The Bacarooms
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A sample of cookies from The Bacarooms.

The Bacarooms is a large warehouse full of boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, specifically Macaroons.1


The Bacarooms is a large, fully stocked warehouse of Girl Scout Macaroons. This space is approximately 50 miles by 50 miles, and is completely devoid of entities. Eating Macaroons here is allowed and highly encouraged. All the cookies within The Bacarooms are restocked by The Followers of Juliette at random intervals, so there is no fear for running out of cookies.

The Level is filled with shelves, all of which are stocked to the brim with Girl Scout Cookies. The shelves themself are made out of metal, and are bolted too walls to ensure they don't fall over. The room layout is a halls upon halls of shelves, with all walls, alongside the floor and the roof, being made out of concrete. There are no light sources in this level, yet you can see everything as if it were brightly lit. Wanderers who visited this level claim that the color and brightness of the light "reminds them of Safeway."

Colonies And Outposts:

The Bacarooms are inhabited by two groups; The Followers of Juliette and The Acolytes of Powell. Neither of these groups are hostile towards wanderers, but be careful not to be caught in the crossfire of their perpetual war.

The Followers of Juliette

These people worship Juliette Gordon Low, the creator of the Girl Scouts (and therefore Girl Scout Cookies). They are apparently the ones who restock the cookies, but if this is true, they are too stealthy for this to be confirmed. They are at war with the popcorn-obsessed Acolytes of Powell.

The Acolytes of Powell

These people worship Lord Baden-Powell, the creator of the boy scouts. They are obsessed with dismantling The Bacarooms and replacing it all with their prohibitively expensive popcorn. The cookies of The Bacarooms are free, which enrages these profiteers to no end. Their primary goal is to escape the Level and corner the market on popcorn, but it is unlikely that anybody would ever buy their products.2

Entrances And Exits:


While in The Hub, you may occasionally find a box of macaroons lying on the floor in front of the door to Level 0. If you eat all but one and discard the box, the floor underneath you will open and you will fall into The Bacarooms.


Eating enough macaroons (approximately 10,000 boxes) will transport you back to the hub, where you will be ridiculed on how fat you've become.

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