The Insulation
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Class 4

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An image of Area 1A.


The only image of Area 1B, including a "bed".


The only image of The Limbo.


An image of Level 2A


The Crawlspace Creature, found by taking the wrong turns in The Crawlspace.


The first image of the entity found in Area 2B.


The only image of The Unknown.

The Insulation is an enigmatic level of The Backrooms.


The Insulation is a maze of fiberglass walls and concrete floors, with a noticeable musty smell, almost like an attic. The area itself has light spots, dark spots, and areas in between, called "The Limbo" (more on that later). The Insulation is connected to Level 4 and Level 3, which explains the random piping and shape of the level, but this and the fiberglass color can change based on which area you are in.


Area 1A: This area is what is talked about in the beginning. It's a light spot, meaning that there are lots of lights around the area. It has the shape of Level 4, with pink fiberglass and wooden frames making up the walls, and rough concrete for the floor.

Area 1B: This area is like Area 1A, but with a few changes. There are no lights in the area, with random pipes coming through the roof and floor. Also in the roof are random holes. Some of these holes can send you to The Crawlspace (more on this later also).

Area 2A: This is where it gets odd. The area has lights like Area 1A. The shape of the room is more like Level 0, and the fiberglass color becomes yellow. This area is the only area with Almond Water.

Area 2B: Basically what I said for Area 1B. The area is a dark version of Area 2A, but the shape changes again, to the same shape as Area 1A. This area is fairly dangerous, and is not suggested to be entered.

The Limbo:

This area is very rare. It is a mix of all past areas (1A, 1B, 2A, 2B), including their shape. The lighting is very buggy in this level, and it creates confusion. There is very little info on this area, and no confirmed entities.

The Crawlspace:

This is basically its own level, but I'll keep it short: The area can be entered by going through a hole in Area 1B. It is like a small crawlspace in a house that goes on for seemingly forever, but can be navigated and mapped, because every hole goes to one area, "The Crawlspace Lobby". The area has 1 confirmed creature, and it's extremely dangerous, known as the Crawlspace Creature.

The Unknown:

This is a recently discovered area, found by u/LilGank. There is no information on this level, and there is only 1 photo. There will be an investigation being done.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no confirmed communities or outposts in this level.

Entrances and Exits:


You can enter by crawling through a vent in Level 4, and it's been theorized you can enter The Crawlspace by going through the roof of Level 3, but that hasn't been confirmed yet.


There are 3 different versions of exiting.

Easy Way: You can easily escape by going through the vent you entered through.

Easy Way 2: You can also escape fairly easily by going through a different vent in The Insulation. Make sure the vent doesn't make noise.

Hard Way: A difficult way to escapes by going into The Crawlspace, and following the trail laid out by past explorers. There are a few entities you may come across, so only exit this way at your own risk.

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