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The Daily Rooms

The Rock Seen In The Sky

A large boulder was seen in the sky of Level 422 today. The asteroid was described as "an unusual object" by the inhabitants of the area. While not much is currently known, many theories are emerging, including those from an unorganized group who call themselves "Doomsday Occultists", also known as the D.D.O.

They proclaim that they can see into the future, often claiming that this rock in the sky is actually some sort of explosive. These claims are being investigated by the M.E.G. The M.E.G. has been strenuously working towards an answer to these claims. However, we're left with answers pending as research is still ongoing.



A picture of "the Primal Event" taken by a wanderer on Level 422.

Phenomenon 9-J, appointed the name "the Primal Event" can be viewed to the right. Taking the shape of a floating planetoid and has been observed to materialize at random in levels with a sky, gliding through the atmosphere for seven days before disappearing into the blue abyss.

It is strongly advised to disregard the boulder regardless of whether or not it is known to be on the level. You may feel an urgency to look at the stone — ignore it, the large boulder is deemed a deadly sight to view; A mere glance turns them into stone. Petrifying the viewer for the universe to see.


An artistic depiction of the statues.


The statues — the petrified remains of those who have fallen to the planetoid— are, ironically, the worshippers of the rock. Those who stare into the planetoid's abyss will end up as nothing but a rock shell, they will turn into statues. The length or traits of the process of turning into a statue have yet to be documented.

Voices are emitted from the stone, singing praises to the rock in the sky as they would to a being of great power.

The Hiding Flesh:

The power behind the sounds can slowly begin to create cracks on the statues themselves, eventually shattering them and sending debris flying. In some cases, the shrieking songs emitted from the statues ring the eardrums, causing partial deafness in best-case scenarios.

The Daily Rooms

Statues Moving

Yet another strange incident has occurred. A select few residents on Level 422 have discovered that a couple of the shattered statues have something "incredibly disturbing" inside of them.

The broken statues have revealed what experts describe as a fleshy organism vaguely similar in shape to a human. According to explorers for the M.E.G., "Once the stone has been sufficiently cracked, these organisms are able to generate loud noises that cause enough vibration to break the stone. In rare instances, individuals affected by this may sustain injuries — some of which are fatal."

Recently, members of the U.E.C. have gotten involved to exterminate statues in high population density levels.


Known as monstrosities, the hiding flesh appears as the insides of a human. Functioning body parts behave in a bizarre, eldritch way; The lungs, heart, and brain still pass air through, yet it is for nothing. The brain and heart still throb, spitting out blood at every chance. The hiding flesh does not move, eat, or sleep. Instead, they opt to stand wholly immobile, singing their ghastly hymns. To call them living would be lying; they are not living nor thinking, just merely existing.

A theory devout to understanding the hiding flesh and why Phenomenon 9-J creates them was created by D.D.O. member Austin L. Francis.

The Shining:

The Daily Rooms

The Great Light In the Sky

An uproar has been stirred from recent events on Level 422 as the residents report the planetoid in the sky shining a bright light. Day by day, more and more statues are being reported, according to the M.E.G., this light is "Some sort of mechanism to attract attention to it," according to members of the D.D.O., though this theory remains to be seen as true.

While the M.E.G. are still gathering more data, the U.E.C. have started their execution of the statutes on Level 422, a total of 20 statues have been terminated so far. The statues' debris have caused accidents in the process, resulting in 13 injuries and 6 fatalities. One member reports, "We will rid this place of those heinous creatures. Quite frankly, if we aren't able to, then the statues could pose a serious threat to not just the residents of Level 422, but to the entire Backrooms as a whole.


The emanating lights, a rare shine of the planetoid engulfing all. The all-consuming light, despite its bright nature, has not the ability to blind the eyes of the people watching it. More similar to an angler luring prey, the great shining evokes intrigue, causing brave adventurers to glimpse at it. Giving it access to their minds. Allowing the phenomenon to consume them. It is rumored that most statues are the result of people getting distracted by the all-consuming light and looking at the planetoid.

Much has yet to be revealed regarding the understanding of this light. Most members of the D.D.O. consider the possibility that this is a natural contraption to get wanderers to look at the rock in the sky and turn into the hiding flesh. Other theories propose that this shining indicates the deadly properties of the great boulder in the sky.


During these periods of informative drought, an anonymous member of the M.E.G. interviewed member Austin L. Francis or the D.D.O. on 9/9/29.

M.E.G. Interview

Date: 9/9/29

Interviewee: Austin L. Francis

<Interview Start>

Anonymous: So, you're Austin? Welcome! Is there anything I can get you before we begin?

Austin: No, thank you. I would just like to begin our chat if you don't mind.

Anonymous: Of course! Starting off, I'd like to know a little about your group. What are you here to do exactly?

Austin: Most of us are just people with similarities. We've all had… visions of sorts. Visions of the truth. Visions of the end of everything as we know it

Anonymous: What precisely do you mean by the end of everything? Like the apocalypse?

Austin: Precisely!

Anonymous: And you're saying that you've all seen Phenomenon 9-J responsible for it?

Austin: Well, it's at least one of the things responsible. There are numerous truths, all we really see is the end result. It's odd but… somehow we know what is directly related to those visions. In my case, it was—

Anonymous: What proof do you have of these events? I apologize if this sounds rude, but it sounds like you make more than what you let on. It's odd to me that your group knows so much yet so little. Like, an explosion? Where did that come from? It sounds like your group makes stuff up and you know about it.

Austin: I can tell you for a fact we do not make anything up. You can tell it's true by the fact that we've been right thus far. Does it really seem like we would lie?

Anonymous: Well, you lead me to believe otherwise. A lot, actually. In fact, it frightens those who believe what you say is a fact - not that many see it as fact. I guess this leads me to my next question, what did you see in your vision?

Austin: Well, I saw crumbling, mostly a flash of light. My human brain jumped to an explosion but… now I see the truth. I saw many destroyed homes, shrieking, things most people could only have nightmares of. I saw flayed people scattered about, which I now know to be the cause of the end itself.

Anonymous: I see… I believe what you're doing makes sense, even if I don't understand it at the moment. However, it does appear that you and your group don't actually know what it is going to do. If at all possible, could you try and convince your fellow peers to work with us? With your foresight and our materials, we can work together.

Austin: I can try, but we don't often accept help from outsiders of our group. Some have even called us "elitist" because of that. I can not guarantee that they will comply, however, your understanding of the truth has convinced me enough to try and convince them.

Anonymous: Thank you, have a good day.

M.E.G. Log — Phenomenon 9-J Encounter

<Begin Video Log>

M.E.G. Agent walking at the border of a small town.

M.E.G. Agent: God, this is boring.

The singing starts getting louder.

M.E.G. Agent: The hell is that?

Creature starts to float up from its original position.

M.E.G. Agent: What the hell! Fuck, I forgot a weapon. I need to go find something quick

Creature notices M.E.G. agent and starts gliding towards them while singing gets louder.

M.E.G. Agent: Damn it, too late.

Creature stops five feet away from M.E.G. agent.

M.E.G. Agent: This might be it for me, dear god please help me…

Creature suddenly goes silent in front of M.E.G. Agent

Creature: Why hello there good chap!

M.E.G. Agent: Wait… what? Y-you can talk?

Creature: Of course, we can talk haha… just because we don't look human doesn't mean we don't know what you guys have been saying about us. Anyways, that's not the point, I'm actually here to ask if you got any good snacks around here.

M.E.G. Agent: …excuse me?

Creature: Yeah, it's kind of the reason we came here. What other reason would there be?

M.E.G. Agent: To… kill everyone?

Creature: Why?… Listen up, ze said hir wanted some snacks.

M.E.G. Agent: Ze? And that would that be?

Creature: The pronouns of our friend in the sky? Hir wanted some good food, Here in Level 422, y'all have some amazing food. So, we thought we'd come to check it out. Unfortunately, everyone here seems hostile toward us. Like I'm saying chill bro, we're just here for some munchies.

M.E.G. Agent: Wait, so you aren't here to cause the apocalypse?

Creature: No? You humans exaggerate too much. No, we aren't here to cause an apocalypse. Who's been telling you that? Cause… like, they're giving false news to you.

M.E.G. Agent: Well, we just thought like…

Creature: Yeah, no, we're just here to get some munchies and then we'll be on our way. So, show me the munchies

M.E.G. Agent: I don't think I have much on me. But I'm sure some of the people in this community have something. I'll go check with them and you just— stay here. Just in-case…

Creature: Sounds a'ight with me, I guess I'll see you in a sec.

M.E.G. Agent walks away and comes back with a large sum of crispy corn hexagons.

M.E.G. Agent: Do you think that'll be enough?

Creature: Eh- hir will be satisfied enough, hopefully at least. If so, then we'll be on our way.

Creature shows box to ze followed by a large shaking of hir

Creature: Well, seems like hir approves, I guess we'll be on our way, g'bye kind sir!!

M.E.G. Agent: No problem, I guess? See ya…

<End Video Log>

The Daily Rooms

The End?

A week ago, many events transpired on Level 422 caused by Phenomenon 9-J. From mysterious lights flashing the phenomenon to people being turned into statues and thereafter, flesh entities.

However, after a week of horror, everything simply stopped. Residents of the area describe everything as "sudden" Members from the M.E.G. recommend everyone simply forgets the events ever occurred and simply focus on calming down.


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