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The following is a list of all articles pertaining to The Keymaster and his lore. It is organized by the chronological order of in-universe events:

Suddenly fucker came out of nowhere with this golden key that he pulls off his ring. He literally ripped open a hole in the air with it. I cant explain it better, he just opened a hole in the air and he shoved me into it. Now im here.

Is it not obvious? This is my home. The only one I have ever known. I have always been here, in this damned labyrinth, since my earliest memory. I simply know it as my home.

Entity X, colloquially titled “The Keymaster,” is a being that resides in The Hub, serving as its overseer. He is best known for his ability to provide Level Keys to wanderers, assisting in the escape of levels that they are trapped within.

The Keymaster, barely having been able to gain his bearings in this new environment within such a short span of time, had even less time to register this strange woman. She had an elegant, almost “otherworldly” aura to her.

Then, in his peripheral vision, he saw mysterious figure; with light skin and pinkish hair, clad in black boots and a long red leather coat. Brian stood up from the couch and stomped towards the person. “Who the Hell are you?! What are you doing in my ho

Entity 220 - “The Catmaster”

In that moment, the man turned around.
And the cat's mind exploded.

Crossing his arms, The Keymaster loomed over the man. “I am The Keymaster, and this is my home.” His eyes slowly wandered towards a ring of keys attached to the bearded man’s right hip, at which point he suddenly lashed out. “Liar! I am The Keymaster! You are but an imposter! This must be another of Hubris’ deceptions!”

There's always a path to follow, the Keymaster now knew that very clearly. Philia had given him a newfound hope in this darkness surrounding him.

The Keymaster shrugged, shaking his head. “I don’t celebrate Christmas; this place is not peaceful; it is certainly not Earth; and you are not a man — you are a boy.”

This cycle perpetuated as he continuously altered his identity, assuming a variety of profane and twisted forms over the course of numerous timelines, all in a vain effort to escape the wrath of his master. He was a bound madman, then a blind elder, and now a wise shaman.
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