Welcome to hell.

Stop. Stop looking. Don't. Look. Bitch. Go away. No one likes you. Ok fine. I'm "Ratif"1 and I'm an author. All of my pages suck. Do not listen to the voices that tell you otherwise, because those guys' sanity meters have drained and now they're empty. Offer them almond water at any chance you get. Anyways, I'm also a moderator of this site somehow. I'm a dude, though some may tell you otherwise. I'm also also a greenlighter, but that doesn't mean you can contact me to greenlight your pages. Do not Wikidot PM me I will ignore you. If your writing is good you can contact me however you'd like though (this includes fax). If you know me then you can discord DM me. Anyways my real name is Gavin so you can call me that if you really feel like it.


I like lifting heavy weights, you could say. I deadlift over 600lbs, bench press over 300lbs, and squat over 500lbs. I'm 16 years old at 6'4" and I will kill you with a hammer if you see me irl.

Fuck you

I like music quite a bit. I only listen to alt music, with some occasional 2000s/2010s white girl hits. Deftones, Bring Me The Horizon, Three Days Grace, My Chemical Romance, Weightless, Polaris, and Pierce The Veil are my favourite bands.


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