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Profile: Kubileya/ShepherdessSTATUS: ACTIVE


[NAME]: Kubileya

Possible Location(s): Unknown.

Wanderer Nicknames: Shepherdess, Mountain Mother, Cheese Peddler, Milk Lady, Cybele, Kybele
Known affiliations: None

Kubileya (more commonly known by Shepherdess) is a mute, enigmatic Wanderer sighted in different levels and circumstances. She leads, or is led by, a herd of three-horned goats. There are reports of her and the herd deep in Penumbra domains. Appears to be totally non-hostile, nonconfrontational, and frankly skittish. Known to peddle goat milk and goat cheese. Presumably from the goats.


Christ, I hate that stiff summary bit. Information on Miss Kubileya's sketchy. Collected from many descriptions - often ancillary stuff, sketches in the margins of record journals folks submit to MEG - we get a semi-coherent picture. Headscarf, denim jacket, charms and stones on strings and all that kind of weird "outer edge" Wanderer stuff. You probably know the type. Don't seem to be serious, but they are, they have to be to survive here. Especially on their own.

No info on origin or backstory. No info on a traumatic experience, threats, regrets, any of that. Being a mute makes a lot of this info EXTREMELY subjective. I'm talking, gut-feelings described secondhand by twenty people from all walks of life in these Backrooms, kind of subjective.

We do know she's "Anatolian". Anatolian Peninsula, Roman then Byzantine and Ottoman and now Turkey, if you need a reminder on now-useless geography. Probably Turkish of some stripe, like a mountain nomad or something. Course, folks reinvent themselves here, so God knows how she really was in the front rooms.

There's a common thread of authenticity, almost - like an ethereal quality, you see repeated in descriptions. Like she'd be hard to piss off. Definitely not scared or angry at being trapped here. Probably the type that like it here. I get that sense, at least. She feels some kind of fulfillment out here. Kind of wish you were them sometimes, you know?

Doesn't talk. Polite and kindly to a fault. Helps folks when they're in trouble - far as we can tell. Doesn't like folks all that much. Peddles goat milk and goat cheese, so she must have some cache to curdle the cheese. Is that how cheese works? Probably has some in with the Penumbras. Probably not worth chasing that lead, regardless of how much Command breathes down our neck for that angle.


Far as this archivist can tell, she wanders with her herd and never settles in one place. Like above - kindly, frequently described as warm, sometimes described as distracted. A lot of recorded encounters come from colonized doors, like the Cartographer outpost in 807 that sits above the fire door to 808. So she has to barter her way through.

I'm running out of things to say, frankly. Some of the more wordy reports call her spiritual, distracted - sometimes uncomfortable, with people? If you see her, say hello for MEG. Try to get a report on the milk or the cheese. If she's got a journal or sketchbook - a lot of "outer" Wanderers do - try and copy stuff down. She might've gone places we've no idea at.

Last Known Location(s):

807, 808, 813

Additional Unconfirmed Observations:

"Bit… skittish? No. Just reclusive. Saw her once on 10. Kept disappearing when I tried to follow her. One of her goats ate my hat, though." - Rick

Rick being a prick again.

"Always fumbling on those stones of hers. They're like crystal, purple in some lighting. Had a walking stick, too. She let me sit by her fire, once. She was gone when I woke up - the air smelled of snowberries." - Emile

Religion? Possible spiritualism, but bit early to say. Too many unknowns.

Outer Wanderer bullshit. Leave it for the moment.

"May be able to teleport between Rooms? Or… phase? Is that the right word? Her appearances in levels are random as heck. Can't for the life of me understand how she travels so fast." - Yara

Seems to be hearsay, no corroboration with other reports. Look into this anyway tm.

"Buries anything, human or… entity. Husks? Jim saw her one day on a trip into Level 37. She was… crying? Over some knocked over Red Colony nest. I couldn't for the life of me understand it, but before I got too close, I was - stung. She saved me, nursed me to health, I think - but when I woke up, she was…. she was gone." - Nigel

Repeatedly avoids direct contact, but benevolent toward all life, regardless of hostility. Many entities seem to treat her with a grudging respect, possibly?

Animal whisperer?

Animal-whisperer my ass, why didn't we can this guy for suggesting it. Tact is everything. Keep looking for answers.

Historic Profile:

The following is a list of all known incidences and documents concerning Kubileya.

We have none - none as of yet. Too reclusive for anything conclusive -

- but here are some uncorroborated reports.

Song In The Vents, Heart In The Mountains
Bored Ghosts
Penumbras on the Peak (What Will They Do?)

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