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this little scrunkly ruined a wooden sculpture I found

Entity Number: 9.9+1e70

Habitat: Majority


Entity 9.9+1e70 are a wide variety of cats with often strange to non-sensical abilities. These felines can range from mild annoyances to bringers of mass destruction with merely a glance. These bizarre effects only occur in cats who have no-clipped into the Backrooms from other realities.

I wonder if those other cat entities we have listed are weird because of this.
Cats native to the Backrooms aren't usually affected, thankfully.

Besides any abnormal capabilities, all felines affected have standard biology and behaviors consistent with their typical counterparts, for the most part. There are some exceptions to this, such as the cat that can… raise and lower its blood pressure at will. That sounds like a superpower picked up from the clearance bin.

It is typically best to avoid any stray cats that you come across. My one friend got his spinal fluid replaced with OJ after a shitty encounter in that one mattress store level.

A list compiling information on all of these cats is being created. If you've seen one of these, please add it to the catalog (heh get it?) below:

001 - "Taffy"


Taffy using her ability at the photographer.

Name: Taffy

ID#: 001

Location: Level 4

Danger Level: 1


Taffy is a female house cat of approximately 10 years of age. She has a tortoiseshell coat and is easily agitated when interacted with. Taffy, despite her aggressive demeanor, has only a mild ability, being able to produce low-powered green laser beams from her eyes. It is not recommended to look directly into the beams, but they are safe to be near.


  • Do not look directly into beams when active.
  • Do not engage with Taffy in a threatening manner.

002 - "Pepper"


Pepper within Level 53.

Name: Pepper

ID#: 002

Location: Level 53

Danger Level: 3


Pepper is a house cat of around 8 years old. She is a calico with yellow eyes and is generally friendly to most wanderers, following them in hopes of receiving food. Upon physical contact with Pepper, any object will have its gravity reversed, causing it to float upwards. This effect is permanent unless coming into contact with Pepper again. The structure of Level 53, where she currently resides, has a ceiling, preventing any wanderers from floating away.


  • Do not pet, hold, or come into contact with Pepper.
  • Avoid her if found in an outdoor area or in room with a high ceiling.

003 - "Olive"


Close-up image of Olive.

Name: Olive

ID#: 003

Location: Level 900

Danger Level: 5


Olive is a cat that is around 1 year old. She has black fur with one white patch on her chest and another on her stomach. She has orange eyes, which is uncommon in house cats. She entered Level 900 after escaping Level 11. Due to the nature of how to exit Level 900, Olive is trapped in the level unless removed intentionally. Olive has the ability to replace the spinal fluid of humans with orange juice (pulp free, of course). This effect can cause the rapid decay of motor function, joint pain, and eventually death. She appears to be able to inflict the replacement at will, only doing so from aggravation as a defense mechanism. It is unknown how many have fallen victim to Olive's capabilities. Fortunately, she tends to avoid wanderers she is unfamiliar with.


  • Despite her docile nature, she has the ability to cause extreme harm and should be avoided.
  • Do not bring her outside of Level 900, as she is trapped there unless purposefully removed.

004 - "Dusty"


Dusty within Level 33

Name: Dusty

ID#: 004

Location: Level 33

Danger Level: 1


Dusty has a long grey coat with green eyes and is around 7 years old. Dusty is considered one of the safer felines on this list. While his power may be disruptive under certain circumstances, he is safe to approach. He is able to convert any type of wood into polished cedar wood upon viewing involuntarily, which has caused structural damage to several buildings. He currently lives in Level 33.


  • Prevent Dusty for looking at any wood you do not want to risk being converted.

005 - "The Rock Cats"


The Rock Cats performing in an auditorium.

Name: The Rock Cats

ID#: 005

Location: Level 11

Danger Level: 0


The Rock Cats are 3 cats all sharing the same abilities. One has a siamese coat, one with long-haired white fur, and the other a grey tabby. They have increased intelligence compared to average cats, allowing them to play various instruments with high proficiency. The three also have the ability to melt specifically lime green PLA plastic when placed near them.

The cats are currently living with an owner in Level 11 and are commonly brought to various places to perform. Each one is wearing a colorful collar for easy recognition. It is believed the three entered the Backrooms at the same time, causing them to each receive the same powers.


  • Do not separate the three from each other for extended periods.
  • Remove any lime green PLA plastic from where they will be performing.

006 - "Pulsar"


Only known photo of Pulsar.

Name: Pulsar

ID#: 006

Location: Unknown

Danger Level: 4


Pulsar is a young, orange tabby and was last seen in Level 522 after causing mass equipment failure before escaping.

Pulsar is able to destroy most electronics, similar to an EMP pulse. He is highly dangerous to any mechanical equipment or lifeforms. His whereabouts are unknown but there have been reports of an orange kitten matching his description in Level 149. There are no electronic devices in Level 149, nullifying Pulsar's destructive capabilities.


  • Remove any electronics from the vicinity of Pulsar.

007 - "Goose"


A picture of Goose captured by a wanderer that managed to tame him on Level 9.

Name: Goose

ID#: 007

Location: Currently Unknown

Danger Level: 4


Goose is an aggressive cat that is grey in color He is young and impulsive, taking action based on instinct and survival alone. He doesn’t usually spare anyone, but he does have a period of vulnerability after he hunts which allows wanderers to have a chance of taming him.

Goose’s most notable features are his extremely sharp teeth, capable of biting through most materials, including metal. He routinely hunts any entities or humans he can find in order to fuel his hunger. His claws are said to be indestructible. Another property of Goose is that his fur can act as a force field, being able to conjure a barrier around anything that he chooses by shedding a small amount of his fur onto the surface. This barrier will appear blue and translucent. When Goose secures prey, he swiftly devours them and is then left in a state of content, allowing anyone that comes across him to interact with him. If a wanderer is able to tame Goose during this time, he will not be aggressive towards them any longer, even while hunting.


  • Stay away from Goose while he is hunting.

008 - "Zoey"


A picture of Zoey taken before she no-clipped into the backrooms with her owner.

Name: Zoey

ID#: 008

Location: Traveling with owner through different levels.

Danger Level: 2


Zoey has the strange ability to turn her midsection into a loaf of bread while keeping her tail and head normal when relaxing, and use telekinesis. When relaxing, she will start pulling all food items towards her. It is unknown whether she does this unconsciously or on purpose. She has a stronger pull on breaded items, which is speculated to be because they are lighter than most other food, such as canned vegetables and fruit.

When in a rage, or an angry state, she will use her telekinesis as well as a cat's traditional ways of attacking to hurt the person she is angry with. When in this state you should be careful of not making her more angry, and try to avoid be hit by objects. She will also use her telekinesis to get a person's attention when she wants something by throwing light objects.


  • Make sure not to purposely anger or displease her.
  • Do not have a large amount of food on you at one time.
  • Have heavy objects with you that Zoey might be able to throw.
  • Give her attention when she wants it.

009 - "ASHES"


don't feed this cute little fat blob thing…


ID#: 009

Location: Level 974

Danger Level: 3


A white cat that lives on level 974. He is extremely large and does not care who you are, he will love on you. He stays out of sight mostly, so Kitty doesn't even know that this cat is there. He has the ability of making anyone who looks at him tired. Also, his stomach is literally bottomless…(more below)


  • DO NOT FEED HIM! If you do, he will attempt to eat everything else in the house. When he is done, he will meow on a 5 second interval. It is extremely annoying so much so that Kitty will kick you AND ASHES will be kicked out of this level. After you are kicked out, you will never return to this level ever again no matter how hard you try to noclip. sorry, but that's the way it works.
  • Also he will follow you around as your friend throughout the rest of your journey through the backrooms.
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