exact dimensions.


Sometimes, the aircraft carrier will stop next to a floating dockyard. Here, wanderers can pick up a variety of supplies, but if they take too long the ship will carry on without them.

May it roam through a seemingly haphazard route, but it will find a destination; from time to time the carrier will stumble upon a floating dock on which it will lock on for a couple of minutes.
Resting on said dockyard are numerous supply crates filled with valuable supplies, and items can be picked up by wanderers and brought to the ship, as bridges will form and connect the carrier to the dockyards temporarily.
The crates—although enormous—are never full of supplies; instead, a small number of supplies will be scarcely spread out inside the crates, including a variety of objects and tools, which may comprise of, but not limited to: Almond Water, which may come in bottles or containers; Dumb Gum, which comes in small bags or glass jars; Firesalt, which comes in sealed metal crates; and Liquid Silence, which comes in the form of dust, stored inside yet another metal crate.

Let it be known that the aircraft carrier will leave after a brief moment, so it is recommended that supplies are gathered as fast as conceivably possible. If a soul is lost and abandoned, their fate will remain unknown to everyone except them, as it is to be presumed that they will never be seen again as no known exit resides outside the ship. Any wanderers that are left behind are to be considered dead.

Not any different from our normal reality, Level 103 possesses a fairly similar daylight cycle as to that found in the Frontrooms, with around 8 hours of nighttime and 16 hours of daytime.

As the level remains devoid of any underseas fauna and flora, its main characteristics and details come from what resides within the carrier itself. Non-Euclidean in nature with its seemingly finite form, from outside—once entered—all its corridors will overlap each other and create an infinite maze of rooms and arrays of hallways; nevertheless, any passage marked as an exit will lead wanderers back outside.

Built with sturdy and strong materials, the carrier is very stable and sound, with no signs of damage or scratches seen at any time. Any damage inflicted on the carrier is repaired as soon as it passes through dense fog, or if the water surrounding it touches the damaged zone. These effects appear to only work on the carrier, as both wounds and broken objects will not be healed or repaired by the same methods.

Standing strong as the main structure of the aircraft carrier, the island control structure also possesses the aforementioned non-Euclidean nature. The control room will seamlessly stretch onwards to infinity if a wanderer approaches the walls. These changes will remain for as long as the wanderer remains in the same spot; if the wanderer exits, the room will begin to shrink until it reaches its initial form.

Fighter jets and helicopters are present on the aircraft carrier but are not functional. Hangars and any decks are missing from the interior, as it is solely populated by the aforementioned rooms and corridors.
The fuel present in the aircraft can be retrieved and used on many generators found scattered all across the carrier. These are commonly used by wanderers and communities to supply their own bases and outposts, which although small, provide care to many wanderers.
Furthermore, the fuel also regenerates if the aircraft passes through a dense fog; the longer the aircraft remains in the dense fog, the more fuel is regenerated, thus creating an infinite source of energy. However, fog can sometimes take weeks to form again, so other energy sources have to be found, or wiring from the aircraft carrier is redirected to these bases—although power surges still happen.

A Trip Downstairs

Traveling down into the bizarre nature of the corridors down beneath, not much can be said about their look. The walls are covered in metal pipes of blue, red, and sometimes grey colors; the floors are made out of a clean, shiny beige-colored type of metal, with the roof being made of the same material; and—occasionally—one may stumble upon wires, circuits, doors, and even windows. These windows do not contain any anomalous effects.

Curiosity has led many to enter through the numerous doors found in these corridors, which will lead most to a unique room. These differ greatly from one another, and a list of documented room types and brief descriptions has been included, but it is important to keep in mind that entities freely roam around these corridors and rooms, so one should explore with extreme caution

Room Name Brief Description Supplies (If Any) Dangers (If Any
Trauma Center A room equipped with material to provide extensive care for patients who have suffered a major accident. Most of the equipment does not function but can be used for scrap. Medical supplies can sometimes be found, albeit rarely. Broken machinery will have its circuits and wiring exposed, which can cause electrocution.
Berth A room filled with beds and mattresses, usually in terrible conditions. None. None. Could theoretically be used as a room to rest on if the door can be properly locked from any outside dangers.
Cafeteria A large room filled with tables and empty counters. Many of the electronics or appliances appear to be missing from most rooms, but some rooms may contain a number of these still intact. Food is considered poisoned, leaving Almond Water as the only valuable supply to be found. Usually high in entity count.
Engine Room A moderate-sized room that contains up to three large engines, presumably powering the aircraft carrier. These cannot be shut down, as it has been attempted many times before to no avail. Sometimes, some tools can be found inside red toolboxes. Very noisy. Becomes deafening after extended periods of exposure.
Biohazard Containment Rooms filled with biohazard materials. Cultivations of highly infectious viruses and other hazards. It is not recommended to interact with anything inside of the room to prevent any diseases from spreading. None. Overrun with dangerous viruses and bacteria. Entities present in the room may be infected.

The pipes present throughout the endless corridors are painted in three different colors, as mentioned before: blue, red, and grey.
Blue pipes carry water pumped from the ocean outside, which is then transported through both an outer and inner circuit of tubes that connect to an enormous network of sprinklers, which disperse water in any damaged areas in the interior.
Red pipes carry a unique red substance that is very hard to examine; it cannot be transported as it evaporates once removed from the red pipes. Following the pipes can sometimes lead to a Biohazard Containment room, found being connected to a form of generator or centrifuge.
Grey pipes carry oxygen all throughout the corridors, as corridors begin to gain less oxygen the further they stretch away from any starting point. The oxygen is then connected to A/C units, which will provide just enough oxygen for wanderers to survive.

Presumably, all energy is provided by the many engines present in the Engine Rooms. This energy travels through a gigantic network of cables that connect to every electrical component present in the level.
Power surges can sometimes occur at random, assumably caused by power overloads or disruptions caused by entities or machines being turned on in critical areas. Most machinery, although not functional, appears to be consuming energy at any given point.
Outlets are commonly present inside some rooms and will provide a steady amount of charge, albeit very low and time-consuming.


Entities freely roam around the inside layers of the ship. Corridors and rooms can, sometimes, be infested with them. However, it is not impossible to thoroughly wander around barren of any encounters. With such, one should be wary of a unique set of rooms, which are guaranteed to contain dangers that can lead to serious injury or even death.
Usually, these rooms will have obvious signs that they pose a severe threat to wanderers, but even so, a guide has been added below as it should help lower the number of incidents among wanderers in Level 103.

Do not trust the dark.

Rooms that contain no form of lighting are not to be entered. Entities can be hiding and waiting for you to fall into their trap.

If you hear voices, they are not friendly.

Wanderers will not be calling for help; if they are, ignore it. Entities are alerted by sound and you should not give them a chance to find you.

No one is nice in the Backrooms; do not trust any invitation.

Remember that being too nice is not a promise that someone is trustworthy. Your back is never being watched, and any invitations you accept may be leading you to your very end.

If you spot an entity, do not enter any room nearby.

If an entity is nearby, it is safe to assume that nearby rooms also contain entities and should not be interacted with. Retreat slowly and find another corridor.

If the room is filled with balloons, flee immediately; you are not safe.

You surely do not want this party.

If the room appears to be a void, do not enter it. It might be a manifestation of The Decay.

[CORRUPTED DATA] - A void… emptiness… join what does not exist anymore.

If the lights turn off, do not make any sound and run away as far as you can, entities will be looking out for you and you don't want to be there when the lights turn on.

If the lights suddenly turn off because of sudden power surges, you should immediately run away from your current location. It is worth remembering that blackouts only happen in a certain area of the ship, so running away quickly enough will surely lead you to a safer, lit area, devoid of any danger.

If blood is covering the door or the surrounding area, this might be an entrance to The Bloodrooms. Do not enter at any cost. Death is guaranteed.

The Bloodrooms is a place that should never be entered. Torture and death are a pleasure here, and many will pay to see you die.

Overall, a vast amount of entities has been documented in Level 103, with the most commonly seen being: Smilers, Clumps, Skin-Stealers, Nguithr'xurhs, Partygoers, and Parasitic Paint.
Many other entities have been seen inside of the level, but none have yet been seen wandering around the top layer of the aircraft carrier, which allows for wanderers to safely reside in said area. The control room is also devoid of any entities but is connected to the corridors below, so it is possible that one day an entity finds its way upwards.

Bases, Communities, and Outposts

The Raiders

Haha, we know our name might be a little intimidating, but we're actually really friendly!

Pleasure to meet you. My name is William and I am the founder of The Raiders, a friendly community based in Level 103 that thrives on the many supplies found in the dockyards and the countless rooms downstairs.

Aiding wanderers in need is our number one priority, so if you ever find yourself in this level, come to say hello! We house approximately 58 friendly souls and we are always excited to bring new people onto our humble settlements.

The Raiders are a friendly community created by a wanderer named William. Their main goal is to provide care and aid to any wanderer that finds their way through Level 103.
Although they house only 58 wanderers, a grand total of 172 members has been reported, given that many are actively venturing in the rooms and corridors beneath to gather medical supplies and tools.

Entrances and Exits


To access Level 103, wanderers must find a uniquely marked exit door in Level 17. This door is fully coated in a dark gray, matte finish, and contains two to three yellow stripes at the bottom.
If the door contains two stripes, it indicates that—those who enter through it—will end up at the top of Level 103; in contrast, those who enter through the door with three stripes will find themselves inside the carrier—commonly in a room, but not guaranteed.2


Leaving the level requires wanderers to find a Trauma Center room that contains a door surrounded by neon lighting. Initially, it was thought that it would simply lead to another room within Level 103, but after two succinct surveys it was discovered that the door leads, instead, to Level 109.

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