Level 10.2
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The hay bales during the day


Level 10.2, known as "Hay Bale Heaven," is a sub-layer of Level 10. This level has many wheat and grass fields with hay bales scattered around. The grass on this level is always healthy and is well taken care of. Instead of the usual vegetation separating the fields seen on Level 10, this level has metal fences that stretch out for an infinite distance. The sky is usually clear, though it can get cloudy, and sometimes the sky can become pitch black during the middle of the day. However, this is quite rare.

people will rot

On this level, there is other flora such as oak trees, bushes, and flowers. Some of the flowers on this level are lilacs, daisies, dandelions, and violets. It is advised to beware of the flowers, smelling any of the fumes these flowers produce can cause varying effects on the wanderers mind, such as auditory and visual hallucinations, heightened senses, and increased aggression. Many small critters such as birds, or squirrels can be found in the trees too, though they are easily agitated. On this level, you can find hay bales placed randomly around the fields. These hay bales are in various sizes, but take the typical shapes of hay bales found in the Frontrooms. However one other shape of hay bale can be found, but it seems to be four-dimensional because the shape fades in and out of the third-dimension.

the "four-dimensional" hay bale is the real level seeping into your view

The hay bales can either cause people to feel a sense of either uneasiness, comfort or something in-between; this feeling can cause a person to get physically sick, or form an attachment to the level so much so that they don't want to leave. Also any photographs taken on this level changes to reflect how the person who took the photo feels about the level. So if they are attached to the level, the photo will show a beautiful landscape and millions of acres of breathtaking nature. The same applies to people who are disgusted by the level; they will usually see a burning forest with bodies, skulls, acid rain, and fire. The reason for this is unknown.

This level's day/night cycle usually lasts around 15 hours with temperatures reaching 89 F°. The night lasts only 3 hours with temperatures reaching about 23 F°. During the night, rainfall of almond water blood may also occur, which can cause puddles to appear. The rain is also safe for consumption.


Other hay bales. lies

The Hayruler

The Hayruler is an entity exclusive to Level 10.2 that watches over this level. This entity is a tall humanoid figure with a large nose, three eyes, and no mouth. This entity also has fingers that measure 6 inches. This Entity seems to be made of the hay bales found within the level, with pieces of wheat and hay spilling out of its body. The Hayruler can be seen roaming around the level looking at and tending to all the hay and wheat. This entity is passive on most occasions unless a wanderer touches or moves any of the hay bales. Doing so results in the entity screaming and chasing the wanderer before mangling them. The Hayruler then walks away and goes back to its docile state.

this.. demon protects this horrible place. not even the harvesters can escape it

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The Harvesters

  • Harvest the wheat on this level.
  • Friendly unless agitated.
  • Is willing to trade any supplies.
  • Made up of around 7 6 people.
  • All of the members of this community are attached to this level and won't leave if asked.
  • Asking members to leave the level will result in them sacrificing you to the Hayruler


This level also contains many creatures from the Frontrooms such as horses, cows, sheep, worms, and many different insects. These creatures are easily agitated due to unknown reasons and should be avoided.


This level was discovered on May 18th 2014, by M.E.G Operative Sam Jones. this is his log:

<Begin Log>

Sam: "I've found this place… similar to Level 10. But with.. a lot of hay bales. I'm right next to one right now. I feel a little weird but eh. The trees are pretty, so are the flowers.

Member of The Harvesters: "Welcome traveler, how has your day been?"

Sam: "AH!"

Member of The Harvesters: "Sorry for startling you."

Sam: "It- it's ok… uhh who- who are you exactly?"

Member of The Harvesters: "Oh, where are my manners? I am a Harvester"

Sam: "I meant what's your name?"

Member of The Harvesters: "I choose not to dwell on that label."

Sam: "So uh.. where exactly am I? If you know of course."

Member of The Harvesters: "Silly goose, isn't it clear? You're in heaven."

Sam: "Hea- Heaven?"

Member of The Harvesters: "Yep, heaven."

Another Member of The Harvesters: [In the distance shouting.] "We have someone who wants to join us!"

Member of The Harvesters: "Oh well I must go now, someone is at the gates of heaven". [The member is seen walking into a building made of hay]

Sam: [Sam heard walking away] "I don't know what the hell that was, but I'll document this level as well as I can." [Sam can be heard writing.]

Sam: [There is a rustling and crunching as Sam leans on a hay bale] "It's quite peaceful here though."

Presumably The Hayruler: [Screaming can be heard in the background]

Sam: "What the hell is that!" [Sam heard running] "It's like a hay monster!" [Screaming gets closer]

<End Log>

Sam's notebook and phone were found, with the phone containing the log, and the notebook containing a rough draft of an entry of this level.

I was the person joining… sadly

Entrances And Exits


  • No-clipping in a hay bale in Level 10.
  • No-clipping into a farm animal in Level 81.


  • Jumping into an almond water puddle can transport the wanderer to Level 4.
  • No-clipping into the floor can lead to Level 10.

my view is unfiltered. never come here. the pitch black skies are similar to hell. the nights are the most serene.
the harvesters are terrible. they'll put you through a terrible trial to see if you're worthy.

, they will take you to a building they have created out of the bales and wheat and sticks, covered in blood. they will surround you in a circle.


the disgusting lair

After they are done they will force you to sniff a flower. I had to sniff a lilac. after that, the effects of the flower kick in they decide. after a while they decide if you're "worthy". if you are worthy they take you in. You become as delusional as them.

and if you fail… well the wheat on this level can't sustain them. so they have a feast.

don't try to run. i tried and they chased me, chased me, when i ran it changed. the level fucking changed, i saw the level for what it really is. please





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