Joke The Dankrooms
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Level 1.7112245e+98, as seen from a "window" at Level 69.

Level 1.7112245e+98 is the 1.7112245e+98th Level of the Backrooms. Level 1.7112245e+98 is a highly unstable level. As such, reliable data for this level is impossible to obtain.


In general, Level 1.7112245e+98 is a reality manipulated by the current status of internet humor, with the most influential being with memes. In it's first discovery sometime in August 2018, it was reported to house swarms of Deathmoths and Stalkers. While they weren't completely non-hostile, the entities acted in strange ways.

  • the Deathmoths suddenly had the ability to speak, however the only word it says is lämp.
  • the Stalkers only copied humans from popular memes and imitate their speech patterns.

However, just after a few weeks, the types of entities that roamed around this level suddenly changed, in accordance to the currently trending memes.

This level was finally put on records after "windows" to this level started appearing in other levels such as Level 69, as there is no known method of escaping this level. Even if there was, it would most likely lead into even less stable levels, due to how far away this level is from Level 0.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

An outpost called the "Normies" are known to exist within the confines of this level. While their current status highly fluctuates due to the volatility of the reality within the Level, the "Normies" are in relative safety. They accept other survivors as long as they deem them to be non-hostile.

Entrances And Exits:


Falling asleep at Level 33, Level 69, Level 77, Level 88, Level 420, Level 80085, and possibly at Level 177013 gives you a chance at getting warped to this level. Not knowing what these numbers mean will significantly increase chances of successful warping.


There is no known exit as every other known room is far away, and because the "windows" to this level are just live-feed textures, even noclipping is not a viable way to get out.

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