Level 1.5
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Figure 1. An image taken by u/Chaosraider98 from the "depths" of Level 1.5. The picture is of what appears to be a hallway, with colours inverted in black and white, with the fluorescent bulbs radiating darkness instead of light, and the surroundings being naturally illuminated. The image is also up-side down. These alterations are likely due to the distortion of reality in Level 1.5. The user reports believing the core of the Sub-Level to be behind this door, and has not been heard from since his alleged entry into this passage.

Level 1.5 is a mysterious Sub-Level that seems to be inverted.


Level 1.5 is a mysterious level that appears to be ''in-between'' the others. Thought to be a Sub-Layer of some sort, the level is not difficult to access but has been proven difficult to exit. Only one individual has described the level in depth, u/Chaosraider98 from Reddit who mistakenly entered the level during an exploration and has been unable to return to normal levels since.

So far, contact with u/Chaosraider98 has been difficult, as the warped reality within the level seems to affect even basic communications, rendering some of his written logs garbled and out of order. So far, only three logs have been received from the user, log 1, log 3, and log 5, seemingly resembling the way in which his speech is also jumbled. It is uncertain if there are logs further than 5, but it is believed that the missing logs such as 2 and 4 will appear in order once the odd-numbered logs have concluded. All information about this level has been obtained from his logs.

As of the 30th of July 2019, a 7th log has surfaced, albeit with a significantly different tone. This log is much shorter than the other more recent logs from the explorer, and seems to be influenced by some sort of female figure, only referred to as "she" so far. It is advised that if anybody comes across this user in the backrooms, they be avoided for now, as he is currently encouraging people to enter Level 1.5 despite previously adamantly dissuading the exploration of "fake windows."

Currently, little is known about Level 1.5 or it's denizens, but what is known is that the level appears to be malformed, in a sense "broken". The level is described as "backwards," with fluorescent darkness pouring from the ceiling, while regular darkness instead replaced with light as observed in Figure 1. The image also appears to be upside-down, but does not appear to have been taken like this intentionally.

The audio in this level is unusual for the Backrooms, as the usual humming is absent, and the level is almost completely silent except for whispering. This whispering appears to originate from the level's denizens, but can only be heard once within a certain distance, and becomes softer as one's proximity to the creatures increases. As such, one must be cautious if hearing diminishing whispers within the level.

It should be noted that some of the whisperings are audible, and may even be benevolent. u/Chaosraider98 describes having heard a denizen say "…she come… won't back… let go…" and likely interpreted this as "she's coming, let go of your exploration." However, when reading it in the same manner in which speech appears to be garbled in this level, it appears more likely that the denizen is saying "She won't let go, come back…" as if warning of some greater threat, or perhaps attempting to lure the explorer.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this Level.

Entrances And Exits:

There is currently no known way to exit Level 1.5 besides no-clipping.

Exploration Logs

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