Phenomenon J-27 - "Google Translate is Helpful Sometimes"
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Phenomenon J-27 is an as-of-yet unobserved spontaneous "abduction incident," known only through a third-party textual record of past events.

Found on 6/23/2131 in Level 66, the transcript known as Object ABJ-27 is an enigmatic composition written on a yellowed piece of paper framed in leather, 210 millimeters wide and 297 millimeters long.
Though the text is in a different language with foreign syntax, M.E.G. linguists have been hard at work deciphering it for many months now. Recently, another instance of this language has been discovered in Level 192, which has considerably helped the translation efforts. Attached is the first draft of what the text is thought to mean. Remember, nothing is set in stone just yet.

Wearing the bottoms woven of cotton, shaped of the fruit around the stern,

Feet cloaked in summer warmth for the winter, gift of the [No direct translation. Likely similar to a buffalo.]

Although the whole of the dance-gathering men had observed the woman,

Once she began her movements,

The knowledge became clear to all in the vicinity

The woman was pulled through the floor eight times over.

It seems that the woman in question was taken from a ritualistic convocation by an unknown force through a process similar to Phenomenon 5. Research into the cause of this event and its relevance to Wanderers today is still ongoing.

whoa, hold on a second. y'all have been translating a foreign script for months and you haven't thought to ask the officinarum for help?

ugh, entity 120. forgive me if I'm not willing to speak with what used to be a literal killing machine.

bro, it got blanche to vouch for it. its work localizing documents from other civilizations is unparalleled in the cygnus archive. it's literally perfect for this


OFFhbc801.exe has been added to the group chat.
>I understand the task. Please allow me 2-5 minutes for processing.

oh shit that was fast

uh, are you sure? you really don't need to bother with this if you don't want to. we have everything under control.

>It's no trouble, I assure you. This will be fun.

oh boy

>Processing complete. Let us begin.

absolute gigachad

>First off, you appear to have neglected the formality marker at the beginning. The way the lines are sorted into stanzas here suggest that this text is what is known as a "malvɯaldiʒɯ," a specific genre of poem unique to this language. This also means that since the word for "wear/don/own" is prefixed with a post-alveolar affricate, this poem is written in stage-2 formality, which is very informal/casual by human standards. The way this has been translated loses that intent, obstructing the intended meaning.

>Secondly, you seem to have lost sight of what needs to be specific and what doesn't. While the word "dɑavisai" does translate literally to "animal fur of mountain-hair-weapon," when used in stage-2 formality, it is used to mean only "animal fur (of any kind)". In contrast, since the word for fruit (mɯbɑ-inɯda) is followed by "libaʒn-jɑmai," we know it is a red fruit opposite of the bottom, or the "stern," as you called it.

>The last note I have that isn't simple rephrasing is about "sɑvmalvɯ," which was incorrectly translated as "woman." While it is true that in many languages, "she-person" would refer to a woman, in this case it's used as a colloquial term of endearment, often by romantic partners.

>With all of these in mind, I have attached the properly translated version of Document ABJ-27, with human analogues for certain terms where applicable.

Apple bottom jeans

Boots with the fur

The whole club was looking at her

She hit the floor

Next thing you know

Shawty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low


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